In class, when she lay down on her desk to sleep, she could see the pink (!) cup, and when she opened her eyes after class, she could see the pink cup, causing Mu Qi to be occupied by the pink cup in her sleep.

(!) Again, every time 'pink (cup)' is present, note that the original text is 粉.嫩, just like last chapter!

It's simply poisonous!

“Qi-ge, since when did you like little girls' things? Could it be that your old girl's heart has finally been aroused?” Hu Ying saw this pink thermos at a glance, and immediately teased.

“Get lost!” Mu Qi glared at her.

Hu Ying smiled despicably.

When Su Yanxi returned from the toilet, the topic of the two wasn't about the thermos; rather,  they were talking about Christmas tomorrow.

Soon, the evening self-study arrived.

Near the end of the evening self-study, there was a light snowfall outside.

Mu Qi was resting her chin on her hand while looking out the window in a daze, but she didn't expect a snowflake to hit the window, making her slightly stunned.
Soon after, when snowflakes fell on the window one after another, she realized that it was snowing outside.

“It's snowing?” Su Yanxi, who was next to her, also noticed this scene.
Her eyes were gleaming and she was obviously too happy.

Mu Qi turned her head to the side, looked at her lazily, and said: “What's there to be happy about when it snows.”

Su Yanxi looked at her with a smile on her face, and because she was excited, she said in a loud voice: “It looks good!”

Fortunately, at this moment, the students in the class were all too excited because of the snow, and the sounds of surprise came one after another, so Su Yanxi's voice didn't feel abrupt.

Mu Qi clicked her tongue, and then looked out the window.

After the evening self-study, there was still a little snow floating in the sky, and a layer of snow was spread on the ground, making the whole ground snow-white.
The sound of feet 'creaking' on it was very fun.

From the back, Mu Qi watched the two people ahead make 'creaking' sounds one after another, and pressed her temples with a headache.

“Hahahaha, Qi-ge, come quickly!” Hu Ying took a snowball and smashed it on Mu Qi's body.
Su Yanxi watched and squatted on the ground, holding the snow and rubbing it into a snowball.
She smashed it on Mu Qi, who was patting the snow on her body.

The two people's childish behavior made Mu Qi also have the idea of 'bullying' back, so she bent down and grabbed a snowball.

Hu Ying and Su Yanxi said 'Ah' and ran forward.
Mu Qi followed closely, and a snowball immediately smashed into Hu Ying's back.

“Qi-ge!” Hu Ying stopped immediately, grabbed a handful of snow, rolled it into a snowball, and threw it at her.

Mu Qi quickly dodged, and another snowball smashed Su Yanxi, who was beside her.

Su Yanxi burst into laughter.
The laughter infected the two of them, so the three of them laughed like little lunatics on the road, and they didn't stop until someone up the road showed up and said something.

Walking to the gate of the Yangguang Community, Mu Qi originally wanted to walk into the community with Hu Ying, but then she thought of something and retracted her feet.

“What's wrong?” Hu Ying stared at her blankly when she saw her standing in place.

Su Yanxi, who was about to watch them leave, also blinked suspiciously.

Mu Qi tugged the little ball under her hat and said to Hu Ying: “You go back first, I'll send her back.”

Su Yanxi pushed her hat up, exposed her eyes, shook her head and said: “No, it's so cold, you just recently caught a cold.”

“Don't talk nonsense.” Mu Qi patted her head, then waved at Hu Ying, and walked towards Chengnan Community.

Su Yanxi had no choice but to catchup.

The night was very bright, especially at this moment on the cold street, and there was a layer of snow on the ground, which made people shiver when they see it.

However, Su Yanxi felt warm in her heart, and then her eyes fell on Mu Qi's hand in her pocket, thinking, at this time, it would be better to hold her hand again.

“Here we are.” Mu Qi stood still and said, but there was no movement beside her for a long time.
She looked over and saw that the girl had been staring at her hand in a daze.
She took her hand out of her pocket and handed it to the girl.

Unexpectedly, the other party grabbed her hand sweetly.

Mu Qi: “?”

As soon as Su Yanxi looked up, she saw Mu Qi's puzzled eyes, and then she came to her senses.
She blushed and let go of the other person's hand, and embarrassedly said “I'm going back” and ran with her head down.

Mu Qi looked at her hand, baffled, and then looked at the girl who had already gone upstairs.
At this moment, the bedroom light turned on and the girl who was leaning on the window waving to her raised her eyebrows, waved her hand, and turned away.

On the way back, she was still thinking about what the girl meant just now.

However, at this moment, Su Yanxi had already lay down on the bed, embarrassed. Thinking of Mu Qi's expression just now, she felt embarrassed.

​It was when Mu Qi arrived at the door of the house that she found a reason for the girl to hold her hand just now.
Maybe the other party was thanking her, just like Hu Ying, who would shake her hand up and down when excited.

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