The monthly exam was coming soon, and the atmosphere at school has become tense.

Class 3, which used to be lively in the past, was particularly quiet today.
Everyone was reviewing seriously, but the students in the back row of the classroom were lying there sleeping, as if they had a never-ending sleep (!).

(!) 仿佛有永远睡不完的觉: This had different translations' (…as if they have a never-ending sleep', '…as if there is/was never enough sleep', '…as if they would never be able to sleep.' )

Mu Qi also rested her cheeks on her hands and fell asleep against the wall.

Su Yanxi poked her softly with her fingers.

Mu Qi opened her eyes slightly and looked at her lazily.

Mu Qi, with this look, made Su Yanxi blush.
She handed her notebook to her and said: “There will be an exam tomorrow.
These are my notes.
You can have a look.”

Mu Qi's gaze moved from her to the notebook, and looked at the beautiful handwriting, and the simple and easy-to-understand notes.
Her gaze paused for a moment, then her gaze shifted to the girl again.
She frowned slightly, and said casually: “Why are you helping me so much?”

When the students in the class see her, they stay as far away from her as they can, and they all look at her with contempt. After all, in this school where learning is the main focus, no matter how beautiful one looks, they won't be liked by everyone for long.

As for Su Yanxi, the girl who just transferred, when she first saw her, she looked at her as if she knew her.
After that, even if she looked at her coldly, the other party still faced her with a smile.

She couldn't find any advantages of hers that would make the other party treat her so well again and again.

Su Yanxi said with a smile on her face: “Because I like you!”

The corners of Mu Qi's eyes twitched as she looked at the other party's sincere expression.
She only took it as a joke and didn't take it to heart.
She took the other party's notes, glanced at her and said: “Thanks.”

Looking at Mu Qi who was reading the notes carefully, Su Yanxi frowned slightly.
She felt that Mu Qi had something on her mind, but she didn't know what it was.

Just a moment ago, she saw the self-deprecation on the corner of Mu Qi's mouth, and she didn't know what it was because of.

Thinking that Hu Ying and Mu Qi had known each other for quite a while, Su Yanxi's gaze turned to the end of the second group.
At this moment, Hu Ying, who was chatting with her desk mate, seemed to sense her gaze and looked over.

Su Yanxi smiled at her and withdrew her gaze.

Hu Ying blinked suspiciously, not knowing what Little Cutie's expression meant.

She was a little confused until the other party pulled her to the corner of the stairs after class.

Last time, Su Yanxi wanted to ask Hu Ying about Mu Qi's family, but the other party never said anything, and Mu Qi didn't want to tell her.

Today's Mu Qi made her a little worried, and at the same time, she wondered if the other party was worried about family affairs.

After listening to Su Yanxi's words, Hu Ying was silent for a while, and then slowly said: “I told you last time that Qi-ge's parents divorced two years ago.”

Su Yanxi nodded, she really did tell her that.

Hu Ying leaned her back against the handrail of the stairs, looked at the direction of the playground, and said with a smile on the corner of her mouth: “Qi-ge and I met when we were in elementary school.
At that time, Qi-ge was not called Qi-ge.
She had very good grades and was always number one in the whole year.
Every time, when the school held a general meeting, she was always praised, and every time the teacher asked her to give a speech on the stage.”

Su Yanxi couldn't imagine that Mu Qi, who was always at the bottom of the class, used to be so excellent.

Hu Ying didn't see Su Yanxi's expression, and continued: “At the time, the whole class, and even the students of the entire grade, were envious of her, and I was among them.” She smiled and continued: “But my grades were, at that time, just like now.
I was at the tail of the crane.
Naturally, I had no intersection with the dazzling Qi-ge, until that time I accidentally saw a different Qi-ge.”

“How was it different?” Su Yanxi asked curiously.
In her impression, Mu Qi was a child who was a bit of a grown-up, even though she and the other party had not known each other for much time.

“She also fought with other children and played pranks.” Hu Ying said with a smile.

Su Yanxi couldn't believe it.
Mu Qi fought with people when she was in elementary school?

Seeing her expression, she knew what she was thinking.
Hu Ying smiled and said: “Later, I met her by accident, and then I realized that although she, on the outside, was a good child liked by teachers and parents, behind the scenes, she was a girl with a lot of personality.”

The other party also succeeded in deceiving her Thinking of this, Su Yanxi curled the corners of her mouth, her eyes sparkling.
She couldn't wait to ask: “And later, what happened?”

Hu Ying said: “Later, we became friends, and I didn't know until junior high school that her father was the CEO of an entertainment group and her mother was a star.”

Hearing the identity of Mu Qi's parents, Su Yanxi blinked in a daze, and suddenly recalled in her mind that when she was very young, she saw the aunt, and comparing it with the star on the silver screen now, only then did she realize that the beautiful aunt turned out to be a star.

Speaking of this, Hu Ying's brows furrowed and said: “But when she was about to graduate from junior high school, her parents divorced and her grades dropped a thousand zhang in one fall (!).
With her grades, she could go to the No.
1 Middle School in the city, but it was her parents' divorce that caused her to come to this school.”

(!) 一落千丈 (dropped a thousand zhang in one fall): An idiom meaning used to say something suddenly dropped/plummeted.

“No one in the school knows what her parents do.
They only know that her parents divorced and left her here alone.” Speaking of this, Hu Ying sighed and said: “And the origin of the name Qi-ge is also the title given to her by the group of punks outside during her freshman year of high school.”

After all, as for being ruthless, no one was more ruthless than Mu Qi.

Originally, when she came to the high school, Mu Qi just wanted to live a low-key life, but those thugs did not want her to, and the two of them were blocked by others after school.

Hu Ying couldn't use force.
She was knocked to the ground in two or three strokes with her head bleeding.
Mu Qi looked at it and immediately knocked the group of people to the ground fiercely, and then helped Hu Ying to go to the hospital.

After that, those little punks didn't dare to mess with her, and even called her 'Qi-ge' behind her back.

And from then on, Hu Ying also called Mu Qi, Qi-ge.

Su Yanxi and Hu Ying returned to the classroom together.
When they sat in their seats, Mu Qi frowned and looked at her, “What were you two doing out there?”

Going out together and coming back together, they definitely did something.

Su Yanxi grabbed her hand and said very seriously: “Mu Qi, Let me give you make up lessons!”

Mu Qi: “?”

“No need.” It was already unbearable for her to be forced to copy her homework, but now she unexpectedly wanted to help her make up lessons?!

Mu Qi measured the girl's forehead with the back of her hand, wondering if she had caught a cold again.

Su Yanxi blinked her eyes and looked at her firmly.

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