In two days, the monthly exam will be over.

At this moment, it was useless to be scared and nervous.
Just wait for the test papers to be released tomorrow. 

As for the last group of students in Class 3, this grade didn't matter, and they continued to have the same attitude as before, as if nothing happened.

Mu Qi slept on her desk during the exam.
Every time Su Yanxi turned in her exam papers early and passed by her exam room, she could see, through the window, the person lying on the desk, sleeping.

She glanced at the teacher and saw that the teacher was used to her appearance.
At once, she knew that Mu Qi had this attitude during the past exams, and she was a little angry.

So when Mu Qi returned to the classroom to sit on her seat, wanting to resume her sleep, Su Yanxi stopped her and refused to let her in.

“Hmm?” Mu Qi looked lazy, and was a little stunned by the arm in front of her.
The schoolbag on her shoulder slipped off at this moment, and hung on her wrist, with half of the schoolbag falling to the ground.

Su Yanxi took her schoolbag, patted it with her hand, and put it inside the desk, and continued to reach out to stop Mu Qi, who obviously had not recovered her senses.

“I saw you.” Su Yanxi frowned, and with a displeased look on her face, she pursed her lips and said: “Did you intentionally hand in a blank exam paper?”

Mu Qi raised her eyebrows, looked sideways at Hu Ying, who was jumping up like a big fool with a smile, then looked at Su Yanxi and said: “Who told you I wrote a blank paper?”

“Blank paper? Who wrote the blank paper?” Hu Ying came over at this time and looked at the two of them suspiciously.

After listening to the other party's words and knowing that the other party did not write a blank paper, Su Yanxi's face was a little red.
She stepped aside slightly to let the other party in.
When the other party passed by, she whispered: “I'm sorry.”

Hu Ying didn't know what game (!) the two of them were playing, so she scratched her head strangely, and then thought of something, and said to Mu Qi: “Qi-ge, Let's go out for a meal tonight, Stinky Mushroom and them will come too.”

(!) 哑谜 (puzzle; mystery): Changed it to 'game' to make it sound better


Hu Ying looked at Su Yanxi and said with a smile: “Little Cutie, you should go home early today, and Qi-ge and I will go back later.”

“I'm going too.” Su Yanxi said.

Mu Qi patted her on the shoulder and said: “Be good, and go back early.” After saying that, the bell rang, signaling the end of class.
Mu Qi glanced at Hu Ying, and the two left together.

Su Yanxi bit her lower lip and hurriedly packed her schoolbag, obviously going to secretly keep up again.

In the front, Hu Ying and Mu Qi were chatting about today's exam, and Mu Qi, from the corner of her eyes, continuously glanced at the little guy who was sneaking behind them to follow them.
The corners of her mouth bent up quietly, and hooking onto Hu Ying's shoulders, she quickened her pace.

“What's wrong?” Hu Ying couldn't recover from seeing Qi-ge walking so fast.
Seeing her eyes constantly looking behind her, she also reflexively looked behind her.

“Don't look back.” Mu Qi said in a low voice, then walked faster and faster.

The long legs were worthy of being long legs.
Su Yanxi ran after them, but they both ran away.
Seeing the two figures get farther and farther away, and finally disappearing at the end of the road, she puffed out her mouth and stomped in place angrily.

With her cute appearance, passersby couldn't help but look at her a few more times.

After successfully getting rid of Su Yanxi, who was behind, Mu Qi and them stopped.
Hu Ying obviously couldn't run.
She was panting heavily with her hands on her knees.
At the same time, she laughed and pointed at Mu Qi, who was also smiling while leaning against the wall, and said with a smile: “Qi-ge, I just realized that you are so childish.”

Mu Qi patted her head, stood up straight and said: “Have you rested? Let's go after we've rested.”

In order to throw off Su Yanxi, the two of them spared a large section of road.

The last time they went to the night club, because they didn't know, they let the little guy  follow.
This time they can't take her along with them anymore.

After all, as a student with excellent grades, Su Yanxi is a good girl in the eyes of the teachers and the parents.
They can't always take her in and out of these 'immoral' (!) places.

(!)不学好 (misbehaviour): MTL had different translations for this ('do not study well', 'bad', 'misbehaviour', 'uneducated').
I'm thinking it's places where the so-called 'bad kids' would hang out, so I just used 'immoral' to describe these places, and will do so in the next chapters if it shows up again

The two came to the billiard room where Hu Ying had made an appointment.

At this moment, the billiards room was very hot.
Because it was close to the school, there were many students who came to play.
Of course, there were also some colourful and non-mainstream punks.

In this harsh winter, there were still people who only wore shirts, which was also eye-catching.

“Qi-ge!” Qi Wei and the others had arrived a long time ago, and they had already played around for a while.
Seeing Mu Qi and them coming, they waved quickly.

They ordered a table in the corner, so there was a circle of people around at this moment.

Seeing this group of people, Hu Ying's eyes widened in disbelief and said: “Stinky Mushroom, are you going to fight? You brought so many people?!”

Mu Qi's face was also a little dark.

Looking at her group of little brothers, the corner of Qi Wei's mouth also twitched, and she said: “They wanted to follow, and I couldn't stop them.” Then she waved her hand and said: “Forget it, come on, let them watch from the side.”

“Boss is mighty, let's go boss!” The younger brothers didn't feel ashamed to follow at all, and they cheered for Qi Wei very strongly. 

Qi Wei, who was holding the stick, staggered on her feet, and her face was covered with black lines.

Hu Ying laughed.

“What are you laughing at, I'll beat you to kneel down and call father!” Qi Wei became angry out of shame.

Hu Ying took off her down jacket, raised her eyebrows and said proudly: “It's still not decided who will beat who to kneel down and call father!”

“Tsk!” Seeing Hu Ying with Qi Wei, it was like a male peacock on display, and Mu Qi didn't know what to say.

The group of people played until ten o'clock in the evening, and then dispersed.

After returning home, Mu Qi took out her mobile phone, glanced at it, and found that there was a message on it, which was sent by her desk mate.

     –Have you gone home yet?

The time was from eight o'clock in the evening.

Looking at the home that was as cold as ever, Mu Qi felt inexplicably warm.
She lowered her head, and pressed the screen of her phone seriously.

     –Still not sleeping?

The other side answered in a second.

    –Why did you only come home now? Wearing so little and playing so late.

Although she couldn't see the other person, Mu Qi could still imagine the girl's frowning appearance, and couldn't stop the corners of her mouth from rising.
She threw her schoolbag on the sofa, sat down, and replied to the message.

    –Are you my daughter-in-law? Taking care of me so much? (!)

(!) 你是我媳妇吗?管这么宽?: The original translation for this came out as, 'Are you my daughter-in-law? The tube is so wide?' / From the online CN to ENG dictionary, 媳妇 can mean 'daughter-in-law' and 'wife (of a younger man)'; 管 can mean 'to take care (of)', and 'tube'.
If anyone knows the exact translation, please let me know.

This language was just like a female rogue's.
Su Yanxi, on the other side, saw it, and took a while before she returned the message.


Mu Qi laughed lowly, and then the other side sent another message.

    –Don't change the subject, go and cook some ginger soup now to warm your body up.

Seeing these words, Mu Qi didn't want to move for a while.
At this moment, she really wanted to poke the girl's face, thinking about how the other party was so cute.


Afraid of the other party waiting late, Mu Qi hurriedly replied.
After replying, she found that it was eleven o'clock, so she stopped chatting with the other party and asked her to go to bed early and to meet tomorrow.

     –Good night!


Looking at the cold home and thinking about the message the girl just sent, Mu Qi clicked her tongue, stood up, and went to the kitchen.
She listened to the girl's words, and cooked some ginger soup.

Since her parents divorced two years ago, she has never been taken care of like this.
Thinking of the way the girl would cry every time she was 'disobedient', Mu Qi didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

She didn't know why the other party was not afraid that she would not eat this set.

(!) 不吃这一套 (to not eat this set): Apparently, this means 'to not accept or to ignore certain behaviours'.
So Mu Qi is wondering why Su Yanxi isn't worried that she'd ignore her behaviour (of crying every time Mu Qi doesn't behave properly)

On the other side, at the Su home.

Although she was left behind by the two of them today without any complaints, when she saw the chat between herself and the other party on her mobile phone, her gloomy mood that lasted all night now became cheerful. ​

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