Hang Jiyun’s Dare

“Huh? How do you play Truth or Dare with cards?”

Zan You’er asked curiously.
She had only played rock-paper-scissors to determine the winner in the usual gatherings she had participated in and she had yet to play with cards.

In fact, she had rarely even played truth or dare.
If it hadn’t been for the fact that she was too bored, she wouldn’t have joined them.

“Draw cards.
There will be an Ace and a King within the five cards.
The person who draws the King has to pick Truth or Dare, and the person who draws the Ace is in charge of the penalty.”

After outlining the rules, Hang Jiyun took the cards from Ke Hongming and drew out five cards from the deck before placing them on top of the table.

Jiang Tairan and Song Luan were the first to pick cards.
Ke Hongming stared at Zan You’er for a while before picking up a card at random.
Hang Jiyun tapped the table with his slender fingers and motioned for You’er to pick a card.

After pondering for a few seconds, she concluded that he didn’t seem to be hiding anything.
Zan You’er picked the card on the left and Hang Jiyun took the one on the right.

However, Zan You’er’s expression changed as soon as she glanced at the card.
What bad luck, in the first round…

Accepting her fate, You’er revealed her card and spread out her hands;

“Which one of you got the Ace? Ask whatever you want, I pick Truth.”

Ke Hongming’s lips quirked up and he placed the Ace on top of the table.

“Are you sure I can ask whatever I want?”

“Brother, you are my brother, show mercy!”

She never imagined that the Ace she would encounter would be Ke Hongming.
Zan You’er was  trembling with fear that he might ask her something embarrassing.

“When did you start dating your first boyfriend?”

Huh, seems like an acceptable question.
Unexpectedly, Ke Hongming is quite kind today.

You’er silently added an extra point to him in her heart.
(Out of a 100 points.)

“Let me think… It should be around the second year of junior high…1  yes, second year of junior high.”

“Ooh, Xiao Youyou actually engaged in puppy love, I’m going to tell your mother~”

Jiang Tairan covered his mouth and acted coy as he nudged Zan You’er with his shoulder.

“Don’t think that I don’t know that you started dating in the 5th grade!”2

Zan You’er’s ears were flushed pink as she softly hammered Jiang Tairan’s arm with her fist, shaking out his dark history which she had already known for a long time.

“Ay, I was young and frivolous back then~”

He put his hands down and looked up at the ceiling as he said these words in a melancholy manner.

“Now you know to regret it.
Why don’t you remember it now when you go around flirting with girls everyday?”

When the two of them were ‘attacking’ each other, Hang Jiyun had already shuffled the cards and placed them back on the table.

“Let’s continue.”

After putting down the fists that were beating each other, Zan You’er was the first to pick a card.
In the hopes that she wouldn’t draw the King, she rubbed the card in her hands as she muttered;

“Heavenly Spirits, Earthly Spirits, and the Heavenly Lord of Dao, reveal your power… Ace!”

“It’s a pity, it’s still the King.”

Song Luan watched Zan You’er throw the card back onto the table and glanced at the card as he shook his head sympathetically and spoke.

Zan You’er’s small face puckered.
She was very dissatisfied with the result and asked indignantly;

“Who got the Ace this time? It can’t be Ke Hongming again.”

Ke Hongming put down his card and glanced at You’er for a moment before looking at Song Luan and saying;

“Sorry to disappoint you, the Ace is with that guy.”

As a result, she turned to look at Song Luan to see that he was really smiling as he put the card down.

“The Ace is with me~”

Feeling suspicious of the fact that Ke Hongming had known who had gotten the Ace, You’er glanced at him with distrustful eyes and saw that his head was resting in his hand as he looked out of the window.
She turned back towards Song Luan.

“Song Luan, I pick Dare, tell me.”

She seemed to be very confident that Song Luan wouldn’t make things difficult for her.

She saw Song Luan’s eyes narrow further as the curvature at his mouth became deeper;

“I want you to sit on Ke Hongming’s lap and continue playing the game, you have to sit on his lap for ten minutes.”

“!! What?!”

“Song Luan, are you looking for a fight?!”

The two parties exclaimed in unison.
Ke Hongming stood up and put his foot on top of the stool as he glared fiercely at Song Luan.
The words, ‘I can’t believe you betrayed me’ were practically written all over You’er’s face as she looked in disbelief at Song Luan whose expression hadn’t shown the slightest fluctuation.

“Why, you don’t dare to continue playing? Ke Hongming, you’re such a coward, you don’t look at all like a man.”

After igniting the sparks that had been flickering for a long time,3 Song Luan and Ke Hongming glared at each other as he provoked Ke Hongming who had an explosive temper.
After prodding him in this manner, he would jump in even knowing that it was a trap.

Sure enough, when Ke Hongming heard his words, he put his foot down and sat back down with his legs apart.
He continued to glare at Song Luan as he gnashed his teeth and said;

“You wait for me.”

“Okay, okay, you two stop fighting.
Isn’t it just a small matter, I’ll sit, I’ll sit.”

You’er, who was most afraid of their fighting, raised her hands and surrendered.
She stood up and walked around Jiang Tairan before stopping in front of Ke Hongming.

“Put your legs together, how am I supposed to sit down like this?”

“If a pig like you sits on me, you’ll crush me to death.”

Even though he said that, he still gathered his legs closer together.
Ke Hongming continued to lean back against the chair as he stared off into space.

You’er ignored the venomous-tongued demon and heavily sat down on his lap. Anyway, since you called me a pig, I’ll really crush you to death!

Whether it was intentional or unintentional, Zan You’er’s butt was right above Ke Hongming’s crotch and her seam was practically stuck to his groin.4 Although his face remained expressionless, Ke Hongming’s heart was in a state of great turbulence.

Doesn’t this woman know that this area of a man is a taboo zone!

The dare had been carried out and Hang Jiyun remained silent as before as he quietly shuffled the cards and spread them out on the table.

Maybe it was because she was sitting on Ke Hongming’s lap, but during the next couple of rounds, Zan You’er didn’t get the Ace or the King.
However, she still learned a lot of things from their interactions.

For example, Song Luan had lost his virginity when he was 15 years old and it had been around 2 years since then.

Ke Hongming had someone he liked, and it was a classmate as well.
She hadn’t expected that this picky, venomous-tongued demon would have a crush on someone.
That girl was really pitiful to be liked by him.

Jiang Tairan’s favourite position was entering from the back, because it went deeper… Wait, entering from the back? The Truth they were talking about was too high from the standard!

Hang Jiyun was the one who had gotten the Ace against these three people and they had all chosen Truth, but his questions were really too big.
He had asked about their first time, whether they had anyone they liked, and finally asked about their favourite position?!

Zan You’er, whose cheeks were beginning to flush red, surreptitiously drank a sip of water, rejoicing over the fact that she wasn’t on the frontlines of the battlefield.

After they all roasted each other, three rounds of the game had ended and several minutes had passed by.
Hang Jiyun was still the Ace this time, but unfortunately, the one that drew the King… was Zan You’er.

You’er recalled the questions he had just asked and gulped nervously.
She patted Hang Jiyun’s shoulder and said, “Gege, don’t be too ruthless… I pick Dare.”

Hang Jiyun raised his gaze and looked at Zan You’er.
Although his eyes were dark and tranquil, he still gave You’er a sense of foreboding that this quiet dude wanted to do something big.

“You continue sitting on his lap and kiss me for three minutes.”

Zan You’er’s brain crashed on the spot.

Junior year of middle school.
8th grade iirc.
Around 13-14 yrs old. Around 10-11 yrs old. Raws actually say “After taking a sip of the green tea that had been on hand for a long time” and I’m like 99% sure this is meant to be a euphemism for how they’ve been itching to pick a fight with each other and finally getting to have a go.
So I decided to go with this cause it… matches more? It says t缝和k缝线 in the raws, smth like T seam and K suture or line or whatever, don’t really know what exactly it’s supposed to mean so I went with that I thought fit in line with the raws and situation.

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