Chapter 8 If you don't want to do it with him, 

how about doing it with me?


The heavy rain outside did not ease at all but intensified instead.
After putting on her clothes, she passed by the window, and Zan Youer saw everything dark outside, and felt a little shady. 


On a rainy day, it's best to stay in a warm bed, play with your mobile phone, or watch a drama or something.
Although the classroom is not very warm, there are four boys with me, it is much better than being outside in the rain.


The time was 20:05 in the evening.
For some reason, after Zan took off her clothes again, the four boys fell silent inexplicably.


Hang Jiyun kept turning around with a cigarette in his hand, and Jiang Tairan put on his clothes only after Zan You'er repeatedly asked, Ke Hongming's lower body was hidden behind the table, and Song Luan, the creator of the game, gently shuffled the cards and said nothing.


 Zan You'er was a little strange and teased in order to liven up the atmosphere:


 “Why are you not talking? Do you want to go home and find your mother?” 


When mentioning his mother, Jiang Tairan first thought of breast milk.
He passed away when he was only a month old, and there was only that old man living in the house, if it wasn't for the fact that he would give him living expenses every month, he would have run out by himself.


He was raised on milk powder since he was a child, and he has a deep attachment to breasts since he was hardly breastfed, so he likes girls with big breasts, but he has particularly high requirements for the shape and feel of breasts.


He doesn’t like the areolas that are too big, and the ones that are sagging are not good.
He thought that when he watched a Japanese 18-ban anime, the heroine’s breasts had at least a J-cup.
He almost vomited on the spot.
The larger, the better; at the moment, Good is the best option.
Therefore, even through kneading and kneading through underwear, he, who has seen countless people, can know that Zan You'er's breasts are the best. 


Hearing what she said, his eyes drifted to Zan You'er's chest, and Zan You'er, who suddenly remembered that Jiang Tairan's mother had passed away, immediately turned her head to look at Jiang Tairan, and Jiang Tairan also changed his dejected expression accordingly.


 This made Zan You'er, who had always regarded him as her younger brother, feel extremely guilty.
She embraced Jiang Tairan with great maternal instinct, touched his head, and comforted him in a low voice:


 “I'm sorry, little Tairan, I didn't mean it…it's okay.
I'm here~”


He put his arms around her waist and rubbed his head on her chest, Jiang Tairan managed to steal tofu, hugged her, and didn't want to let go.




A book was thrown on Jiang Tairan's head, and he raised his head in pain and rubbed his head.


 The instigator, Ke Hongming, put down the hand that threw the book, and said calmly,


 “If you keep hugging her like this, why don't you just go to the side and take off your clothes and have fun?”


Zan You'er looked at Jiang Tairan, who was so painful that his eyes were blurred, Frowning in distress and rubbing his head for him, she stared at Ke Hongming with wide eyes, picked up the book, and returned it to him:


“Why are you thinking things that are inappropriate? Would it kill you to talk more gently?”


 “I said Is there anything wrong with that? He almost got his head into your chest, so why don’t you just hug and let him eat you if you like it so much?” 




She originally wanted to talk to Ke Hongming, but this person not only didn’t change, It got worse, her fists were already clenched, and she swung towards Ke Hongming's face. 


Ke Hongming grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him:


“If you don't want to have sex with him, how about doing it with me? I don't dislike your inexperience.
If you like, we can still do it in front of Jiang Tairan.
Let's do it—”


“Are you jealous?” 


Song Luan interrupted suddenly; he put the cards on the table and looked up at Ke Hongming.


 Realizing that his behavior was not normal at all, he let go of Zan You'er's wrist, frowned, and looked back at Song Luan:


 “Are you already blind when you grow up to be 17? Whom am I jealous of?”


Song Luan drew Zan You'er back to her seat and sat down, gently stroked her red-pinched wrist, and looked sharply at Ke Hongming: “If you are not jealous, then I can hug whoever I want?”


What's the matter? She can hug whoever she likes, and have sex with whoever she wants, that's her freedom…
“Why do you care so much about me?”


Ke Hongming's face darkened, and he showed a sullen expression.
, walked towards Song Luan with a murderous look, but Song Luan was unmoved, and would accompany him if there was a fight.




A piercing cry sounded beside the two of them.
They turned their heads to see Zan You'er with teary eyes.
They panicked for a while, and Ke Hongming hurried over to pull her:


“I'm sorry…I …I'm too impulsive, please don't cry.”


He said this while wiping the tears from Youer's face helplessly. 


Ke Hongming has never seen Zan You'er cry, nor did he think that he would make her cry.
It is a fact that he is impulsive, but seeing her and Jiang Tairan so close, he is so angry…
He has endured it, and I haven't spoken for a long time.


 Hang Jiyun kept silent by the side, seeing Zan Youer crying; the cigarette in his hand was broken.
He walked to Zan Youer's side, pulled Ke Hongming's hand away, picked her up, and sat back on the seat.


 Forcibly holding her in his arms, letting her tears wet his clothes, his eyes were full of anger:


“She can do whatever she wants…
Take care of yourself.” 


“Ke Hongming, you haven't put on your pants yet; it's too much to make You'er cry!”


Taking his place, Jiang Tairan pulled Zan You'er's wrist and caressed the redness and swelling on it, blowing from time to time.


 Song Luan is not surprised at the current situation, and it has not been a day or two since You'er became their group pet, and you can make trouble as you like, provided that you don't make You'er sad, This is a tacit agreement between them.


 Ke Hongming didn't care at all what the other three people thought of him or how they accused him.
He only knew that he was like a stunned young man who hadn't seen the world for eight hundred years, and he couldn't do anything about Zan Youer, who was crying.


The arrogance just now seemed to be gone; all he could think about was how to make Zan Youer happy.
As long as she didn't cry, he would do whatever he wanted. 


You'er was only sad for a short while.
In fact, she always wanted to help Ke Hongming correct his strange temper, but every time he would say a few words, he would choke again, which always made her very angry.


If it weren't for the fact that he wasn't annoying and that the group discussions would come on time, she would have wanted to kick him a few times.


 She wiped her tears and sat up from Hang Jiyun's arms:


“I'm fine, but my hands hurt a little, and I started crying for some reason…
It's strange, probably my phone has been away from me for too long!”


Zan You'er forced himself to be happy, and then thanked Song Luan and the others.
She wanted to sit back in her seat, but was stopped by Hang Jiyun:


“Sit next to me.”


He said so, and pulled the chair across the table, placing it between himself and Jiang Tairan, motioning for Zan Youer to sit down.


 Looking at Ke Hongming on the opposite side, Zan Youer bit her fingers and thought for a few seconds before sitting down on the chair after hearing Hang Jiyun's words.
It's really not a good idea to let Song Luan and Ke Hongming sit together, and she didn't want them to quarrel again, so he asked Ke Hongming tentatively,


+”Can you sit there? Put on your pants first.
It's getting colder.”


 Unexpectedly, Ke Hongming sat down on the chair obediently without saying a word, although he deliberately moved to the side to stay away from Song Luan, and then asked Jiang Tairan to hand over his pants.


 Put them on one by one, lift your pants like a child, and then look at Zan You'er with obedient eyes and say, “Don't be sad, it's all my fault.”


 “Okay, okay, let's continue, I'm not angry.”


She smiled brightly at Ke Hongming, and waved to Song Luan, who was smiling like a jade, to let him continue to deal cards.


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