A Killer’s Love

Chapter 4 (Military)

”Thank you, sir, ” Ash said.

”No problem, and I have 1 more question to ask. ” -Owen

”Sure, go ahead. ” -Ash

”Your hair colour, did you dye it? ” -Owen

”What do you think? ” -Ash

”Nothing, you just remind me of an old friend I had. ” -Owen

Old friend? Ash thought.

”There was a kid that Mr Owen met when he was young. But one day, the kid moved away. ” -Maurie

”Mr Owen didn know the kids name nor gender. But he only knew the kids long light pink hair. ” -Milan

Ash looked down feeling bad, and then turned their head again to see Owen with a sad impression while looking out the car window.

”Leave him alone for now. He will get over it, also where do you live? ” -Maurie

”Oh, I don have a home. ” Ash said calmly.

Maurie quickly stepped on the brake and turned his head to Ash, soon Milan and Owen started staring at Ash, ”uhh… everything all right? ”

”Mother **er, you just said u don have a home?! Did you really **ing meant it? ” -Owen

”Umm… no? I was just kicked out of my home, and now Im here without a home. ” Ash awkwardly smiled.

Owen sighed, ”Go back to my fathers home. ” Owen said. ”The condominium will be your home. Maurie,Milan take care of it. I don want any scars in the condo. ” Maurie and Milan smiled in excitement.

Maurice stepped on the petal and the car started running again again.

A few hours later, they reached their destination. Owen opened the door for Ash, when Ash came out, ”Wait this is your dads place? ”

The place was a huge modern house. White as a cloud.

”No, it WAS his. But its mine now. ” -Owen

”How? ” -Ash

”He died and passed on everything to me. ” -Owen

Before Ash could even say one more word, Owen walked away.

”Come in. ”

Ash just started running to the door.

”Mei, can you help the kid with his clothes and show them the guest room? ” -Owen

”Yes, I can. The guest room is on the right? ” -Mei

”Yes, just next to mine. ” -Owen

”Hello kid, my name is Mei and I need you to follow me to the guest room, is that alright? ” – Mei

”Uhh, okay.. ” -Ash

After the 2 walked away, a guard came to speak.

”Sir, why did you bring a trespasser here? ” -guard

”The kid is a guest not a trespasser, as long as the kid is here with me. You cannot and I mean CANNOT hurt the kid. Got it? You
e lucky that I saved you from jail. ” -Owen

(Oh, what a shame. The best guard almost got punished by the leader, and someone is jealous for Mr Owen. )

Owen walked away angrily to the kitchen, while the guard was pissed by him.

I don care what you Mr. Owen but that kid is going to Hell after one step towards you. The guard thought.

”Hey Lucas, you okay? ” -maiden

”Oh yes, Im alright mother. Don worry. ” -Owen

”that look on your face, don tell me you
e jealous again. ” – maiden

”Mom but- ” -Lucas

” I don want to hear it this time, you already killed 3 guests Mr Owen invited for the past year. This is why he doesn live here much anymore, he saw what you did right in front of his eyes. ” -maiden

”But I just really love him. ” -lucas

”I know, but killing other people isn a good thing. ” -maiden

”AHHHH! ” A shout came from upstairs. Owen quickly dropped his things and ran up the stairs.

”WHAT HAPPENED? ” -Owen shouted.

”There was a cockroach and Mei was scared of it. ” -Ash

”Oh, sorry I panicked a bit there. ” -Owen

” Don worry everyone gets panicked when someone screams ” -Ash

”Yea, you
e right. But are you done? ”

”Nope, still changing. But your shirt was big enough to act like a short dress though. ” -Ash

”My shirt? ” -Owen

”Yea, didn Mei ask you to borrow some? ” -Ash

” No she didn . ” -Owen

Mei panicked and quickly bowed down to Owen.

Owen looked shocked to see this.

”Im sorry sir! Please forgive me! ” -Mei

”Hey, Hey don worry. I won kill you, Im not them. And you
e not here anymore. You
e here in my house safe. ” -Owen calmed Mei down.

Mr Owen is so kind to everyone -Ash thought.

Mei went down stairs, only leaving the 2 alone.

They just stared at each other for a few seconds. Till…

”What is your name? I didn catch that. ” -Owen

” My name is Ash, and yours is Owen? ” -Ash

”Yes, it is. And its almost time for lunch, do you want me to escort you there? ” -Owen

”No thank you. You
e too kind. ” -Ash

Owen giggled. And took Ash to their dining room.

There were all the maidens and bodyguards there to set the table.

”Guys, guys you all can eat before me. Don worry about me, worry about the food getting cold. ” -Owen

Everyone sat down and started eating. Owen took a chair from the storage room and put it next to where he sits. The table was a long table, and Owen sits at the end of it.

”Here sit, don worry about it. ” -Owen

Ash just stared at everyone while Owen went and get an extra plate.

Ash trembled and didn know what to do and just waved hi to everyone. But everyone didn trust Ash, except Mei.

Owen got back and saw what happened, ”all right, may I speak for a moment? ”

Everyone put down their forks and spoons and started listening to Owen.

”We will have a guest for a few weeks, cause they were kicked out of their home. I hope you can treat this kid as well as me. ” Owen smiled.

Everyone smiled again before going back to eating, Owen helped Ash with everything Ash needed about the house later on.

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