Seeing Cang Hai’s reflection, Xiao Yu then realized: “You changed your clothes?”


Cang Hai nodded slightly: “Mm.”


Xiao Yu looked twice, Cang Hai’s clothes weren’t gorgeous, the style was more casual and there was obviously not too much embellishment, but Cang Hai, it was extraordinarily good-looking.


It was said that people depended on their clothes, but to Cang Hai, but the opposite was true.

He didn’t know Cang Hai well enough to know whether it was offensive to praise the other’s appearance.



He cautiously changed the topic: “Is there any extra clothes, can I borrow one?”



It wasn’t that he was shy, he used to ask to be topless when he participated in a boxing match, and the crowd of spectators was so huge that he didn’t feel embarrassed.


But sometimes clothes could bring people an inexplicable sense of security, especially in a strange, dangerous place like this.



Cang Hai met Xiao Yu’s request, but his body was tall, so it was very loose and ill-fitting on Xiao Yu.



Xiao Yu didn’t mind, on the contrary, he was grateful to have a garment to cover his body: “Thank you.”


Cang Hai pondered for a moment, “Between you and me, there is no need to be so polite.”



At these words, Xiao Yu’s eyes held a clear smile.


Yes, they were now dependent on each other as partners, survival was already tiring enough, if everything had to be counted, it would be physically and mentally exhausting.


Breakfast was the tentacle meat from yesterday, after a night of air drying, the meat had been completely dehydrated and the surface showed dense cracks.



Xiao Yu tore off a small piece and chewed it.
The air-dried meat wasn’t as fresh and juicy as last night, but it had a different flavor.



After a large loss of moisture, the meat of the tentacles still retained its original freshness, the texture was similar to shredded squid, chewy.


Xiao Yu ate several pieces in a row until he couldn’t eat anymore.



After filling his stomach, Xiao Yu asked Cang Hai how much he knew about this desolate star.


Cang Hai pondered for a moment: “Desolate stars have a characteristic, they are isolated, do not revolve around any planet and are outside the galaxy.
They suffer from cosmic rays all year round, and are very unstable, and may collapse and disintegrate at any time.”



“Are you saying that this planet we are on now could be destroyed at any time?” Xiao Yu stared straight at Cang Hai, hoping that the other would deny his speculation.



However, he was disappointed, Cang Hai mercilessly pierced his fantasy: “Yes, once the planet is destroyed, all the creatures on the planet will not be spared.”


Xiao Yu trembled, “Then how long can this place hold up?”



Cang Hai’s tone carried an imperceptible apology: “Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year, but that day won’t be too far away.”



The birth of the Desolate Star was itself a delicate balance of the energy of multiple planets, and although this balance was shaky, it wouldn’t be a problem to support for ten thousand years.



Ten thousand years, in the long stream of time in the vast universe, was just a white horse passing by, just a moment.


However, the energy he exploded into the deserted star broke the precarious balance, pushing the already fragile ecology of the deserted star to the brink of collapse.



Xiao Yu rubbed his brow, so this was still a dead end.


He was ready to lie flat on the desolate star, but the reality hit him hard, since he was destined to die, what was the point of his transmigration?



Xiao Yu, who was always optimistic, was rarely disillusioned and felt that the road ahead was bleak and the sun and the moon had no light.



“Watch out, enemy attack!”


Cang Hai drew his sword and swung it into the sky.
Before Xiao Yu could react, a palm-sized blade slowly floated down.



Was there a plant here?



Xiao Yu picked up the blade on the ground, only to see that the veins on the blade were crisscrossed, and strangely enough, the veins appeared dark red, not like leaf veins, but rather like the veins of some creature.



The touch of most leaves could be encapsulated as paper, flesh, grass and leather, this leaf was warm and silky, not belonging to any of them.


Unless, this wasn’t a blade at all, but the broken wings of an animal!



No wonder Cang Hai alerted him to the enemy attack, it was ridiculous that he didn’t realize something was wrong until now.



“Cang Hai, it should be some kind of insect, but the flight speed is too fast for me to find it.” He could only tell Cang Hai his guess.



Cang Hai nodded slightly, his long sword crossed over his chest, listening carefully to the sound in the air.


Another sword cut out, this time the longsword was hindered and collided with something hard, emitting an ear-piercing scraping sound.



The enemy’s figure stalled for a moment as a result.



“It’s a giant praying mantis!” Xiao Yu’s heart jumped suddenly, the huge mantis was two people high, with a pair of opposite wings almost covering the sky.



No wonder he felt a shadow just now.


Cang Hai’s expression was grave, the hidden-winged mantis belonged to the higher level foreign beasts and wasn’t easy to deal with.



It had a pair of front limbs shaped like machetes, the power shouldn’t be underestimated.
It was best at integrating with the surrounding environment, waiting for the opportunity to behead the prey at one stroke.



Without piloting the mecha, he had no certainty of victory, but unfortunately his mecha had been damaged, leaving only the remains lying in his space ring.



“Xiao Yu, go into the sea!” Cang Hai crossed his sword to block the full force of the Hidden Winged Mantis’ strike, his hands turned numb.


Xiao Yu knew that with this level of battle, he couldn’t help on shore and may distract Cang Hai, so he had to jump into the sea, worriedly watching the battle.


When he entered the water, the giant mantis disappeared again.


Xiao Yu hurriedly looked around, but there was no sign of the giant mantis.



Could the mantis have left?


At this point, his heart shuddered for no reason.


The same feeling as yesterday in the sea, as if something bad was going to happen.



He snapped his eyes towards Cang Hai, only to see a huge Mantis silhouette appear behind Cang Hai, and it raised its incomparably sharp twin swords and cut down abruptly!



“Behind you, Cang Hai!”



Xiao Yu’s hysterical shout rang out from the sea.

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