T/N: I decided it was time to pick up another modern-day novel, so here it is! 

Also, I’ll put a blanket warning here for all chapters: Disabilities, physical or mental, are not treated with due respect by the villains of this novel.
They display everything from neglect to abuse toward the affected people, with a casual disregard for their feelings.
That said, they all eventually get what is coming to them.


In a small bedroom with simple decorations, Pei Yi stared at himself in the mirror without saying a word.

Soon, there was an impatient cry from the door.
“Little Young Master, what are you dawdling for? Mr.
Pei is ready and waiting for you at the door! If you delay proper business, no one can save you!”

The silent Pei Yi finally moved.

He stretched out his thin, slender hand, and in a fit of anger, removed the jade pendant from around his neck, turned around, and threw it on the bed before walking toward the door.

Just as he approached, the unlocked door was roughly pushed open from outside, nearly hitting Pei Yi.

The middle-aged nanny standing at the door was obviously aware of the danger, but there was no apology on her face.
“Oh, you’re finally willing to come out?”

“I say, you’re lucky to marry into the Bo family! A fool still knows how to be stubborn about this matter? So strange, ah…..”

Pei Yi stared at the nanny’s aloof face and narrowed his chilly eyes imperceptibly.

The nanny got carried away with her nattering, but the moment she looked up, she froze in place.
Pei Yi couldn’t be bothered to give her another look, and walked quickly around.

The nanny stared at the departing Pei Yi, took an uncertain breath of air, and muttered —

Has this fool changed his nature?

Why was that look just now different than in the past? It was so scary!

However, when she saw the thin, long-sleeved clothing on Pei Yi’s body, the surprise in her heart turned to ridicule again.
“What change in nature? It’s a hot day and he dresses like this.
What a fool!”

With that said, she snuck into the bedroom.


As soon as Pei Yi left the villa, a black car stopped at the door.

The rear window was rolled down, revealing a well-dressed middle-aged man.
The other party looked at the tardy Pei Yi with dissatisfaction on his face.
“What are you doing staring so stupidly? Hurry up and get in the car!”

Pei Yi sneered inwardly, but opened the rear door and slowly got inside.

The car started quickly.

The middle-aged man adopted a serious expression and warned Pei Yi, “When we get to the Bo residence later, you will follow me obediently.
This marriage is not a bad thing for you or our family!”

“If you dare to go crazy and lose face for our Pei family, your grandfather and I will definitely not spare you!”

Pei Yi pretended not to hear, and turned his head to look out the window.

Seeing his indifferent appearance, the middle-aged man became angry and tongue-tied.
“Your head is full of stupid things, you won’t understand even if you’re told.”


There was a hint of absurdity in Pei Yi’s eyes, which disappeared in an instant.

Don’t understand?

He, who had transmigrated into this world after reading a book, understood better than anyone —

This was a dog-blood danmei novel named “Misplaced Kindness of a Rich Family.” It told the story of the protagonist, the young master of the Pei family, who relied on his personal strength to win the favor and pursuit of many rich and powerful families after his lot in life was exchanged mistakenly.
In the end, he met his sweetheart and they galloped into the sunset together.

Of course, Young Master Pei, the protagonist in the book, was not referring to Pei Yi.

Although he shared the surname Pei, and he was also a young master of the Pei family, the original owner could be described as a “first-class cannon fodder” in the book.
His father died young and his mother was absent.

When he was ten years old, the original owner was pushed into the swimming pool and drowned half to death.
When he woke up again, he had become a mentally handicapped child.
He was usually either isolated and mute or foolish and crazy.
Over the years, he had long been reduced to a first-class laughingstock in the Imperial capital circle, and even the nanny who took care of him dared to trample him underfoot in secret.

The middle-aged man sitting next to him was the original owner’s uncle, Pei Ruzhang, the director of Pei Group.

In order to win the reputation of “treating his nephew kindly,” Pei Ruzhang always dressed the original owner up beautifully and elaborately at every banquet, taking him through the motions, but secretly treated the original owner like a dog—

He was locked in a small, prison-like bedroom all day long, given three meals per day.
If he did something wrong, he would be overwhelmingly beaten and scolded.

Presently, it seemed that the original owner was twenty-two years old.
Under the instigation and arrangement of the Bo family, he was treated as a pawn for commercial interests and was married to the second youngest of the Bo family, who was blinded in a car accident.

What was this dear uncle?

He was just a vicious wolf in human skin, eager to gnaw the original owner until there were no bones left!

Two days ago, when the original owner heard news of the marriage, he was stimulated somehow and ran behind Pei Villa to jump into the river.

It was likely this jump that allowed the transmigrated Pei Yi to occupy his body.

Pei Yi gazed at the passing scenery outside the car window and took this opportunity to quickly go through the contents of the book.
There wasn’t much focus on the original owner in “Misplaced Kindness of a Rich Family,” but there was enough to piece together his tragic end —

After the business marriage between the Pei and Bo families, the second young master of the Bo family did not like the original owner, and mostly ignored him.

Later on, there was turmoil within the Bo family and the useless original owner was kicked out of the house.
When the second young master of the Bo family reported the matter and found him, he had died tragically in the river with wounds all over his body, his corpse already swollen from the soaking.

He didn’t trick or provoke anyone, yet became a short-lived cannon fodder in this battle of the rich and powerful.

Pei Yi thought about this ending, and silently gave the plot an upturned middle finger in his heart.

There are no words.

The one with the biggest grievance is actually myself.


The car soon drove into the Bo family manor.

Pei Ruzhang and Pei Yi, led by servants, entered the living room of the Bo residence.

Old Mr.
Bo, the head of the family, nodded his head in greeting.
Pei, long time no see.
My second grandson has eye problems now, so it is really inconvenient for him to go out and meet you.
Thank you for making the trip.”

“Good sir, we are nearly family, so there is no need to speak politely.” Pei Ruzhang took the initiative to rope in the relationship between the two families.
“This is my little nephew, Pei Yi.”

He changed his loathing for Pei Yi in the car to a pretense of harmony.
“Although he is a bit foolish in the head, he has always been a well-behaved and sensible person.”

The implication to the Bo family was – he had already “obediently” agreed to this marriage.

“Look at the whole Imperial Capital circle, who doesn’t know that Director Pei is kind and soft-hearted? Hasn’t he been raising his nephew by his side like his own son? The young master must listen to you the most.”

“Ai, the good sir flatters me.” Pei Ruzhang listened comfortably, and casually directed Pei Yi, “Xiao Yi, come and say hello.”


Say hello?

Give you face like in the past?

Pei Yi looked around at the people of the Bo family, his eyes drifting playfully.
Okay, ah, then I’ll say hello in a different way.

With this thought, he grabbed the tea that the butler had just brought, and smashed it down hard.

— Crash!

The cup accurately hit Pei Ruzhang’s ankle.
The splashed hot tea made him tremble, and the fake smile on his face abruptly froze.

This was not the end! Pei Yi smashed the cup, and did not forget to retreat in public to distance himself from Pei Ruzhang.

Intangible disdain was the deadliest.

Everyone in the Bo family exchanged glances, and they all noticed something strange—

He only asked him to say hello, yet was rejected and defied by his foolish nephew? Perhaps Pei Ruzhang’s treatment of Pei Yi was not very good behind closed doors?


Call him crazy, and he’ll be crazy.
Call him calm and he’ll be calm.

Pei Ruzhang held back his an

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