Good cats?

Catch stinky rats?

Who are you cursing indirectly!

The pain from the scratch on his chest became stronger and stronger.
Bo Wang met Pei Yi’s earnest, innocent eyes, and a mouthful of fury got stuck awkwardly halfway.

“Pei Yi, who are you calling a, a stinky rat!”


Very good, you said it yourself.

Pei Yi saw the choked back aggrievement in Bo Wang’s eyes and smiled decently.
“That’s right, Inspector is good at catching stinky rats.”

How could Bo Yueming, who was standing to the side, fail to hear the strange implication in this?

Even though he couldn’t see Bo Wang’s face now, he could imagine how embarrassed it must look.

From his public dislike of Bo Guancheng to the current implication toward Bo Wang, every time Pei Yi was inadvertently stupid, he could always embarrass the opponent just right.

Bo Yueming tilted his head in Pei Yi’s direction, and the inquiries in the bottom of his heart swayed again—

Was all of this really a coincidence? 

Or was Pei Yi pretending to be a pig to prey on a tiger?[1] Was he naturally black-bellied?

Bo Yueming’s thoughts drifted away for a moment, and then he heard Bo Wang’s breathing get heavier and heavier.
He was clearly furious.

“Bo Wang, you should be aware of Pei Yi’s situation.
His words have no other meaning, don’t think too much about it.”

Bo Yueming pretended not to understand what happened just now with Pei Yi’s connotations.
“The cat is raised loose in the courtyard and is actually really good at catching rats.”


Hearing Bo Yueming’s serious explanation, Pei Yi almost broke character.
After all, when the last half of that sentence was repeated, it was hard not to believe he had done it on purpose.

It was said once, and said a second time!

Bo Wang had never suffered such humiliation since he was a child.
“Are you finished?!”

Whether these words were intentional or unintentional, these remarks were initiated by Pei Yi.
Bo Wang was so angry that he raised his fist and wanted to hit someone!

“Pei Yi, have I given you too much face?”

Pei Yi’s eyes shifted suddenly.
Just as he was about to resist and counterattack, someone jumped ahead of him in the next second.

— Pa!

Bo Yueming seemed to have the ability to predict the future, and accurately grasped Bo Wang’s wrist, pulling it down forcefully.
“You dare to make a move in my house?”

Bo Wang was startled, and his expression immediately became painful.
The force on his captured wrist was great, as if it would break his bones and tendons together.

“Bo Yueming!”

Bo Wang clamored to break free, but the moment he raised his eyes, his upper and lower teeth clattered unexpectedly—

Bo Yueming’s out-of-focus eyes, which were originally covered by a layer of fog, now contained a frightening cold light, and just one glance could chill a person from head to toe.

The powerful aura emanating from his whole body was even worse than before he lost his sight.

Bo Wang was inexplicably afraid of such a Bo Yueming, and his Adam’s apple rolled for a moment.
No matter how provocative he was in the past, the other party would ignore him, so why did he dare to fight him outright now?

Bo Wang stretched out his other hand and waved it in front of the other party’s face to confirm his vision status and continued to warn him, “Bo’er, I advise, advise you not to mess around!”

“Grandma is sick and in the hospital now, and no one in this family cares about you!”

Before the sound trailed off, Bo Yueming’s strength on his wrist increased a bit, and his eyes darkened like bottomless pits.

“Yes, ah, my eyes won’t heal further, and no one at home will look in my direction.
Do you think I’m still afraid of your useless threats?”

As the saying went, barefooted people did not fear those who wear shoes.[2]

Bo Wang’s face paled again from the pain, and he suddenly regretted provoking Bo Yueming—

This person was blind – had even his mentality been distorted?

Where could he see the slightest bit of a noble young master’s demeanor now, he was just a hostile madman!

“Bo Wang, this is not a place where you can run wild.
The past was for grandma’s sake, but there was never any brotherly relationship between the two of us.
Remember this well.”

Bo Yueming delivered this cold warning and shook off his dirty hand.


Bo Wang grasped his already swollen right wrist, trembling with fury.
He didn’t dare to provoke Bo Yueming anymore, so he could only glance at Pei Yi, who was hiding behind him.
“You just wait!”

He threw down these harsh words and left in a hurry.

Pei Yi gazed at Bo Wang’s fleeing back.
No matter how he looked at it, he found it a bit ridiculous.

He had originally come to see a joke, but had become the joke instead! Lifting a rock and smashing your own foot, why bother?

Bo Yueming ended the trouble that had come to the door and turned slightly to the side.
“Pei Yi.”

Pei Yi slowly retracted his gaze and looked over—

The coldness enveloping Bo Yueming had long since vanished, but his brow was slightly furrowed.
“Are you scared?”

Pei Yi shook his head and forgot to make a sound.

It wasn’t that he was afraid, but that it was a little beyond his expectations.

After all, according to the plot of the original book, no matter how unwilling Bo Yueming was in the early stages, he still focused on enduring it, which led to his blackening later on.

The quiet atmosphere lasted for a few seconds.

Bo Yueming thought Pei Yi was really frightened by him, so he explained slowly, “What you said just now made Bo Yueming unhappy.
If I didn’t stand up and say harsh words to scare him, he would definitely come and be hard on you when I’m not around.”

In the eyes of outsiders, the two of them were already bound together in a “married” relationship, and they shared the same face.

For Bo Yueming, as long as Pei Yi didn’t do anything to harm his interests, he would come forward to protect him both in public and in private.


Pi Yi was taken aback, not having expected that Bo Yueming was thinking about him.

Bo Yueming still didn’t receive a response from Pei Yi, so he sighed helplessly.
“It’s fine if you don’t understand.
You must avoid him if you see him in the future, got it?”

Pei Yi pursed his lips and responded very quickly this time, “En.”

He thought of the scratch on Bo Wang’s chest and felt a little worried in his heart.

The other party was a beloved member of the Bo family.
If Old Mr.
Bo and the second branch couple knew about this just now, wouldn’t he cause Bo Yueming a lot of trouble?

Pei Yi mixed sincerity with clumsiness, “What to do if he tells others?”

Bo Yueming heard this question and his expression relaxed.
“Bo Wang cares about face the most.
He’ll find a way to retaliate, but he won’t make a big splash.”

Running to provoke someone and getting hurt and shamed? According to his thin-skinned character, he itched to let this matter rot in his stomach and for no one to find out.

“Anyway, if you see him in the future, hide far away.

Pei Yi made a sound of acknowledgement again.

Bo Wang had already gone away, so there was no need for the two of them to linger at the side door.

“Let’s go back to the house.”

After Bo Yueming spoke, he realized that he lacked his guide cane and stopped mid-stride, reluctantly looking for the signpost to the side.

Seeing this, Pei Yi took the initiative to hold his hand.
“Where are you going?”


Bo Yueming’s expression changed slightly, and he neither broke free nor took a step.

Pei Yi thought that Bo Yueming didn’t trust him, so he held him even tighter.
“Don’t be afraid, follow me.”

Uncle Kai couldn’t help if he was not at home, and it was unrealistic for him to go back to the second floor by himself.
Pei Yi’s palm was on his wrist, silky and warm, and every inch of skin touching him was delicate and soft.

Bo Yueming didn’t like to rely on outsiders, but right now, he didn’t put up any resistance.
“Let’s go back to the second floor.”


The two of them went upstairs step by step.
As soon as they reached the outer door of the bedroom, a burst of footsteps followed.

After finishing his work, Uncle Kai hurried upstairs and immediately saw Bo Yueming and Pei Yi, as well as their tightly clasped hands.

“Second Young Master, Little Sir, you……”

Bo Yueming could hear Uncle Kai’s hesitation to speak, and tapped Pei Yi with his fingers surreptitiously.
“It’s okay.”


Pei Yi let go without hesitation and ran back to his own room.

Uncle Kai was already there, so Bo Yueming probably didn’t need him anymore.
Instead, he was worried about Inspector and didn’t know if it would have a stress reaction just now, so he speedily went back to the room to look for it.


The weight on his hand disappeared in an instant, and Bo Yueming unconsciously closed his warm palm.

After Pei Yi entered the small bedroom, Uncle Kai approached to probe, “Second Young Master, why were you and Little Sir…..”

Holding hands?

Bo Yueming briefly recounted what had happened just now and changed the subject.
“How is the contact with the medical team going?”

Uncle Kai suppressed the delicate issue of holding hands and responded in a low voice, “Don’t worry, it is business as usual.
After the banquet is over the day after tomorrow, we can find a reason to leave.”



As soon as Pei Yi entered the room, Inspector, who was hiding under the bed, showed his head.

It nimbly slipped out from under the bed, and coquettishly rubbed its head against its owner’s trouser leg at once.
The wildness and murderous intent from scratching people just now were entirely absent.

Pei Yi checked it from head to toe and was relieved after confirming that there was no trauma.

When the decision was made to adopt Inspector, Uncle Kai took him to the vet for a comprehensive examination.
This pair of variegated eyes was natural, but whether it was vision, hearing, or other aspects, it was not a sick cat as Bo Wang had said.

Pei Yi hugged Inspector and sat at the desk, rubbing its little head.
“Well done today, but in the future, if you encounter bad people when you go out, you should avoid them.
You must follow me around, understand?”

Inspector opened its big round eyes.

Pei Yi opened up a can of food for it as a reward, and logged into the game exchange website now that he was free.

Not long ago, he had uploaded two initial game codes and a brief concept of creation, and they had already gained attention and a lot of likes.
For a newcomer and a new account, it was already very good to have this wave of short-term data.

Pei Yi clicked on the personal page of his new account and found that there were seven or eight private messages waiting to be checked.
Scrolling to the bottom, the initial inquiry message was very concise.

— Hello, I would like to inquire about the initial selling price of the two games.
Buyout or subsequent shares are acceptable.
I sincerely hope to have further communication and look forward to your reply.

The ID was Pear Garden,[3] and there was a small pear icon behind it, which was extra cute.

The message was sent fifty minutes ago.
In other words, less than ten minutes after the two games were uploaded, this Party A with the ID ‘Pear Garden’ had already taken a fancy to it?

Pei Yi pursed his lips and praised others as well as himself, “They’re quite discerning.”

As soon as he spoke, there was a knock on the door.
“Little Sir?”

Recognizing Uncle Kai’s voice, Pei Yi got up and opened the door.

Uncle Kai brought a plate of freshly cut fruit, but did not step in casually.
“Little Sir, I heard what the Second Young Master said just now.
Don’t be afraid, eat some fruit and take it easy.”

Pei Yi took it.

Uncle Kai smiled and took the initiative to explain his reasoning for knocking on the door at this time, “Little Sir, a tailor will come to take your measurements later and choose new clothes for you.
You cooperate, okay?”

Pei Yi took a bite of apple and paused for half a second before chewing.
“New, new clothes?”

“The day after tomorrow is the Old Sir’s birthday.
The Bo family is going to hold a lively banquet, and Old Mr.
Pei and the others will come over then.”

Uncle Kai slowly explained their intentions, with a little helplessness.
“For this banquet, the Old Sir asked for the Second Young Master to attend along with you.”


[1] To “pretend to be a pig to prey on a tiger” is to pretend to be weak and fragile when you are actually powerful and able to cause damage. ⮐

[2] “Barefooted people do not fear those who wear shoes” means that those who have nothing to lose have no fear. ⮐

[3] Liyuan (梨园), or “Pear Garden” was the name of the first known royal acting and musical academy in China. ⮐

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