If they continued to quarrel, Bo Wang and even the entire Bo family would continue to lose face.

Therefore, Old Mr.
Bo took advantage of his “discomfort” and hid in the VIP lounge upstairs.
He also blocked the Wei and Chen families who were trying to intercede at the door, apparently intending to stop there.

Such disputes did not come as a surprise in the wealthy circle, and the guests maintained a consistent tacit agreement not to intervene, and to at least not gossip until the end of the banquet.

In the banquet hall.

Pei Huan looked at the four figures sitting in the rest area, his brows furrowed.

“Xiao Huan, what are you looking at?”

Deng Xiuya had lost face because of Pei Yi at the beginning of the banquet and stayed with her son the whole time today, not wanting to be a joke in front of the other noble ladies.

Pei Huan turned his gaze back, taking advantage of the deserted space to express his slight dissatisfaction.
“You should have informed me about the matter of Pei Yi and Bo Yueming at the time.”

Last month, Pei Huan had followed the group’s shareholders abroad to discuss cooperation and learn.

He didn’t hear about Pei Yi’s marriage until he returned a week ago, and the target was actually Bo Yueming.

Deng Xiuya was surprised.
“What is there to say about this small thing? By taking the opportunity to quickly throw that fool out, you will be the only young master of the Pei family in the future, so your grandpa’s money won’t all be…..”

“Mom! Don’t talk nonsense outside!”

Pei Huan interrupted Deng Xiuya’s thinking, and his eyes drifted back to the four people in the rest area.
“You found Second Young Master Bo for Pei Yi.
Don’t you know who he was before?”

Capable and good-looking, how many families were vying for cooperation and a marriage partnership!

Deng Xiuya was silenced by her son.
“…..Isn’t Bo Yueming blind now? Old Mrs.
Bo in the hospital is probably unable to live, and Old Mr.
Bo obviously doesn’t want to see his grandson.”


Doesn’t want to see him?

Pei Huan shook his head slightly and asked, “Do Bo Yueming’s words and actions seem to be affected by his eyes? If Old Mr.
Bo doesn’t want to look at him anymore, does that mean he will be kicked out of the Bo residence? Which guest present dares to underestimate him like this?”


Deng Xiuya couldn’t answer.
She had never thought so much about it.

“Never mind.”

Pei Huan suppressed his unexplainable discomfort, and within a few seconds, he made a decision.
“Mom, I’m going to say hello.”


In the banquet hall’s rest area, Yan Cen made a simple bandage for Li Yuan’s hand.

Since he had a favorable impression of him after his help just now, Pei Yi took a closer look.
“Does it hurt?”

Li Yuan rubbed the bandage gingerly and said, “What hurt? You’re a little slow, my finger is almost healed!”


Pei Yi hit a jam, and experienced a rare moment of speechlessness.

The original book used the four words “had a strong tongue” to describe Li Yuan’s character.
How long had they gotten along? The other party put on a vivid performance.

Bo Yueming seemed to be aware of Pei Yi’s “embarrassment,” and the corners of his mouth twitched indistinctly.

Yan Cen, who was diagonally opposite, said, “Let’s have a drink?”

Pei Yi looked at the alluring crimson wine tower on the table, his mind working busily, and he suddenly heard Bo Yueming intercept him from the side, “We and Mr.
Li can drink, but Pei Yi can’t.
Get him a glass of warm milk.”


Wait a second! For what reason?

Pei Yi, who was addicted to alcohol, exhausted all his self-control to not protest on the spot, and whispered, “I, I want to try.”

“Have you ever drank at the Pei residence or at a banquet before? Are you a good drinker? Uncle Kai hasn’t returned yet, and in the event that you get drunk and fall asleep, are you going to make me take you back?”

Bo Yueming didn’t deliberately look after the “little fool’s” comprehension ability and slow down his speech.
A series of calm inquiries concealed an unquestionable desire for control.


Pei Yi was at a loss for words, and abruptly realized that “playing the fool” also had its disadvantages.

Witnessing this scene, Yan Cen pushed up the glasses on the bridge of his nose to hide his surprise.

He had thought that according to the personality of his friend Bo Yueming, the other party would be very resistant to this marriage and to Pei Yi, and that even if they lived under the same roof, they were very likely to choose to get along without disturbing each other.

Looking at it now, Bo Yueming’s actions toward Pei Yi looked calm and ordinary, but with an indescribable sense of tolerance?

Just as he was thinking, a bright, smiling voice sounded.

“Senior, long time no see.”

Pei Yi immediately raised his head.
He looked at Pei Huan approaching with a toast, and then covertly glanced at the three people around him.
His downcast mood from being unable to drink vanished in an instant—

Good, ah, you waited all night!

The male protagonist gong Yan Cen, the male protagonist shou Pei Huan, the supporting role Li Yuan, and the villain Bo Yueming.
Finally, they were all here at once!

His current location was an excellent C position for eating melons.
As long as he wanted to watch the show, he could see the changes in everyone’s eyes clearly.

Among the three, Yan Cen was the first to react.
“Pei Huan?”

“En! I didn’t expect Senior to remember me.
It was inconvenient in the corridor earlier, so I came over to say hello now.”

Pei Huan smiled and turned to the other people on the sofa, greeting them one by one.
“Second Young Master, Yuan, and Xiao Yi.”

His pair of eyes were his best tool to seduce people into having a favorable impression.
When he smiled, even the teardrop mole under his eye was eye-catching.

However, Bo Yueming couldn’t see, and his expression was still unenthusiastic.

Yan Cen took the initiative to answer the greeting, and introduced Pei Huan again.
“Yueming, Pei Huan was my junior in university, two years younger than me.”

Bo Yueming nodded slightly, trying to focus his perception on Pei Yi.

He was unsure of the relationship between Pei Yi and Pei Huan.
At this moment, he wanted to confirm through the former’s reaction, but Pei Yi was busy eating melons with interest, and didn’t even say one unnecessary word.

Yan Cen had always had a good impression of Pei Huan, a junior, so he asked curiously, “By the way, how do you know Mr.


Hearing this, Li Yuan unconsciously pressed his injured fingertip.

Pei Huan glanced at Li Yuan and said in a relaxed tone, “Senior, Yuan and I were in the same class, and he is also your junior.”

The corners of Li Yuan’s mouth twitched, and he said resignedly, “I dropped out of school my sophomore year, so my graduation was delayed for a year.
It’s normal for Mr.
Yan not to know me.”

Unlike Pei Huan, who allied him Senior, ‘Mr.
Yan’ seemed like a more polite term of address.

Yan Cen’s eyes flickered slightly under his glasses.
Bo Yueming, on the other hand, was unconcerned about the whole process and maintained his indifference to outsiders.

Pei Yi secretly observed the reactions of the four people present, and simultaneously recalled the general plot of the original book: 

The original book was called “Misplaced Kindness of a Wealthy Family,” and it told the story of real and fake young masters exchanging lives.

The protagonist shou, Pei Huan, and the supporting role shou, Li Yuan, had been switched at birth.
Because the family backgrounds of the two were similar at the beginning, although their life experiences had been misplaced, both of them lived prosperous lives as young masters.

In other words, Li Yuan was the real nominal cousin of the original owner Pei Yi.

Then, in his sophomore year, the Li family suffered a misfortune and collapsed overnight, and Li Yuan changed from a wealthy young master to an ordinary person who needed to work hard for a living.
And Pei Huan, whose life was going smoothly, met Yan Cen, a senior at the same school.
They met and then separated for a while, but had made deep impressions on one another.

It was not until this banquet that their fates realigned.

As the core plot in the original book, the switched lives would inevitably be revealed one day.

Subsequently, having learned of his origin, Pei Huan did not abandon himself to despair.
He knew that his biological mother had suffered these years, and also understood the reluctance of his adopted parents, so he ran between the two families, relying on his own ability to expand his business career.

During this period, he gained the love of many people, and finally went hand in hand with Yan Cen.

On the other hand, Li Yuan, the real young master who returned to the Pei residence, had an inexplicable hostility toward Pei Huan from the very beginning.

This enmity grew stronger with jealousy, and time after time, he secretly designed to set up the other party.
In the end, he found himself utterly isolated and with a lifetime of shame.

It could be said that the two were a typical control group for the wealthy “Real and Fake Young Masters.”


Seeing that Pei Yi next to him didn’t move, Bo Yueming could only speak up, “Yan Cen, you and Young Master Pei have known each other since university?”

“Do you remember that I told you how when I was about to graduate, there was an online investment competition organized by the school?” Yan Cen looked at Pei Huan with a hint of appreciation in his gentle eyes.

“I said you were a strong anonymous opponent.
In the end, when we reached the top three, the school let us meet and it was unexpectedly Pei Huan.”

— Clank.

The impact of the wine glass interrupted this reminiscence in due course as Li Yuan suddenly set his glass back on the table.
Getting up, he looked at Yan Cen and Pei Huan, who seemed close. 

Pei Yi noticed that he was rubbing his injured fingertip, and blood was overflowing from the wound that had just been bandaged.
It was as if he was trying his best to restrain himself, as well as to figure something out.

The corners of Pei Huan’s mouth softened a little.
“Yuan, what’s wrong?”

“I still have something to do.
I’ll step out first, so as not to disturb everyone’s reminiscence.” Li Yuan left the rest area without waiting for anyone’s response.

Bo Yueming took a silent sip of wine.
He was blind, and rarely cared about other people’s staying or going.

Pei Yi stared at Li Yuan’s back for a long moment, feeling that he could glimpse some secrets that were not in the original book, but he couldn’t grasp them clearly yet.

Footsteps sounded again.

An attendant approached with a glass of juice.
“Hello, everyone.
Here is the mango juice you requested.”

Bo Yueming thought of the warm milk he had ordered for Pei Yi.
“Mango juice?”

“Yes, this is what I ordered for Pei Yi.”

Pei Huan quickly adjusted his smile.
“Our Xiao Yi can’t drink alcohol, but freshly squeezed mango juice is his favorite.”


Our Xiao Yi?

When Pei Yi and Bo Yueming heard this term of address, their expressions shifted slightly.

Pei Huan handed the orange fruit juice with a strong fragrance to Pei Yi, and said to Bo Yueming, “It is not easy for me to comment on matters agreed to by the two families’ elders.
I ask that the Second Young Master bear with Xiao Yi a lot in the future.”

Pei Yi lowered his eyes and looked at the glass of juice handed to him.

People’s impressions of others were often very subjective.

No matter how excellently the original author described Pei Huan, Pei Yi felt at first glance that the other party was a deeply hidden and refined egoist.

In addition, there were still memories from the original owner in his mind—

Ever since he was a child, Pei Huan used to take advantage of the original owner’s “stupidity” to highlight his own “goodness.” He even did it several times on purpose, but because he hid it well and the original owner was too timid to defend himself, he took an invincible position time after time.

Just like now, taking the original owner’s “favorite” mango juice, he unilaterally showed the so-called intimacy between brothers in order to impress Bo Yueming and Yan Cen.


Pei Yi kept in mind his status as a cannon-fodder, and didn’t want to get too involved with Pei Huan and others, but he also didn’t intend to become a tool for others to use to get what they wanted.

Pei Huan pushed the juice closer.
“Xiao Yi?”

Pei Yi’s eyes revealed hesitation and resistance, and he very carefully pushed the juice back lightly.
“I, I don’t want it.”

Bo Yueming could hear the unwillingness in his tone of voice and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Pei Yi muttered, “Itches.


Bo Yueming got the hint.

Yan Cen glanced at Pei Huan at the same time.
“Young Master Pei, is this a mango allergy?”

The arc of Pei Huan’s mouth froze.
“How could this be?”

Pei Yi blinked, pretending not to understand, and repeated, “Uncomfortable to drink.
I don’t want to drink.”

It wasn’t that he deliberately made this up to deceive people.

The original owner was indeed allergic to mangoes, but didn’t understand this himself and also couldn’t express it, and no one in the Pei family was willing to pay attention to him aside from the deceased old lady.

Just like Pei Huan now, who had only seen him drink mango juice a few times but didn’t know what happened to him afterward.

Bo Yueming said, “Don’t drink it if you feel uncomfortable.”

Bo Yueming thought of Pei Yi’s situation in the Pei residence in the past, and there was a little more clarity in the depths of his dark blue eyes.
“Young Master Pei, since the two families have decided to marry, I will naturally not treat Pei Yi badly, so you can rest assured.”

When Pei Huan heard this implicit reply, a layer of heat suddenly filled his chest, and he was embarrassed.

He just stated that Pei Yi liked to drink mango juice the most, but he didn’t even know that the other party was allergic to the juice?

Wasn’t this a slap in the face?

Yan Cen noticed the stagnation in the atmosphere and spoke softly, “It may be that there are additives in individual mango drinks, which can easily cause allergies, but it is best to be careful.”

Pei Huan nodded silently.

The next second, Deng Xiuya’s urging voice sounded, “Xiao Huan, it’s time to go.”

She and Pei Ruzhang stood a few steps away from the rest area and did not step forward.

Pei Huan needed an opportunity to escape this rare embarrassing moment, so he quickly stabilized his state of mind.
“Senior, Second Young Master, then I’ll leave first.”

Yan Cen nodded while maintaining his usual outward gentleness.

As for Pei Yi who was sitting across from him, he didn’t bother to say anything, and Bo Yueming acted nonchalant, as if he was just sending away a stranger who had nothing to do with him.

Pei Huan noticed this disregard, and accelerated his pace even more vigorously.

The banquet was still going on.

After drinking a glass of wine with Bo Yueming, Yan Cen got up in a timely manner.
“Yueming, it’s almost time, so I’ll also leave first.”

He had rushed here just after getting off the plane, and had to go home to pack up.

Bo Yueming stood.
“I’ll see you off.”

The dispute in the corridor just now had happened suddenly, and the two of them still had some things to discuss.
Now that there were two quarrels in succession, no one would dare to trouble Pei Yi again.

Yan Cen was a clever person.
He approached and touched his friend lightly on the shoulder.
“All right, let’s go.”

Pei Yi sat sensibly in his seat, holding the warm milk brought by an attendant, but his mind was entirely on the wine tower—

The aromatic wine was still calling to him.

Who could bear such a thing?

Pei Yi glanced around vigilantly.
Taking advantage of Bo Yueming’s departure, he swiftly picked up a glass of wine and drank to his heart’s content.

Immersed in the aftertaste of the alcohol for a few seconds, Pei Yi only belatedly realized something was wrong—

According to the plot of the original novel, the conversation between the protagonist gong and shou at this banquet should have been more than that.
Even the communication between Pei Huan and Bo Yueming should have been more than a few words.

Could it be because of his few words of refusal to Pei Huan, the plot was indirectly altered?


Pei Yi pondered silently and picked up another glass of red wine to taste.

At the same time, an all-too-familiar voice sounded from behind, “Pei Yi.”


Pei Yi was so frightened that he nearly lost his grip on the wine glass.
He never expected that Bo Yueming would return so soon with Uncle Kai’s assistance.

Moreover, he was so close to him!

Bo Yueming could hear the panic and guilt in his cough, and even smelled the faint scent of alcohol at the tip of his nose.

“You’re drinking alcohol.”

Pei Yi looked at Bo Yueming’s eyes under the lenses, and gradually felt the guilty conscience of “being caught.”

After a few seconds’ delay, he tried to turn the page in a very upright manner, “I’m not.
It, it’s juice.”


T/N: Yes, Pei Huan, that was a slap in the face.
It was your turn.

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