Bo Guancheng came and went, and other than making people feel disgusted, it really didn’t have any effect on morale.

Bo Yueming and Assistant Lin Zhong entered the study on the first floor, presumably to discuss work matters.
Uncle Kai unpacked the luggage properly and went to the kitchen to supervise the servants preparing dinner.

Pei Yi was by himself with nothing to do, so he brought Inspector back to the room, locked the door, and turned on the computer.

As soon as he logged on to the “Youtu” forum, tens of thousands of notifications popped up.
Pei Yi was a little surprised, and immediately checked his background data—

The two game concepts uploaded a week ago had gained 50,000+ popularity.
Pei Yi’s newly created vest,[1] “Will,” had also attracted the attention of thousands of gaming fans.

His personal private messages were filled with large and small game companies, studios, and even individual game bloggers.

“Youtu” was the largest game forum website in China, and the fermented heat was far better than Pei Yi had imagined.
Of course, Pei Yi attributed all of this to his own game creation.

The two single-player games he had constructed this time had completely different styles.

The first title was “Cheerful Spirit.” It was a decryption game with different national styles and spirits.
The content of each dungeon instance was different, and single players must find the answers and exits within a specified amount of time.

In each dungeon, there would be a certain Chinese instrument, and at the specific point in time when the instrument sounded, different spiritual crises would be triggered, which may lead to the failure of breaking through the level.

Of course, as one of the highlights of this game, the background music needed to be written carefully for each time the instruments sounded.
Each trilling sound must be engraved into the player’s bones and blood, making their hair stand on end when they heard it.

The second one was called “Cloud Realm,” which was a therapeutic collection game, more suitable for working people during their commutes.
Players only needed to record the clouds in real life, and then use the selected avatar to upload daily.

Different cloud formations and even atmospheric phenomena would correspond to different integrals, and uploading could also get the corresponding cloud painting card, or even a customized chibi version.
Of course, player leaderboards were essential.

The current popularity was exciting, and from the data of the two games, the popularity of “Cheerful Spirit” was higher.

However, the imitability of mini-games was too strong, and it would not be easy for such a creative version to receive higher bids the longer it was delayed.

Considering the timing, Pei Yi looked at the parties who were interested in cooperating one by one – finally, two reliable parties with high bids were chosen to sign with online.

Pei Yi sold “Cloud Realm” at full price and sent it to a new small studio, and as for “Cheerful Spirit,” he chose a reliable older game company.

Pei Yi and the latter Party A stipulated that he would provide the script for the first ten levels of “Cheerful Spirit,” divided into two handovers before and after.
Then the other company would process the coding, the menu, and so on, and a signature was required for the copy to go online.

The most important thing for such a mystery-oriented mini-game was content creativity.

The game “Cheerful Spirit” had been successfully tested in the real world.
Before Pei Yi transmigrated, there were nearly twenty levels to it, all of which were constructed by Pei Yi.

With just ten levels, Pei Yi could completely copy his previous ideas, which was not difficult.
For him, the most important thing was to rely on this established company to open up his popularity in the circle.

It took nearly two and a half hours to complete the online signing of these two mini-games.

Pei Yi breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the deposit approval process that was already running in the background.
But he didn’t stop there.
He found a familiar ID in the private message interface – Pear Garden [pear logo].

The other party was the first person who sent a private message to seek cooperation after the game was uploaded.

Pei Yi looked at the green “online” dot on Pear Garden’s profile picture, clicked on his personal homepage, and browsed it quickly.
Then he clicked on the Baidu search engine and swiftly entered a few keywords to investigate.

It didn’t take long before he understood clearly.

When Pei Yi returned to the private message page of Youtu, that “Pear Garden” had already sent him a message a minute ago as if he had read his mind: “Hello, the game copyright of “Cloud Realm” has been sold?”

“You really took the initiative to come to the door?”

Pei Yi chuckled, eyebrows raised as he typed, “How did you know?”

“There was a notification.”

Pear Garden sent a screenshot.
On the game display interface of Pei Yi’s homepage, both games had been stamped with the words “Partnered for Sale.”

Pear Garden on the other side of the screen asked again, “If I’m not wrong, I should have been the first person to send you a cooperation message.
May I ask why you don’t want to cooperate with me?”

Pei Yi stared at the message from Pear Garden and replied without hesitation, “Dawn Games, Mr.
Li Yuan? It’s you, right?”

The ‘typing’ on the other side vanished in an instant, and such a pause confirmed Pei Yi’s question.

In fact, the last time when they met by chance in a coffee shop, this speculation had already passed through his mind—

Pear Garden, Li Yuan.[2] He really couldn’t hide the name of his vest at all.
It was even worse than him, who was a naming waste.

After waiting for a while, Li Yuan, who had his vest exposed, admitted, “Yes, how did you guess?”

Pei Yi explained, “It was very simple.
The cooperation assessments on your profile are not hidden.
I clicked on the homepages of those partners to confirm the game type, then found the same type on the official ‘Dawn Games’ website and confirmed them after a bit of comparison.”

Li Yuan was silent for a few more seconds, then asked with some stubbornness, “So, Mr.
Will, you feel that the current condition and ability of ‘Dawn’ is incapable of perfecting your game settings, so you worried about selling the copyright to me?”

Pei Yi narrowed his eyes in surprise, but could understand the reasons for his lack of confidence.

In the plot of the original novel, before the “true and false” young masters being switched at birth was revealed, Li Yuan announced the complete closure of Dawn Games because of the lack of investment and a quarterly deficit.

Upon estimating the time, that should happen within three months.

At this moment, Li Yuan was like a fish struggling on the shore, its scales worn to the point of being bloodstained, and in the end, it could not return to the glorious sea with the dawn.

Pei Yi sighed and replied, “I just thought that such a small stand-alone game is only suitable for companies that are in a long-term profitable state to increase their income in the short term, not for “Dawn,” which has been on the verge of bankruptcy for a long time.”

Pei Yi had browsed “Dawn’s” public data.
In the past two years, it had relied on the popularity of small games to maintain short-term profits, and once they encountered a small game investment failure, or the game fell out of popularity too soon, they would certainly be at a deficit.

Li, the current “Dawn Games” is more like an empty shell, and lacks opportunities for internal growth.
If you want stable, long-term profitability, at least one trump card project in the gaming circle is needed.”

Just like the three well-known game companies now, which one did not have its own sustainable development of large-scale games? As for the other mini-games, they could be regarded as icing on the cake at best.

Will is right.” Li Yuan’s reply was full of helplessness.
“A good game project, where is it so easy to have?” Project idea, investment, design, technical staff……all were indispensable.
It wasn’t that Li Yuan didn’t think about such things, but the first two items were enough to keep him stuck.

Pei Yi clicked on the file transfer and sent a document named “The Last Fog 1.0,” clearly expressing his attitude.

Li, although the two mini-games I just sold were carefully constructed by me, they were not a major project for me like this one.”

“You take a look.
Are you interested in working with me?”

The brief lines of information on the screen caused Li Yuan to unconsciously straighten up.
He tied a wolf tail on the back of his head indiscriminately and opened the file from Will with a little nervousness.

The nearly ten thousand character text setting of the game foundation made Li Yuan’s breathing stall.
“The Last Fog 1.0” was a doomsday escape-oriented game, and the plot concept was as followed —

In the year 3033, dozens of countries on earth were simultaneously hit by unknown meteorites, and the ensuing breakout of viruses and fog instantly dyed the earth into a hellscape.

From insect mutation to animal infection, and then to human transmission, everyone was caught off guard and helpless.

Due to the heavy losses, countries had to jointly launch emergency measures, from the underground cities built by digging deep, to protective ships in the deep sea and sky castles made of special steel.

These limited the scope of activities for able-bodied human beings and became the only bases that humans could protect.

As for the previous residential buildings, they had long since been abandoned to the point of being uninhabitable.

The amnesiac “protagonist” wakes up in an abandoned residential building with only a few tools (cards) left in his backpack.
In addition, there is a an unsigned mission sheet—

“Please arrive at Chinese Underground City No.
1 on June 16.”

Ten days in an unknown end-times environment, with lost memory fragments and limited materials and tools.
In order to survive, there is no other choice.

If it was said that the background outline of the story had some commonalities with other doomsday games, then the document also contained the environmental settings of several regional towns along the way, along with the settings of various mutated organisms…….

These were the most important innovation structures!

The doomsday games in China were almost all foreign copyrights, and most of them focused on fighting zombies or machines, but the conceptual structure of this game—

As long as you discovered the right hunting and domestication methods, those mutated creatures could be tamed and even acknowledge an owner.
Once the owner was successfully acknowledged, the “pet” would become a unique killing device.

Li Yuan breathed heavily, and fell unknowingly into the doomsday background set by the other party.

When he returned to his senses, “Will” on the other side of the screen had sent another long text: “Version 1.0 exists as a mini-game or single-player exploration.
When the game concept is promoted and developed, the follow-up 2.0 or even 3.0 can be mobile or large-scale games, with endgame supplementary content, and you can also develop more complex PVP, PVE, and other modes.”


Li Yuan received this huge amount of information and couldn’t help but light himself a cigarette, taking two puffs before he could just barely restrain his shock and excitement.

But when he thought about it again, he found it incredible—

How could the other party dare leak such a nearly perfect conceptual framework to him? Could there be such a good thing as a pie falling from the sky?

Will, you just sent it to me.
Aren’t you afraid that I will block you and take it for my own use?”

Seeing this line of inquiry on the screen, Pei Yi chuckled as if he had been expecting it.
“Chat records can be used as evidence, not to mention that you have admitted your identity from the very beginning.”

“Also, if you dared to steal, do you have the funds to implement it?”

Li Yuan was silent on the other end for a long time, then sent a series of ellipses, clearly heartbroken by the fact in the second half of the sentence.

Pei Yi pursed his lips.
He had already made up his mind—

The reason he chose to believe in Li Yuan was on the one hand because of all the five-star evaluations of him from other Youtu games, and another aspect was because of his own subjective cognition.

Even though Li Yuan became a vicious supporting role in the later stages of the novel and was “hated by everyone,” Pei Yi always felt that—

A person who had no background at the banquet but was willing to stand up to defend a “little fool,” a person who changed his profession after his father’s death and desperately maintained the family business, how could Li Yuan’s true character be bad?

Just like Bo Yueming’s blackening had traces to follow, maybe Li Yuan’s blackening was due to helplessness? It was still early now.
He could take the initiative to contact him and try.

Pei Yi had set himself a very clear goal of making money.
Apart from relying on small games to accumulate funds, he also must own a game company that could let him make his own decisions.

It was too difficult and slow to build an entire company on his own, and it was easy to suffer losses when looking for large companies that had already perfected their systems.
Right now, Li Yuan was the best choice of ally.

What did it matter that the game company was on the verge of bankruptcy? As long as its strength was great enough, it could still make a comeback!

Li Yuan asked carefully on the screen again, “What are the specific requirements? Since Mr.
Will is willing to frankly reveal the truth to me, it can’t be just for the sake of ‘helping others,’ right?”

Pei Yi liked to talk with straightforward people, so he didn’t beat around the bush at all.
“The structure of the series ‘The Last Fog’ is all in my mind.
What I showed Mr.
Li was just the tip of the iceberg.”

“If Xiao Li is willing to cooperate, I am willing to be the chief producer of “The Last Fog” starting from the initial development.
I will personally handle all of the designs and narratives online, and my working hours are free.”

“However, from the initial investment to the cost consumption, I won’t have a hand in personnel recruitment, technical support, or follow-up operations and publicity.”

“By the way, if the project fails later, I will take the initiative to pay half of the loss.”

“Conversely, if the future release to 2.0 is successful, first, the copyright cannot be resold without my consent.
Second, if I want to become a shareholder in this project, the equity can only be more and not less.
The details can be discussed later.”

Use your own hard work to open up the market for others for free, and wait until the later stages to reap the harvest.
Of course, there was also the possibility of Li Yuan reneging on the project halfway—

The essence of this partnership was a big gamble.
Pei Yi firmly believed that he had the strength to win and the courage to lose.

It was getting dark.

Li Yuan stared at this large paragraph of clear and ambitious cooperation requirements, and didn’t move for a long time, until the cigarette burned his fingers and he suddenly hissed.


Where was this a normal partnership?

The other party clearly wanted to rely on the project of “The Last Fog” to take a stake in their “Dawn Games” and occupy a position.

Li Yuan was more aware of the feasibility of this game project than anyone else.
He stroked his reddened fingertips, and after a long silence, typed a single line—

“Let me think about it.”

“Within a week, I won’t wait longer.”

Pei Yi had expected that Li Yuan would not just agree like this, and after quickly leaving a deadline, he got up and stretched his muscles, then opened the door and went downstairs.

The air was filled with the aroma of food.
Bo Yueming and Lin Zhong, who had finished their business affairs, had already taken their seats in the dining room.
The latter noticed his figure.
“Little Sir, come quickly.”

Uncle Kai, who had originally planned to go upstairs to call a certain person, smiled.
“Our Little Sir, ah, he came down after smelling the aromas.”

Pei Yi felt his stomach’s protest and pretended to approach obediently.
“…….So hungry.”

Bo Yueming’s eyes flickered slightly.
“Sit down and eat.”

At the corner of the table was the golden invitation letter from Bo Guancheng.
Pei Yi quickly glanced at the address and time of the banquet, and in the next second, Uncle Kai put it away in disgust.

“Second Young Master, do you want to keep the invitation letter?”

Bo Yueming lowered his eyes and took a slow sip of soup.
“Throw it away.”

Uncle Kai directly kneaded it into a ball and threw it into the trash can next to him.
What invitation letter could he need? Who would dare to stop the Second Young Master, who had handled the project himself?

Assistant Lin Zhong was taken aback.
Bo, you can’t be going?”

“I’m going.”

This project had taken him seven or eight months of painstaking effort, and he couldn’t let that “good guy” Bo Guancheng do it alone.


Pei Yi concentrated on scooping up a spoonful of custard.

Hearing this sound, Bo Yueming raised his eyes and asked, “Pei Yi, do you want to come with me? Or do you still want to stay at home?”

Pei Yi didn’t expect that Bo Yueming would suddenly ask about his wishes, so he slowly set down the spoon and began to recall the plot—

The original plot did not focus much on this celebration banquet.
Because Bo and Pei had reached a business partnership, Pei Huan was also invited to attend the banquet.
He managed to snag a chairman from the chamber of commerce with a lot of background, which led to a big partnership.

In addition, he also helped Bo Yueming when he was suffering from the inconvenience of his eyes, and gained a bit of favor from the latter.

As for the foolish and timid original owner, the scenes before and after could only be summed up in one sentence — he followed Bo Yueming to the celebration banquet in a cutscene, and after he came back, he hid in the bathroom all day long, refusing to easily go out.

“Little Sir? Second Young Master asked you something.” Uncle Kai scooped up a bowl of hibiscus soup for Pei Yi and reminded him softly, “Why don’t you just stay at home and rest?”

The experience of Pei Yi almost being bullied at the last banquet had left Uncle Kai with lingering fears.

Pei Yi intended to respect the trajectory of the original work, and shook his head.
“I’ll go.”

Bo Yueming agreed.
“Go if you want, ba.”

Pei Yi nodded, and suddenly had a new idea.
“Your, your friend……will he go?”


Bo Yueming came to his senses.
“You mean Yan Cen?”

Pei Yi gave a hum.

“The invitation letter for the celebration hosted by Bo Guancheng couldn’t reach him.” Bo Yueming took a calm sip of soup and asked, “What are you asking about Yan Cen for?”


Pei Yi remembered that Yan Cen was not included in the plot description of this celebration banquet, and that was why he wanted the other party to participate through Bo Yueming’s invitation.

Faced with Bo Yueming’s questioning, Pei Yi couldn’t directly explain the reason.
After a few seconds of hesitation, he gave a superficial but reasonable excuse for a fool.

“He’s very good-looking.”


Bo Yueming’s right hand that was holding the spoon clenched and then loosened.
The spoon fell and hit the bowl with a bang, and soup splashed all over.

Uncle Kai quickly handed over the napkins.
“Second Young Master, were you burned?”

Bo Yueming slowly wiped the liquid from his hands, lowered his eyes, and gave a smile that was not a smile.
“Very good-looking? So you want to see him more?”

Uncle Kai and Lin Zhong exchanged glances and tacitly chose to be mute.
Having been with Bo Yueming for a long time, they had already noticed an unusual subtlety.

Pei Yi pondered Bo Yueming’s question and suddenly came to a realization, but the realization was wrong—

Oh, I got it!

He had used those same words to sincerely praise Bo Yueming.
For men, no matter how good their relationship was with a friend in peacetime, there would more or less be a little desire to compete.
What’s more, in the original text, weren’t the male protagonist and the villain equal in every respect?

Pei Yi quickly pretended to be well-behaved and made up for it, “Er-ge is better-looking.”


Er-ge was spoken softly, and it sounded sincere.

Bo Yueming managed to suppress his slightly out of tune emotions, and smashed his expectations.
“Yan Cen went to another province two days ago and can’t come back.”

Pei Yi let out an “Oh” and didn’t force it.

No wonder the protagonist Yan Cen was not included in this part of the original text.
So he was really delayed by something?

In fact, he had wanted to take the opportunity to bring Li Yuan and Yan Cen together to meet.
It just so happened that the former’s company lacked investment, and the latter and Bo Yueming had private investment companies.
If the project for “The Last Fog” was suitable, they could build a bridge in terms of early capital.

However, Li Yuan hadn’t agreed yet, so there was no rush to raise funds for the time being.

Bo Yueming didn’t know that so much was going through Pei Yi’s mind, and quickly changed the topic.
“All right, let’s eat.”

Hearing this, Lin Zhong on the side silently lowered his head—

Like hell!

No way!

Where did Boss Yan need to travel?

Bo must be jealous, so he was deliberately tricking the little fool!


In the blink of an eye, it was Sunday.

Just like the birthday banquet, this time the celebration was arranged at the same hotel.
Guided by an attendant, Bo Yueming and his party went straight into the banquet hall on the thirteenth floor.

Compared to the magnificence of the last birthday banquet, this time the layout was more simple and elegant, and most of the people invited to participate were the staff who had worked hard on the “Yuandi” project team.

When everyone saw Bo Yueming, whom they hadn’t seen for a long time, their gazes were surprised and also a little regretful—

Although Bo Yueming was ruthlessly strict in his work in the past, every time he pointed out a problem, he hit the nail on the head.
On the entire project team, there was no member who didn’t recognize him as the leader.

Later, the when project was preparing to reach its final stage, Bo Yueming had a sudden accident and the rights to the project were transferred into Bo Guancheng’s hands without any delay.

The members of the project team weren’t aware of the twists and turns inside the Bo family, but everyone felt that Bo Guancheng had picked it up through a loophole and was now taking credit for other people’s contributions.

The surrounding eyes hovered, and Bo Guancheng, who was dressed in a fancy outfit and wore an exquisite hairstyle, walked over with the attitude of a ‘host.’’ “Yueming, you’re finally here.”

With that said, he glanced at Pei Yi’s face again, a little surprised.
“I didn’t expect the Little Young Master to follow.
Coincidentally, Pei Huan is also here today.”

The marriage between Bo Yueming and Pei Yi had built a bridge between the Bo and Pei families, and both Bo Guancheng and Pei Huan became the leaders of the long-term cooperation under the arrangement of their parents.

Speak of the devil and he will arrive.

Pei Huan brought a middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes into the banquet hall, and after meeting Bo Guancheng’s eyes, he immediately walked over with the person next to him.
“Chairman Sun, let me introduce you—”

“This is Bo Guancheng, the current general manager of the Bo group, the Yuandi project was led by him.”

As soon as the second half of that sentence was uttered, the expressions of the knowledgeable people around shifted.

Bo Guancheng glanced at Bo Yueming with a smile and stretched out a hand.
“Chairman Sun, hello.
I have been looking forward to meeting you.”

Sun Yelong was the chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Germany.
Because he was abroad all year round, he was not very clear about the changes in the top management of the Bo Group, but when he heard the government-sponsored Yuandi project mentioned, he still attached importance to Bo Guancheng.

“Boss Bo is young and promising.”

“Chairman Sun praises me too much.” Bo Guancheng pretended to be self-effacing, and his words contained other meanings, “If there is a chance, Mr.
Pei and I are also looking forward to cooperating with you.”

In fact, they had quietly reached an intention to cooperate for the first phase of a project, and even the initial funding was put in place.
However, the second phase of the project was the more profitable part, and had not yet been fully negotiated.

Sun Yelong, who was an old fox, smiled without responding.

Suddenly, he seemed to notice something out of the corner of his eye, and his attention quickly shifted away from Bo Yueming’s face.
“Who are these two?”

“Chairman Sun, this is my cousin, Bo Yueming.
Due to the inconvenience of his eye injury, he has basically stayed at home to recuperate during this period of time.”

Bo Guancheng smiled as he finished the introduction on behalf of Bo Yueming, without mentioning the other party’s position and achievements in the group.

Sun Yelong nodded slightly and stared unblinkingly at Pei Yi, who had a fair face and a well-behaved expression.
“Then who is this?”

Bo Guancheng said, “This is Boss Pei’s cousin, Pei Yi, who is also Yueming’s partner…..”


Sun Yelong’s gave them a subtle, meaningful glance.
“I see that the two gentlemen are both young, which is really surprising.”

Pei Yi very much disliked the slightly greasy pot bellied man in front of him, and felt that there was something wrong with the scrutiny in his eyes, so he quietly hid behind Bo Yueming—

Although after transmigrating, Pei Yi was not very satisfied with his height of 1.78 meters, Bo Yueming’s height of 1.9 meters was sufficient, and at least the height difference between the two made it easy to hide.

Keenly aware of Pei Yi’s retreat, Bo Yueming thought he was afraid of meeting a stranger.
“It seems that there is an important cooperation between Dage and Chairman Sun? Then we will not bother you.”

After speaking, he turned around and held Pei Yi’s wrist tightly.
“Okay, let’s go.”

Pei Yi looked down at the cool hand wrapped around his wrist.
Witnessing Bo Guancheng’s duplicitous attitude again, he still intended to vent his anger on Bo Yueming’s behalf. 

Thus, he adjusted his original review, “A really ugly thief.”

This sentence fell into the ears of people in the know and became the most straightforward ridicule.
The team members who were secretly watching this scene were surprised, and held back their laughter.
They didn’t expect that Pei Yi at Bo Yueming’s side would dare to criticize him to his face.

The wording was rude, but the message was not unfounded.
Compared to Bo Yueming, who was outstanding in appearance and ability, Bo Guancheng was indeed much worse.


Over and over, again and again!

Bo Guancheng was so angered by Pei Yi’s rudeness that his heart hurt terribly, and he could barely retain his bright demeanor.

Bo Yueming sensed the embarrassment and stagnation in the air, and that bit of gloom in his heart miraculously disappeared.

The corners of his mouth curled up at the trace of protectiveness in the other party’s targeting.
“Dage knows about Pei Yi’s situation.
Since we are all family members now, I hope you will forgive him and not take it to heart.”

At the time they were forced to marry, the other party used these words to suppress him, and now he was being treated in the same way.

Bo Guancheng’s back molars were almost crushed, but he had personally invited Bo Yueming to the celebration banquet.
Even this marriage was his handiwork, so he couldn’t drive this person out in full view, right?

At this thought, Bo Guancheng could only swallow his anger.


Bo Yueming and Pei Yi walked to the rest area together.
Pei Huan, who had remained silent the entire time, looked at their enjoined hands and felt an unprecedented emotion rise in his heart.

When they met at the the banquet last time, was the relationship between these two people so close? 

With Bo Yueming’s outstanding ability and great pride, how could he appreciate Pei Yi, who had been a fool since childhood?

To the side, Bo Guancheng braced himself and said, “Chairman Sun, excuse me, the celebration banquet is about to start and I must check on the situation.”

Sun Yelong said, “Mr.
Bo, do as you please.”

Pei Huan came back to his senses.
“En, Chairman Sun, I’ll accompany you.”

The import project with the German Chamber of Commerce would be the first big cooperation between Bo and Pei, and both Bo Guancheng and Pei Huan needed to be one hundred percent dedicated.

The first thing was naturally to hold onto and curry favor with Sun Yelong, the chairman of the German Chamber of Commerce.

Bo Guancheng met Pei Huan’s eyes and took the lead to depart.

Pei Huan summoned a waiter and took two glasses of white wine.
“Chairman Sun, may I drink with you?”

Sun Yelong took it with a smile, and while toasting and drinking, he still covertly glanced at the rest area.
After a few seconds, he probed, “Mr.
Pei, is your cousin……”

Pei Huan was taken aback for a moment, and then answered apologetically, “Yes, something happened to Xiao Yi when he was ten years old, so his mind is lacking.
He was talking nonsense just now, I apologize.”

“It’s a pity, Little Young Master Pei looks so well-behaved and comely.”

Sun Yelong shook his wine glass slightly, and something flickered in his eyes.
“I don’t feel that Second Young Master Bo seems like someone who would accept such a marriage partner.
The Bo and Pei families are married? How long has it been?”

Pei Huan vaguely felt that something wasn’t right.
“It really can’t be kept from Chairman Sun’s eyes.
This marriage was agreed on by the elders of the two families, and the two have been together for less than a month.”

“Less than a month?”

Sun Yelong reflected on this time and smiled meaningfully.
“Young Mr.
Pei, our cooperation can be set in stone as long as…….”

He leaned close to Pei Huan’s ear and spoke for a moment.

Pei Huan’s expression changed when he heard these words, and he subconsciously thought to refuse.
Then Sun Yelong looked at him and said, “On the basis of the original cooperation funds, I can guarantee an additional 1.5 points of profit for the second phase of the project, which is a good deal.”


Pei Huan’s words of refusal came to his lips, and he swallowed them down.
His eyes flickered for a few seconds.
He said, “Chairman Sun, I must discuss this matter with Mr.

Sun Yelong clinked their wine glasses together and said nothing.


Bo Guancheng wanted to use the celebration banquet to upset Bo Yueming, but in the end, not only did he fail to achieve his goal, he also lost face to Pei Yi.

Not only that, but some employees on the project team thought about Bo Yueming’s ability and went one after another to toast with him. 

The banquet was halfway over.

Bo Guancheng, who had shelved his anger, walked up again, followed by a man who looked very official.
“Minister Zheng, even if Bo Yueming hides in the rest area, he must be the focus of attention.”

As he said that, his eyes that were like needles hidden in cotton swept over the team members who came to toast one by one.

Everyone immediately stepped back, not daring to stay in the rest area.

Even if they admired Bo Yueming’s ability, the other party was already a former boss, so they couldn’t make the current boss dissatisfied.

Pei Yi ate the last bite of his cake and resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

If you asked him, Bo Guancheng’s spirit still lingered on, and after being scolded by him three times, he still had the cheek to come here?

Bo Yueming handed over a wine glass, and Uncle Kai took it and put it down.
Only then did he stand and face the source of a voice.
“Minister Zheng?”

The other party had cooperated with Bo on two occasions, which were connected to Bo Yueming himself, breaking away from official commercial cooperation.
The two had also made several golfing appointments in secret, and were golfing friends.

“Yueming, as soon as I came here, I heard Boss Bo say that you were also present tonight.”

Minister Zheng took the initiative to speak out, and his face was full of the interest of meeting an acquaintance.
“I haven’t seen you since your accident.
Are you free now? Shall we find a quieter place to talk?”

Bo Guancheng was the first to answer, “How about I ask an attendant to open a quieter tea room box and we all sit together?”

Minister Zheng nodded in agreement, and immediately consulted, “Yueming, what do you think?”

Bo Yueming’s eyes narrowed slightly.
“That is fine.”

He deeply believed in Minister Zheng’s character, and the other party was unlikely to reach an agreement with Bo Guancheng in a short period of time.
This invitation to chat should be a temporary idea. 

As soon as those words were spoken, Bo Guancheng proposed, “Uncle Kai will stay with Little Young Master Pei, right? There are many things to eat and drink in the banquet hall, and there will be small performances later, so it won’t be boring.”

When Uncle Kai heard this, he anxiously refused.
“That won’t work, Second Young Master’s eyesight is inconvenient, I must follow him.”

If the car accident was really man-made, then Bo Guangcheng was the one they were most on guard against.
How could Uncle Kai rest assured?

Bo Yueming was also wary of Bo Guancheng, and could only ask, “Pei Yi, you……”

“I won’t go.”

Pei Yi shook his head and took the opportunity to look at the wine tower nearby.
After enduring for a few days, his craving had reappeared, and he secretly guessed in his heart—

This chat should take at least half an hour, right?

Now that the opportunity arose, of course he would sneak a small drink!

Bo Yueming’s words got stuck in his throat before he could finish, and he had no choice but to follow his wishes.
“Then wait for me to come back and don’t run around.”

Pei Yi responded with a low sound.

He had the ability to judge right from wrong, so he naturally wouldn’t cause trouble easily, and it also wouldn’t be easy for someone to cause trouble in public.

After confirming that Bo Yueming’s figure had left the banquet hall, Pei Yi immediately picked up a glass of champagne.
Having learned his lesson after getting drunk last time, he didn’t intend to overdo it, and just sipped it slowly.

After less than half a glass, an attendant suddenly called out behind him, “Little Young Master Pei.”


Pei Yi turned around apprehensively, and after realizing that there was only the attendant and no Bo Yueming, his tense expression relaxed.

The waiter didn’t care about the champagne in Pei Yi’s hand, and only explained to him slowly, “Little Young Master, the Second Young Master is still worried about you being here alone, so he specially asked me to take you there.”


What was there to be worried about?

Pei Yi glanced around the banquet hall, and his seemingly innocent eyes fell back on the waiter’s face.
“Go where?”

The waiter stooped down slightly and beckoned, “Follow me.”

Pei Yi’s eyes flickered slightly.
He set the unfinished glass of champagne heavily on the table and followed.

The two left the banquet hall one after another and took the elevator upstairs.

The number of floors increased as they went, until the elevator opened with a mechanical sound—

“Ding-dong! You have arrived at the twenty-first floor!”

The waiter turned and looked at Pei Yi, and after confirming that the other party was still obediently well-behaved, he deliberately widened the arc of his smile.
“Little Young Master, we will be there soon.”


The smile evoked a touch of clarity, and Pei Yi followed.

The high-class corridor was very quiet.
Dangerously so.

When passing the access door in the middle section, Pei Yi, who was following behind, suddenly changed direction and ran toward it.

The attendant caught a glimpse of this change from the corner of his eye, and hurriedly caught up in order to stop him.
“Little Young Master, that’s the wrong way, it’s not this……ah!”

His unfinished words instantly became an exclamation.

Having entered the access corridor first, Pei Yi seized the right moment and clamped the attendant’s neck from behind with his strong right hand, and grasped the other’s wrist with his left for reinforcement, restraining the attendant hard just like that.


Pei Yi exerted all his strength and slammed the attendant’s face into the door panel, completely closing it with the inertia.

The two were about the same in stature and strength, and if it really came to a fight, Pei Yi might not have the advantage, but the momentum must be sufficient!

At this thought, Pei Yi suddenly turned around and changed his position.
He leaned against the door panel and took advantage of the object to firmly control the attendant beside him.


The attendant was stupefied by Pei Yi’s series of movements, and even his struggling was a few beats behind.

He didn’t understand at all how Pei Yi, who was obedient and well-behaved just now, suddenly changed!

Pei Yi tore off his mask that he had worn for many days, and his questioning voice passed over lightly, “The twenty-first floor is all guest rooms.
What are you bringing me there for? Who instructed you?”

The attendant couldn’t break free for a while, and tried to lie, “Little Young Master, it, it was the Second Young Master who asked me to…..”

Pei Yi sneered.
“If Bo Yueming wanted me to follow, then he wouldn’t have agreed to let me stay in the banquet hall alone in the first place.
Even if he regretted it temporarily, he would have had Uncle Kai come to me.”

Besides, the attendant had already shown his flaws at the beginning.

If it was Bo Yueming or Uncle Kai who gave the order, then he would have been called Little Sir.

“Tell me, was it Bo Guancheng? Or was it Pei Huan?”

Each time Pei Yi uttered a name, the strength of his restraint on his arm tightened a bit.
“Was it Chairman Sun?”

It was the clearest interrogation.

Pei Yi was obviously speaking in a soft tone, but the attendant felt goosebumps all over his body when he heard it—-

Wait a minute!

The little young master of the Pei family was supposed to be a fool!

Could it have been a mistake? Did he know from the beginning?

Thinking of this divine possibility, the attendant gulped flusteredly.
“Little, Little Young Master?”


Pei Yi felt the attendant’s panicked stiffness, and the cold light in his eyes reappeared.
“You didn’t really think I was as unaware and foolish as the rumors say, and ready to be slaughtered by others, right?”

[1] “Vest” is a term for assuming a different identity/username. ⮐

[2] Both “Pear Garden” (梨园) and Li Yuan (黎于安) are pronounced the same other than the intonation.
This connection is a lot more apparent in the Chinese raws. ⮐

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