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Cometh to a new city

Its been around midnight when he usually opens the window in the living room and stares at the sky which is his daily call, earlier he used to smoke while listening to songs but lately he stopped having an interest in smoking too. But unlike any other night, this night was giving him a pretty chilling vibe even though it was summer, he watched as the tree fluttered and owls roamed around and along the horizon, in the black sky an endless line that he can neither reach nor comprehend, what could lie ahead could be an infinite possibility that he couldn touch, Suddenly, a lightning sound erupts and he stared at the lightning with a cold gaze as if he predicted it but he didn he was just lost in thoughts and couldn care less, there was only one lightning and there was no clouds nearby or had any hint of cloud nearby, he closed the window and went for his room to sleep. Next morning, he opened his eyes at 8:30 am and barely could keep his eyes open and went to sleep, his mother was knocking the door around 10 am because by that time he starts working for in his laptop, he couldn get a hint that there was a door being pounded , around 12 pm when it was getting ridiculous for his mother that his son is not opening the door , she started howling , pounding, calling, every noise that could wake him and finally he woke up but couldn move his body and he sees his room being torn apart and he barely responded to all that noise with stop it but that reply was dissolved in all the noise that was thrown upon him and gathered his thoughts and fall down the bed to open the door and again responded stop it and finally it stops and he quickly closed the door before his mother could barge in and he looks at his room with all the clothes from his wardrobe being in the floor and shoes with mud on it in the room (shoes are always kept in entrance of the house) , he remember sleeping last night around 1 am and he thought if any thief or robber came in the house and stolen some valuables or not , he quickly checked from the floor while lying whether his laptop is there or not because that was the most valuable item in the room but he could see his laptop in the table , his body was aching so much that he couldn move an inch and he wondered what couldve done this pain after 30 min he was getting hungry and ate couple of energy bars and got some strength to stand but was getting nauseous at the same time , he didn have any clue what couldve happened, he sorted out all his clothes, shoes and cleaned up the room and checked on his laptop whether any important mail has come up or not and thankfully nothing urgent and he closed the laptop and went for eating some lunch which his mother didn completed yet so he was eating the side dishes and thought that usually he didn get this much hungry but as soon as the meal was fully prepared he went for his bath because he was nauseous and ate large portion of lunch. After he starts packing because he remembered that his office is going to be open and he has to return to the office his location was in a different state so it will take some days for him to set things up and his flight tickets and accommodation was all virtually prepared, he didn pay much attention to this unusual occurrence he faced and carried on his working and after wrapping up his work and packing he went to the window again to stare at the sky and he collapsed.

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