Amara Hunt

Warning: Cursing

”Amara, get up. Its 7:45. You have a class at 8. ” I hear Sage say. Bro literally what the ** why did I do this. I sat up slowly. ”This is bullshit. ” I muttered, going to my bathroom. Stupid art class making me wake up at this stupid hour. After I finished getting my life together, I picked out my afro and went to the library. I look at my watch as I walk in. Got a few minutes to waste. I walk to the back of the library to get a coffee and I see Ashe at the counter reading a book.

”Ashe? You read books? ” I say, grinning slightly at her. ”Oh yes I do actually. ” She replies, putting the book down. ”Good to know, Id like a coffee please. ” I say, adjusting my backpack on my shoulders. ”With art. ” I add, smiling slightly. Ashe nods and starts to make my coffee. I watch her do the coffee art carefully. Shes so focused and precise. ”And done! ” She says, putting my cup on the table. ”Your heart that I stole. ” She says, winking with a smile.

”Cheesy. ” I say, laughing at her. I take my coffee and sit at a table. I take out my art notebook and start doodling. ”What are you drawing? ” Ashe says, sitting beside me. ”I am drawing a field of butterflies. ” I say, checking my watch. ”I have class in about 5 minutes, wanna come? ” I ask, putting my stuff away. ”Yeah I have art first too. ” She says, walking beside me. ”We have practice today, I love the theme. ” She says. I nod in agreement.

e quiet today, ” Ashe says, opening the door for me. ”Yeah, sorry, I usually am. ” I mention, walking to my seat in the classroom. I sit by Ashe and take out my art notebook. ”Hows that song you
e writing? ” She asks. ”Oh! You can come over to my dorm today Im almost done with it! ” I say, feeling happy. Music is my serotonin. Music will always be my passion. ”Okay then, Ill be there. ” She says, winking at me. I smile feeling my face heat up again.


Filler chapter!! Pretty short hope you liked it.

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