Chapter 1.1:

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HongLuo No.
7 High School

In the August September heat, Xu Youyou was bundled up in a fleece jacket as she stood dejectedly in the teacher’s office.
Her mother was currently talking to her future homeroom teacher as she discussed the matters of her transfer. 

“I’ve seen her file, Student Xu Youyou grew up abroad.
How is her Chinese, can she recognize Chinese characters?” The homeroom teacher’s name was Song You and looked to be a little older than 30 and very kind. 

“She can recognize them, Youyou grew up with a bilingual education.
She shouldn’t have an issue with communicating or recognizing characters.
However, of course, her Chinese cannot compare with students here,” Li LeYao said. 

“That’s good.
Otherwise, she may not be able to take this class.” Teacher Song let out a breath of relief.
He paused slightly before asking, “How about her other grades? Does she have a subject she excels at?”

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“Teacher Song, I don’t have many requests regarding Youyou’s grades.
After the Gaokao, I plan to send her abroad.” Before returning to the country, Li Leyao had already discussed this with her ex-husband. 

Since she was little, Xu Youyou had grown up in Y Country and received her education in Y Country.
Since she returned to finish high school in the country, of course the Gaokao would be a harder for her.
So, before returning she and her ex-husband discussed it and planned to send their daughter to study abroad for college after the Gaokao. 

“I see.” Teacher Song nodded his head showing his understanding.
He turned his head to look at the girl who stood to the side and hadn’t yet said a word.
His gaze landed on the girl’s fuzzy jacket, “Student Xu Youyou” 

“Yes?” Xu Youyou looked up, her delicate face was colored with a sickly pale white.

“Do you feel sick?” No matter how one looked at it, wearing a winter fleece jacket in the 20 something degree Celsius heat must mean something is wrong with the body.

“She is just unaccustomed to the new environment, the past two days she had a fever” Li Leyao answered for her daughter. 

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“Then are you sure she should go to school today? She doesn’t need to rest for a few more days?” Teacher Song saw that the girl’s lips were not even a bit red, and asked worriedly. 

Li Leyao did not answer the teacher’s question right away, but rather turned towards her daughter and said, “Youyou, go explore the school.
I need to talk to your teacher about a few thi

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