”2 Gold! ”

”3 Gold ”

”5 Gold ”

”Going once, twice ”

”Sold! ”

”There he goes ”

”What a dumb luck this is, ” said a skinny brown-haired youth standing alongside the other slaves wearing dirty rags, shackled with iron bars on foot and arms.

The long line of slaves came from various places, some from the next-door country, some to a broken kingdom, and some shipped from other continents. The continent alone had about 20 billion population, and knowing where the slaves exactly came from, most of the buyers won care for.

The slaves physical features vary as well, having purple hair and red eyes was nothing but common.

Below the wood podium, there was a crowd of merchants, commoners, and nobles inspecting the slaves trying to find the most suitable for their needs.

One expert slave would say that the best scenario for a slave is to be bought and be used as a household helper, gardener, or farmer. Being sent to the mines is also one way to go, although slaves work harder with about 16hour per day, they were adequately well fed.

Meanwhile, the most common is to be used as a meat shield in a war. However, worst-case scenario, they will be bought to be used for experiments in a lab or be used as sex slaves by their owners.

”Zane, good luck, if fate allows us, we will meet again, ” a good-looking tall youth with red hair, said in a gloomy tone. He was just recently bought for 5 gold by a merchant, none knows what would be his future.


Cursing at the situation, Zane, the brown-haired youth was looking at the departing youth. He knew that there was nothing he can do at this moment. Turning his head behind him, he saw a long list of slaves, most of them already resigned to their fate.

Remembering only a few hours ago, Zane was a college student back on earth. He did not remember much how he died or how he was transported. Only the flashing of lights was the only thing he remembered before coming to this world and waking up in a body of a young kid.

The previous Zane belongs to a family of farmers. At a young age, his parents passed away from a strange disease. This strange disease not only took his parents away but also the lives of millions of people on the planet. He found out that the disease was called, Heavens Mercy, a name that came from the so-called healers.

The disease that killed his parents was a little special. It caused no pain nor any symptoms before death. Many say that those who died in their sleep were in their most peaceful state. He witnessed this phenomenon as well.

There were strange rumors from their village that a prophet mentioned that it was a sign of the beginning chaotic stage, and those who died were spared from this. When the previous owner of the body heard the prophesy, he was relieved.

Many thought of it as fictitious. Many tried such as doctors and healers to solve this mystery but no advances can be found. No one knew how it was transmitted or received. It was said that even the immortals tried to find ways to cure this disease but none succeed.

When his parents died, the boy received a small farm. The boys life was easy but it wasn as hard as well because he was being taken care of by the kind villagers.

However, everything changed when soldiers came and devastated the land. The whole village was ransacked and burned to the ground, many men were killed while the others were captured. Nobody knew who or where these soldiers came from. The attack came very sweepingly, everyone was rounded up and those who tried to resist died.

Shortly after, the villagers found out that they were being transported to another country to be branded as slaves.

The previous body knew that it was just a matter of time before his death arrives. He is not strong or wise, but just a simple farmer. He decided to do one last act of mercy, he chose not to eat, and instead gave away his rationed food to his fellow captured villagers.

He knew that his spirit had already given up, but looking at the others, he prays that they will get enough strength to move on forward in whatever come may. After a few days captivity, he died in his sleep.

Arriving in the capital of another country. Zanes body was already pronounced dead by those with him in the carriage. None wanted to touch his body but just with respect covered it with a cloth.

However, at that very moment, the dead Zane opened his eyes once more. Sitting up, he tried to comprehend what is happening.

”Where am I? ”

Confused, he looked around, and he found out that he was in a metal carriage with around 10 people. He was startled when he saw that the carriage was then being pulled by a beast with some sort of mutation of Rhinocerous and a Lizzard.

The first to notice was an old man and a red hair youth, they were shocked at what they are seeing, a supposed dead man sat up.

”Zane! You are awake, we thought you were dead! ” A red hair youth suddenly shook him.

”Who are you? ” he replied.

”It is me, Jack! What is wrong? You don remember? ”

”No ”

”Here eat and drink some food, you been giving away your food, ” said an old man next to the youth.

”You are a fool. Are you trying to kill yourself on us? ” Jack shouted to Zane.

Zane weakly accepted the food and some water, after eating. A sudden burst of memories came to his mind. Like an explosion to his brain, he clenched his head while he writhed on the ground.

”Aahhhh ”

”Zane! Whats wrong! ”

After a minute of screaming and writhing, he passed out.

”System Loading ”

”Memory fragments received ” was the last thing he heard from his head.

After a few hours of travel, they finally arrived at the slave market. Behind a huge podium lies a big courtyard full of all kinds of slaves. Guards with leather armor and bow behind their back roam the area and guard the place.

”Wake up Zane, we arrived! ” Jack nudged him a few times.

Finally opening his eyes, Zane found out that there are new memories he can remember from the old Zane.

He found out that the Old Zane did not have much knowledge of the outside world. The only thing he knew of was that he was from Icarus C

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