ople in the live room also tensed, they sat slightly upright as they stared at their computer, their eyes turned, and their heartbeats gradually accelerated.


‘Creak’, the bathroom door slowly pushed open, Xu Qing’s frantic movements overshadowed everything in the office.


One foot stepped out, he looked down, it was a greasy suit pant.


A middle-aged balding man came out of the bathroom, seeing Xia Yihui, the man also seemed a bit surprised, he wiped his still dripping hands on the wrinkled shirt on his body and asked suspiciously, “How come you’re here now?”


Seeing the attire on the man, not the white school uniform, nor the black school uniform, Xia Yihui froze for several seconds before he realised that this was an NPC.


The crowd in the live room also breathed a sigh of relief and advised Xia Yihui not to waste time with the NPC, the most important thing now was to think about how to escape.


“Hello teacher.” Xia Yihui didn’t do as the comments suggested, but calmly walked to the bald man.


The comments stopped for a moment and suddenly accelerated.


Hungry to death: tsk, the anchor is seeking death again.


Circle: I actually mistrusted the anchor at first, I always felt his choices looked like he was seeking death, but after all this time, he’s actually still alive …… Is this proof that our advice is the wrong one?



Flower: Ah, ah, ah, big brother, I agree with everything you do.
I don’t have the brain to understand! ! !



Orange wine: So big brother, what do you want to do? (good behavior.jpg)



Teacher Hu hesitantly looked at Xia Yihui and sat back in his seat, “I heard that you students are very dissatisfied with the school’s recent measures.
But it is against the rules for you to come to me during the second exam.”



Xia Yihui’s eyes lit up, he was now sure that there was definitely a hidden branch here that hadn’t been discovered by anyone.
He weighed his words, “Then may I ask, teacher, when should I come to you? And how would you change the recent measures?”


Teacher Hu narrowed his eyes, “Before the second exam ends and the third starts, there will be two hours before the list changes, which is considered a break for you, so you can come back to me at that time.” After saying that, director Hu began to deal with the documents on the table, no longer looking at Xia Yihui.


The NPC silently dismissed him.
Xia Yihui was a bit reluctant.
In the process of talking with the NPC in front of him, he found two phenomenons.



The first.
The NPC in front of him seemed unable to hear the sound of Xu Qing slamming against the door outside.
No, it wasn’t inaudible, he was unconcerned.
He didn’t seem to care who was banging on the door.



The second.
From the time Xia Yihui entered the office, met the NPC, and talked, it had been about two minutes, but the office door was still solid as gold.
Reasonably speaking, it shouldn’t be so, Xu Qing was strong and he was using a chair, it shouldn’t take that long for the door to break.



These two things was almost impossible in the real world.
But Xia Yihui understood that even though the infinite escape game seemed realistic, it was just a data world.



If he looked at it through the eyes of playing a game, what was in front of him seemed to make sense.



Although Xia Yihui understood, the crowd was confused.
Someone had already noticed that Xu Qing hadn’t managed to break the door, and everyone found it strange, discussing it endlessly in the comment section.


Some people said that maybe the material of the door was different in the game, and the door of this office seemed to be able to hold on longer.
Some people said that maybe Xu Qing was just a fake, his appearance looked powerful, but in fact, he was just a weak chicken.


After half a day’s discussion, they didn’t have an idea.
Finally, someone remembered Xia Yihui.


Flower: Big brother, can you explain what’s going on? I’m curious to death.


Xia Yihui laughed, “It’s actually quite simple, your discussion went towards the wrong direction.”



“You all must have played online games, right? Do you remember this kind of scenario, when you enter a scene to communicate with the NPC, the scene is temporarily closed, he only recognizes you.
The next player who wants to come in must wait until the previous person has finished communicating.”



“This NPC is the equivalent of a gateway to trigger a hidden mission to expand the main mission, you can only come to him during the list change.
That hunter outside is outside the door, not in the perception range of the NPC, so the NPC will selectively ignore this person.
If I go out and Xu Qing comes in, he can also trigger this hidden task.”



Orange wine: Ah! I see, that means as long as you don’t go out, that hunter outside has no way to come in?



Flower: Wow this is also possible? Then forget it, just hide until the end of the game …… Huh? How do I feel as if you found another bug?



Xia Yihui touched his nose.
He couldn’t hide here.


Just like the conclusion he reached in the training space before, everyone played the same novice copy differently and got different results.



If he stayed hidden, maybe he’d be safe until the end of the copy, but he would feel uncomfortable.



At the end of the first copy, Xia Yihui thought he was doing well.
As a result, at the beginning of the campus arena, he became confused.


The first on the list, Zhang Qingyu, could be said to have raised Xia Yihui’s perception level by several notches.
Making him understand what it meant to have people outside of himself.


Now he was so behind others that if the second copy ended negatively, it was a strong possibility that he would be eliminated on the third copy.


Hiding here wouldn’t pay off.



Xia Yihui’s purpose of playing this game wasn’t to just escape, to be precise, he wanted to improve.
In such cases, the acquisition of skills was always the first priority.



After figuring this out, Xia Yihui wasn’t in a hurry, anyway, the person outside couldn’t enter, even if other people searched for him accordingly to the coordinates, it would be a waste of time.



After getting the opportunity to stop fleeing, he had to rest for a while.
Sitting peacefully on the desk, Xia Yihui closed his eyes, quietly waiting for midnight and the list to change, so he’d get the hidden mission.

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