Xu Qing was confused for a moment, and then he was filled with ecstasy.
He didn’t have time to think about why the door suddenly opened, he was only worried that the door would locked again by Xia Yihui.



At the same time, in Xu Qing’s live room, a certain viewer was fist-pumping.
He had already found Xia Yihui’s live ID and was waiting to spy on the information.



As soon as he entered Xia Yihui’s live room, this viewer froze for two or three seconds, his face changed, he hurriedly exited, re-entered Xu Qing’s live room, and crackled his fingers with a line of typing.



–Anchor don’t go in!!!



His comment was suppressed by a group of comments shouting ‘finish him’, and Xu Qing, who was happy and on the verge of winning, directly ignored the comment.
He immediately got up and rushed inside, afraid that if he was a second slower, he would miss this great opportunity.



Going into the office, it was completely dark, there was no sound at all.
He didn’t know where the faucet was dripping from, the ‘tick’ sound set made the quiet office seem haunted.



Xu Qing sneered, he knew Xia Yihui was hiding here waiting for an opportunity to move.
But he wasn’t afraid at all.
Xia Yihui was very tall, he was obviously a nerd that didn’t exercise, this kind of people, he could hold down several with one hand, so he wasn’t worried.



After a cursory check outside, he didn’t see anyone.
Xu Qing followed the direction of the sound of water dripping.
There was a small compartment, after turning in, he saw a large leather chair, the back of the chair led to the doorway, the edge also revealed dark hair.



Apparently, Xia Yihui was sitting on that chair.



Thinking about the scream he had just heard, Xu Qing hesitated a bit, but the huge benefits of killing a L3 prey was still bigger than anything else and ruthlessly overwhelmed him.



He approached the back of the chair with an axe, without saying a word, the axe directly cut open the leather chair.



The inner capsule of the chair burst out, and with it the chair turned in a circle, facing Xu Qing.
Xu Qing raised the axe, rushing to the chair to cut him down.






Xu Qing paused for a moment and the edge of the axe was hanging just a few inches in front of the man’s face.
Below the axe was a greasy middle-aged man, the man’s body was bound to the chair, and a dirty rag was stuffed in his mouth.



Xu Qing hesitantly asked, “You are Xia Yihui?” This man seemed a little different from the Xia Yihui he imagined.



The man in the chair shook his head frantically and looked angrily at the axe in Xu Qing’s hand.



Meanwhile, the comments came late.




Flower: He ran away! Xia Yihui ran towards the left stairway!



The contents of the comments were all not too far apart, and everyone seemed to be in a great hurry, urging Xu Qing to go after him quickly and cursing Xu Qing’s carelessness.



“D*mn it!” Xu Qing shouted angrily, deeply humiliated.
He kicked Director Hu in his chair, turned around and quickly went after him.



When he went out, the office was silent for a few seconds.
Xia Yihui climbed in from outside the window and smiled apologetically at Director Hu who was looking at him angrily.



Just now Xia Yihui had been crouching outside the window on the air conditioner, hiding quietly, so Xu Qing didn’t find him.



Xia Yihui deliberately left the water in the compartment open, in order to attract Xu Qing’s attention, to draw his attention to the compartment.
As expected, as soon as Xu Qing saw Director Hu, he was immediately grossed out and believed the words of the commentors without even thinking about it.



Flower: Mission accomplished! Hug big brother ~ (≧▽≦)/



Xia Yihui squinted and smiled, “Hug you.”



The comment screen was filled amused comments, happy as can be.
In other people’s live room, the audience watched the anchor crazily abuse people, or the audience watched as the anchor was crazily abused.
The truth was that the sense of immersion wasn’t strong, the crowd only felt intrigued, but they were never thrilled.



But Xia Yihui was different, the audience was able to participate in his escape game.



Just like how the audience requested for him to save Liu Zite, and went to Xu Qing live room to spread false news, these people participated.



Xia Yihui would accommodate the fans, selectively follow the fans’ requests, even if there would be a bad result, Xia Yihui always had a way to fix it.



This feeling was unspeakable, to use an analogy, it wasn’t like they were watching Xia Yihui’s escape, but it was as if everyone was escaping together.



For this reason, Xia Yihui’s live stream audience were extraordinarily sticky.
And the number of fans were still steadily and uninterruptedly rising.



Xia Yihui didn’t dare to waste the time that wasn’t gotten easily, he directly rushed out the door, used the right corridor to escape.
In the right corridor, there were countless classrooms, and to the left were windows.



The turn in front of him led to the stairs of the school building.
Once on the stairs, he could go anywhere, at least during the list change, Xu Qing couldn’t catch up with him without the live refresh list.



Xia Yihui was happy, his footsteps sped up a little.



At this time, ten people suddenly rushed out from around the corner.



Xia Yihui didn’t care, he hurriedly swept past this group of people.



Before he fled, he also met several of these small groups.
There were no grievances and no hatred, so no conflict was started.



The second mode was about to end, nearing the third mode.
Who knew if they would be a hunter or the prey in the third mode? It was too uncertain, so normal people didn’t want to start a conflict with anyone.



But the small group suddenly attacked just as he was passing by.
As if premeditated, one person’s palm suddenly caught fire and he threw a fireball at Xia Yihui, and another person’s arm extended infinitely to grab Xia Yihui’s body in one go.
There were also several people exercising their small skills, the target was just one person, Xia Yihui.



This was clearly a premeditated attack!

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