Black – The Evil Lord

Black - Chapter 1 - No - No - No-

Inside a dark cave, a young man was reading a book with some plants in his hands.

The young mans name was Black.

Black, as he recalls, was the victim of a car accident in his old world.

And when he woke up, he found himself in a world where magic, special powers, and fantastical creatures existed.

Black was in a very strange situation at first, but there was one other thing he later realized. He wasn alone where he came from.

He didn have a human with him, but he had an AI that helped him.

”After mixing Dark Dirt with Blue Lotus Flower, I must get the potion I want!! ”

Black spoke with a light in his eyes. Black searched his surroundings after he woke up. Just as he was on the verge of going mad, an AI named The System started talking to him in his head.

He had access to too much information about his place in the company of the Black System.

”Show Status of the System ”

”Showing Status ”


”Durability = 1.5 ”

”Speed = 1.5

”Magic Power = ? ”

”Special Ability = Bring all your situations 2.0 for a special talent to appear ”

Black shook his head after reading it. Black learned that the world he lived in was called Angoria. Black found out that the average human condition in this world starts at 1.5.

According to this, he was quite weak.

But that was understandable.

After all, people in this world live quite a physical life compared to people in the old world. He never even got into the idea that he had special powers.

When Black woke up, he found himself in what seemed like a rather greenish paradise.

A lot of the voices were normal. But Blacks thoughts wouldn last long. In the evening, he heard voices where the lions roar would be as meaningless as a mouse.

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