Black – The Evil Lord

The Hunter Mode - Chapter 3

Black took the plants in his hand and put them on a rock. The water he found nearby filled his bowl with water. Then he called it the Chemistry System.

With this command, Pownes chemistry The System appeared, and Black began to tell him exactly what to do, what to do, where to put the plants, and a variety of other tricks.

Blue Lotus flowers and dark dirt were among the materials Black discovered when he tried to identify them. According to the system, the combination of these two materials could do something similar to a power potion, albeit very weak. After Black heard about it, he quickly began to make the potion.

Cut the leaves of the black lotus flower one by one and leave them in the water.

”Gently sprinkle over each leaf a pinch of dark dirt, then mix the two. ”

”Then strain the water hot without boiling it, 70 cm above the fire. ”

”Drink the resulting greenish liquid after cooling it. ”

Black did as instructed.The system instructed him with attention. After he lit the fire, he waited for it to get warm for a while. According to the system, the two materials had melted and a green liquid had emerged. Taking the bowl over the fire, Black sat on a stone and waited for the potion he created to cool down. After making sure the potion was cold, Black drank the potion he created in one sip and felt as if he was eating a normal green leaf. Immediately after Black drank the potion, the Systems voice appeared in his head.

”Lowest Level Power Potion Drunk ”

”0.5 power increase observed ”

”Updating Status ”


”Durability = 1.5 ”

”Speed = 1.5

”Magic Power = ? ”

”Special Ability = Bring all your situations 2.0 for a special talent to appear ”

Black felt the difference right after drinking the potion. Blacks mind was now to raise his other situations and go to the parts where people were, according to The Systemnins map.

— Chapter 2 —

Black, who had prepared wood and leaves for himself in his cave, felt the effect of the potion of power he had drunk before time passed. Under normal circumstances, people could lift an average of 50 to 100 kilos, while Black estimated it wasn hard to lift 150 to 200 pounds right now. In this ancient world, it was the equivalent of the lifting rate of quite powerful bodybuilders.

Black, on the other hand, had won within a day, collecting a few outside materials to gain that power. If people who were flexing muscles in their old world heard about it, theyd probably go crazy.

After Black woke up, he went to the puddle and wet his face. He met his need to drink water by finding a puddle, but he also needed to eat to maintain his strength. He picked up a spear from Stelne Stonen, which he put in the corner of his bed in case of a situation, and took his first real steps out. Black felt comfortable walking through the woods.

He was very confident because no more dangerous creatures or creatures appeared until it was evening, so he was very confident. Black was wandering the woods looking for things compared to living things. Then he thought of asking The System, but The System said he wouldn tell him where the creatures were.

But because Black found out about the System map, he saw a river 1.3 miles from his cave. According to Blacks earliest memories and logic, he would have been alive where the water was. So instead of looking blankly, he headed for the river.

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