Buried With Secrets

What Really Happened That Day?

Chaos has officially started. 2 men fights all out in the dangerous, hot, abandoned town. Fire everywhere, deadly winds blowing as fast as a gunshot. The older man starts attacking, using his Riki. Random spears start falling from the sky and the unknown man doesn flinch, he makes the spears disappear and stands there. The old man then uses all his spears to form a giant weapon. The unknown man makes that disappear too.

The old man then decides to fight the unknown guy hand to hand. The old man couldn get a single hit at all. The unknown guy then uses a powerful punch on the old mans face. The fire started to spread more and then the old man plans his last attack. 3 million clone giant spear. The old man always came up with the lamest attack names but nobody cared. When all of the spears were ready, they all started gathering toward the unknown man. They were all surro

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