Its been a month since Inouye left Tokyo. Inouye already became a threat and his wanted level became a 2 star. Inouye was doing all of this solo and he met new people on the way. Inouye didn think that he needed a squad to defeat threats in the world. Until he encountered an abandoned cave.

One day Inouye went by a cave and he really wanted to see what was in it. ”No trespassing? What does that mean? ” Inouye said. ”Whatever. Ill just go in. ” As soon as Inouye entered the cave, the entrance was shut. You couldn get out anymore. Inouye wasn worried about it, he was just confused. The cave was bigger than Inouye thought. ”Hello!? ” Inouye shouted. He tried to see if anyone was in the cave. Inouye then decided to run around and roam the cave. He found lots of broken bones and glass, he even found a brain lying there. But then, there was a door. A door that had 30 locks on it. Inouye tried to break in the room but everything he tried didn work. ”What is this damn door made of! ” Inouye thought. The door then randomly opened. ”Uh…I didn open it did I? ” Inouye thought. He was very confused but he didn care, but the first thing he saw in the cave is human heads spelling out the words keep out. To the right of Inouye, he sees sliced up bodies with missing limbs, a blown up head, and 30 testicles lying there on a table. He then sees a bathtub. Inouye walked up to the bathtub, and looked in it and as soon as he looked in that bathtub, he froze. Fear started building up his body. The amount of shivering Inouye was doing was insane. What Inouye saw, was his two best friends from school and their eyes were gone. ”WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS PLACEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! ” Inouye blared in hatred, despair, and in trauma.

Inouye then ran to the door and ran out of the room and tried to find an exit. All he found was a man standing there, blocking Inouyes path.

”WHO ARE YOU? GET OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY YOU SCUMBAG! ” Inouye shrieked. ”The man didn move at all. Every path then got randomly blocked by a boulder. ”Did you see your friends? ” The man said in laughter. ”Oh, so this shit is funny to you. Its going to be funny when I obliterate you! ” Inouye screamed. ”Well lets see about that. ” The man said with a big smile on his face. Inouye then ran up to the man with his icy punch, and started punching the man repeatedly. While Inouye was doing that, the man started laughing. ”No way you are a riki or a koji. ” He said. ”Thats right, Im a gaaru. ” Inouye said. His crystal finger started glowing. ”Time to get serious. ” Inouye said with a smile.

Inoue then started teleporting everywhere. ”teleport at random rock. ” Inouye said in his mind. Inouyes crystal made his teleportation an afterimage. The teleportation could either be Inouye, or an afterimage and since hes using his crystal, his teleportation becomes afterimages. The man then noticed Inouye behind him and bitch slapped him. Rocks then suddenly fall from the ground. Inouye had to make an afterimage quickly. ”Teleport to a random left rock. ” Inouye then said. He then did and his real body was above the man but the man saw Inouye and a giant rock hit Inouye. The old man then ran up to Inouye and starting punching him a whole lot. Inouye then pulled out his sword and he thought it was going to be game over for the man. ”Ive had enough with your shit. I win. ” Inouye said. His sword then turned into ice and started running around the battlefield. The man started running with him and they were fighting while running. Inouyes sword clashed with the mans fist a lot of times and they got tired of it. Inouye then out sped the man and jumped. He then aimed his sword at the man, and rushed full speed at him. The man dodged, and started summoning human rocks. They all started chasing Inouye and the only thing he could do was run and dodge. The man then ran up in front of Inouye and tried to kick him. Inouye blocked with his sword, and the man started turning into ice. Him having one fire ability, he used it and melted himself. Inouye then teleported above the man using his sword to stab one of the rocks on the top. ”Damn, what do I do now? ” Inouye said. The man then forced the rock Inouye was hanging on down and Inouye had very little time to react. He then used his brain and swung his sword towards the man with a rock on it full force. That lead the man into dizziness for a little bit. The mans body then started turning into rocks and thats when Inouye knew that he **ed up.

The man walked towards Inouye with a pretty messed up and a demonic face. Inouye then tried to stab him with his sword but that ended up getting his sword stuck. The man then punched Inouye across the other side of the battlefield and Inouye couldn get up. As soon as the man walked up to Inouye again, he started violently punching Inouye in the face. ”It was fun playing with you little boy! ” The man said smirking. The man then summoned a 10 ft long and a 21 ft wide boulder above Inouye and it landed on Inouye, leaving him crushed. And dead.

My dad then got the news about Inouyes death and I found it impossible to believe. ”Dad, you
e bullshitting. ” I told him. No, thats exactly what the SSS death list says. ”let me see. ” I said. ”Alright, help yourself. ” My dad said in a sad toned voice. I looked and it was true. Inouye was dead…

That was the day where I tried to become as strong as Inouye and a koro pass.

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