We have made it to the koro challenge entrance inside. The line wasn long at all which was very surprising. We were probably late. ”Do you know what power type you guys are? ” A guard asked. So this is the time. The time to know my power type. ”No ” I said. ”Do you two know your power type? ” The guard asked Taketa and Akuma. ”I do ” Taketa said. ”What do you think? ” Akuma said. The guard just ignored Akuma. ”I will need a piece of your DNA so I can find this out. ”Cut a piece of my hair off. ” I said. The guard cut a tiny piece off with scissors. ”HERES MY SPIT! ” Akuma shouted at the guard spitting on him. ”OKAY DAMN I GOT YOUR SPIT YOU STUPID ASS KID! ” The guard yelled. ”Ill be right back. ” The guard said. He came back 40 seconds later to tell us our power type. ”Hiruka Sakai. Your power type is…A KOJI! ” The guard shouted. ”Nice! Thats cool. ” I said. ”Akuma Kinji, your power type is… A GAARU! ” The guard shouted again. ”HUH??? ” Me and Taketa said really confused. ”Akuma didn show any Gaaru feats. How the hell is he a Gaaru? ” Taketa said. ”Why are you asking me? Just get inside already. ” The guard said. We all entered the koro challenge.

There were about a thousand people there and a lot of strong ass people. Everyone was talking for right now. ”We are winning this thing 100 percent! ” One team leader said. ”Haru, didn you get defeated by a group of 9 year olds? ” Somebody from the same squad said. ”Kamiko, you always have shit to say. Can you shut the ** up for once? ” Haru said pissed. ”Not my fault that it happened. ” Kamiko said laughing. ”YES THE FUCK IT IS YOU ALWAYS WATCH WHAT HAPPENS TO US AND NEVER HELP!!! ” Haru screamed furious. Haru looked like had the urge to commit a mass murder. ”What? I ask if you need help and you always act tough and say no. Useless ass leader. ” Kamiko stated. ”You know what, since Im a useless ass leader, leave the **ing squad. ” Haru said. Everyone was watching the drama as it was happening. Even the koro challenge instructor was watching. ”Hey Hiruka, look what it says on that wall. ” Taketa said. The wall said that we needed 4 people to participate in this koro challenge. We were **ed as soon as we saw that wall.

The squad was still arguing. Finally I get to leave this squad. Never liked you guys. ” Kamiko explained with an evil smile. ”Yeah leave woman! ” Another guy from the squad said. ”Shut the hell up you sexist bastard! ” Kamiko said. The last person from the squad didn say anything at all. Someone then tapped on my shoulder. ”Hey Hiruka, long time no see. ” He said with a smile.

The kid was someone I wasn expecting to see for a very long time.

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