“You only met each other for the first time yesterday, but you seem to be very close.”

Elijah stopped his steps in a spot where he could get a clear view of the wide courtyard.
In the center of the open space, which felt like a square, stood a large, green tree.
The people walking around busily wearing neat clothes looked as small as Lego pieces.

“Of course.
I have no other choice, Master.”

“Is that so?”

“Of course.
Celina is also my savior, just like you.”

At the same time as Mikael’s reply, we arrived right in front of the dining room.
I flinched, amazed at the momentary change of scenery.

In the game, it was possible to choose a place to move to by selecting the crystal balls located throughout the castle.
When you reached a certain level, you could move freely without any cumbersome process.
However, I was not so happy because I was moved without intending to.

The knight guarding the front of the dining room opened the door, and I stepped into the spot where the protagonist’s first option was triggered.

It’s not that important since it’s the initial stage, but… What choice would you make?

The moment I looked at Mikael inadvertently, to my surprise, he stared back at me.
A pretty smile appeared on his lips as if he had been waiting.

Why do you keep smiling like that? Making people embarrassed.

“Why are you so late? Everyone else is already here.”

Fortunately, the moment of embarrassment was brief.
Because one of the kids loitering around the door was talking to Celina.

Huh? This situation didn’t happen.
What should I do? I looked down silently.

“What are you looking at? Won’t you move your eyes?!”

The handsome boy with blonde hair glared at me with his big, sharp eyes.
What should I do about this child? I’m a bit at a loss.
Maybe it’s better to just ignore him.

[Turn into Celina and scold him gracefully.
Honestly, he’s annoying.]

‘What does it even mean to scold someone gracefully? Is it fancy yet simple? Something like that?’

It was such a ridiculous quest.

[It’s not hard.
You just have to be sarcastic.
People can’t treat you recklessly because of Elijah Dell.]

Celina reacted as if it was nothing.
If it were like the original me, I would have hit the back of that spoiled brat’s head right away, since this is a dream anyway.
But Celina wasn’t that kind of impulsive person.

Besides, she regularly went to the palace to talk to the emperor’s daughter, so her eloquence was quite remarkable.

I didn’t know if someone with terrible skills like me could mimic her, but I needed to do something first.

How old were you again?”

Yuri Dell.
Elijah’s fifth child.
A cheap, opportunist child who follows Mikael, a character with a fighting spirit who is talented, handsome, and has great skills, and naturally ignores Celina, who has no magic abilities and is weak.

“Why are you asking me that?!”

The boy was on edge like a sensitive cat.

“Just because.
Actually, your answer doesn’t matter.
It looks like you need at least five more years before you can talk to me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Even if you don’t meet my eye level, you’re too short.”

I didn’t know what to do, but I was as sarcastic as I could be.

“You need to raise that level a little more.
It’s too annoying to deal with.”


Yuri squeaked like a chicken doll being stepped on.
With a long sigh, I covered both ears for a moment.

“We’re in front of Father right now.
Mikael is also here today.
You’re going to rupture my eardrums, so shut up.
Who do you think will listen to you when you scream like that?”

I reproached him coldly and walked past him.
An uncomfortable silence wrapped around the dining room.

“That’s enough, Young Master.”

I heard Mikael’s soft voice behind me.
I was sure.
From the way he was speaking, the main character was still a little angry.

Instead of sitting in a chair, I glanced to the side and saw Yuri Dell being held by Mikael.
The boy was making the impression that his arm was hurting quite a lot.

Seeing his stance as if to run away immediately, it seemed like he was trying to do something while I took my eyes off him.
Soon, Mikael whispered something to the boy.

I sat down with a short scoff.
Sitting directly opposite me was Hendrik, the eldest child.
I felt a chill on my back when his abyss-like eyes reached me, but faced him as casually as I could.

In fact, it was he who had a really bad personality.
The setting itself wasn’t that of a good-hearted character.
Hendrik Dell was a terrifying character who completely corrected his scummy personality with ‘the power of love’ towards Mikael.

Which meant that if you moved in an unsatisfactory way, you would join hands with the main villain and ride the express train towards the sad ending where everyone dies.

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