The man with the same hair color as Celina and vivid golden eyes looked young, but a heavy and profound atmosphere that did not match his appearance was wrapped around his body like armor.
His heavy tone of voice further spurred his hostile feeling.

“Having a sick body is not something to brag about, it’s not a medal, or something to use as an excuse.
You should be ashamed.”

The passage of time meant nothing to a renowned wizard.
This man’s seasons were an everlasting spring in which small and delicate life pulsed and revived.

As if to prove that, you could not find a single wrinkle on his smooth skin.
The eyes, nose, and mouth, situated in perfect balance with each other, were clear as if they would never crumble.
There was liveliness everywhere, and every moment was overflowing with strength.

It was due to the magical power that surged like an inexhaustible supply, and the skill based on it.
It was precisely because of the Philosopher’s Stone embedded in both of his eyes.

Youth and riches that never dry out in the strong sunshine that is called time.

Why did you open my eyes like this? Pff.”

I murmured in a low voice.

“Celina Dell―!!”

Oh, shut up.
Why are you screaming all of a sudden? The cold scolding that penetrated my heart like a winter wind made my face crumple by itself.

His eyes were full of disgust and contempt for me.
Vividly feeling the hatred, I felt upset.
There was a surge of ridicule.

I’ve been working hard on my writing and my game.
Why did I have to dream about something like this? No, of course, it was nice to see Mikael in real life! I spewed a complaint in my mind that I didn’t know whom it was directed at.

“What the hell are you thinking, to say such a vulgar thing that you don’t even mean!”


How does he know if I mean it or not? I lowered my gaze again without answering.
I thought that I didn’t know either.

But immediately, Elijah grabbed my face with a rough movement.
The beautiful face close to me was glaring terribly at me.

“Don’t be rude.
I’m doing my duty somehow with this bothersome designation and title of nobility.
So you should also act appropriately.
How many times have I told you?”

After saying that, Elijah released Celina’s face roughly as if he were throwing away something dirty.
He even showed the brutality of wiping the palm of his hand with a handkerchief.

It was a character I created, but he was a real son of a bitch.
What was more upsetting is that this painful feeling was clear.

[Writer, please kick Elijah out using the fact that you have to apologize to Mikael as an excuse.]

While I was staring at him, touching my tingling cheeks, the chat window appeared in front of my eyes.

It was a very familiar situation.

Because in the game, Celina gives hints to the player like that, or has a private conversation.

Receiving Celina’s hints from Celina’s point of view.
This dream was really dynamic.
I had no idea this kind of thing existed in my subconscious.

“What about Mikael?”

First of all, in order to overcome this situation, I had to find Mikael as the chat window told me to.
Since things became like this already, I wanted to see the protagonist’s pretty face to my heart’s content.

“He’s outside.”

“Please call him.
I’ll apologize to him in private.”


After shooting a displeased gaze at me, he stood up and blocked my view.
Then, he reached for the door.

“I think I heard a scream, Master.
Are you all right?”

Soon, the door opened, and I could hear Mikael’s sweet voice.

“I was worried that my daughter would not take care of her body, so I scolded her a little.
Did you wait for a long time?”

Elijah said as he touched my cheeks lightly, removing his hand immediately after.
I snorted quietly.
It was clear that he quickly erased the red hand marks he left on my skin.

“Not at all.
As a father, it’s natural for you to worry.”

Celina, who had a weak body, was the only child he conceived through sexual intercourse.
This meant that of the six children who were distributed throughout the castle, only she came out of the womb of a woman.
Her hair color, which was the same as Elijah’s, was proof of that.

Celina, who was unplanned, was a burden to Elijah.
Not only the cold-hearted wizards, but also those in higher ranks, frequently made children with ‘magic’ and ‘alchemy’.

That’s what made it possible for them to give birth among the same sex in my sloppy worldview.

In a way, it was natural for the religious community of the empire to oppose them.
How devilish it must have looked, to create life and defy nature when they themselves are just mere creatures?

Wizards who were like a poisoned Grail.
At the same time, the imperial family needed a wizard under their feet to strengthen the foundations of their rule, and the worshippers held sacred objects on their heads and praised God.

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