“It must have been hard just to socialize with the nobles, but you also wrote me a letter from time to time.
I know very well it wasn’t just because of the Master’s orders.
I could feel it.”

“A letter?”

I was able to continue my life thanks to you.
Until today, when I met you like this.”

Huh? I forcefully closed my mouth, which had opened due to how dumbfounded I was.
A letter.
A letter! That’s really weird!

“That’s why I wanted to hold it properly for once.
As you know, I was abandoned by my parents…”

Mikael’s expression was very sorrowful.
Having become difficult to outright refuse, I thought over and over again about how to reject it using a euphemism.

Mikael, you know.
I mean.
Don’t get me wrong.
It’s not that I don’t like you at all…”

“It’s not possible, is it? I’m really sorry.
I won’t ask you something like this again.”

He got up from his seat, drooping his shoulders.
Seeing that weakened my mind instantly.
Ah, whatever!

“No! It’s fine!”

I grabbed his hand urgently.

[Well done!]

Amid that, I heard another compliment, and it made me fake laughter.
Well, what can I do? Honestly, how could I say no? It’s not like I will perish just from him holding my hand.

In fact, it was a request that had no choice in the first place.
It’s no exaggeration to say that I wrote it with my teeth clenched to see him smile at the end.

“You can hold it.
If you want to hold this hand, feel free to do so.”

I’m really happy.”

Mikael smiled so beautifully that my heart was numb for a moment.
He moved his hand and, as if savoring very slowly, dug between my fingers.
I forgot to breathe for a while because of that strange sensation.

His index finger gently rubbed my thumb several times.
I felt a thump looking at the hands being held together, which you couldn’t figure out who they belonged to.

It was no big deal, but for some reason, my cheeks were hot.
I felt like I wanted to bring in some kind of fan from somewhere.
I didn’t mean for it to be held like this.
But the funny thing was, I didn’t hate it.

Let’s just satisfy this selfishness that I don’t know where it came from.
If I fulfill it here, I won’t have this perverted dream again.

However, I secretly avoided Mikael’s eyes.
I gave him my hand somehow, but it was impossible to make eye contact with him in this situation.
Either of the two was too much to handle.


On the night of Mikael’s arrival, a grand banquet would be held.
As it was a banquet held by Elijah himself, the most prominent figures of the empire would gather.

There, Mikael would meet the main target characters; the other children of Elijah, the next emperor Cain, and Grand Duke Samuel.

And at the end of the banquet, Celina would secretly call Mikael to give him a view of the world and character information.

But right now.
Celina, the overseer who had to gracefully enjoy the banquet and keep an eye on Mikael, was sitting in her room without even being able to attend it.

Yeah, that was exactly me.

[Do you want to attend the party?]

‘Of course, I do.
I’m bored to death.
If you’re going to leave me bored like this, you should end it now.’

At least, I was glad that dinner was delicious.
I was surprised that the taste was vivid.
The funny thing was that I ate as much as a bird, but I was full.
Anyway, that’s how Celina is.

[Elijah Dell is not a generous person.
I know it’s boring, but please bear with it for today.
You will have plenty of chances to meet Cain Heihel in the future.]

Gosh, what was the point if I didn’t meet him now? This is a temporary space.

I sighed and lay on my back.
Because of the fluffiness of the bed, my body jolted up and down a few times.

“Ah, I want to go out.
It’s suffocating.”

“You can’t.
You haven’t fully recovered yet.”

Ian responded decisively to my thoughtless murmur.
That’s cheap.
Just as I was about to pout, a chat window appeared.

[You can’t make that expression.
Same for your tone of voice.]

‘It’s my dream.
Why can’t I do what I want?’

[You were hurt earlier because of Elijah Dell.
Do you want to go through that again?]


I loosened my expression and shook off the white letters floating clearly in the air.

Right? If I look weird and get executed, it’s a big deal.
I don’t want to wake up while feeling the pain of dying.

And that jerk Elijah.
I never thought he would fuck Celina over like this.
He’s glad that I was sick just in time, isn’t he?

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