”Useless fools! I just can understand! Why would they like such a brain rot genre?! ” In a cramped up darkroom, a bespectacled and overweight middle-aged man slammed his fingers on the keyboard furiously.

A legendary keyboard warrior through and through. His legend will forever spread between the walls of this compact room, and probably the neighbor next door that has to put up with his 3 a.m. Journey to the West.

”Huh?! What did you just call me?! A Reddit admin?! A discord mod?! I will show you! You must not have been taught how to speak to your seniors, you idiot! ” With headphones blocking his ears, he couldn hear the constant shouts of frustration from the neighbor next door regarding the noise he was making.

Despite the childish rant, Timothy was on a noble task. He was constantly spreading his knowledge around the world. A sacred knowledge.

”Who-Who do you think you are?! Did you just call me maiden less?! I know your IP address, you ignorant– what?! Meeee? Dickless? I have an 8-inch… ” Oh boy, here we go again.

”…At least Im not the one that thinks the isekai genre is great. Lackluster, repetitive, and outright stupid! That stupid genre should be renamed DHSS. Dungeon, Harem, System, Stupid! Its rinse and repeat! Nothing unique! And its people like you that still watch such anime that let these things thrive! Oh… whats that? You read web novels? Even worse! If your life was a web novel itll be titled My Useless and Talentless Existence With No Taste for Quality, No System. Gotta put the system in the title either way, hahaha, yeah yeah go cry to your mom… ”

Ah, sacred knowledge indeed. Timothy is the living and breathing personification of the term deadbeat. Every day he wakes up every morning, his goal for the day is to spread this so-called sacred knowledge.

Timothy chugged down the energy drink right by his side and opened a new can right after he was done with the last. With no break-in lapse, he typed away.

Born at the cost of fleeting pleasures, he was the son of a struggling single mother. Timothy did not know his father and grew up in a rundown one-bedroom flat apartment. He was a lonely and quiet child. Always kept to himself and never warranted any issues with anyone. But despite his cliché background, he wasn a genius like in stories, nor was he gifted in any field.

He had many joys in life. He had many expectations when he was young. His classmates had things he could only have in his dreams. Lunch money, game consoles, nice clothes, and friends. In this story, he wasn bullied. Despite wanting the good things of life, he knew at least he had what he needed.

His mother was loving and luckily for both of them, he never showed interest in knowing his father. He didn believe in any greater purpose. Not until a certain girl transferred to his school.

It was the first time his heart palpitated that way. The sudden anxiety that gripped his whole body at the sight of her was unexplainable. In a funny twist of fate, her desk was placed beside his so he quickly became acquainted with her. Over time, he summoned the courage to ask her out in his final year of high school.

After entering college, he spent 4 years studying Criminal Justice. Consistently scoring below average in school for years he had been in attendance, he quickly knew education wasn the route meant for him. He had no future there. But he was determined to give his mother and girlfriend a wonderful life. And with a wisp of luck, he won the lottery.

He graduated from college with a Second Class Lower Degree, married his girlfriend, and started a retail business. Intending to turn it into a retail chain. She was a very beautiful lady and studied Cosmetology, which explains why the retail business was in the beauty industry.

Five years in, when he turned 25, he woke up one morning and found that his wife had disappeared. He called her line multiple times but all he heard was the system telling him the number didn exist. He reported to the police a few days later. After a month of intense search, they become less invested in Timothys missing wife case.

Timothy burnt through his funds to grease the hands of the police and when that didn seem to help him get any leads, he hired private agents. Then he went around, spreading the missing persons flier.

On his mission to find his wife, his business suffered more and more. He spent the companys money on a fruitless case but he never gave up. This continued for 20 years straight.

He is currently 46 years old. His mother passed away 10 years ago, around the same time he sold a kidney to loan sharks to repay the money he borrowed to pay the private agents.

His daily routine was pretty much the same for all those years, disregarding the constant spiraling into miserableness. If he isn spreading flyers during the daytime, hes a warrior during nighttime.

”The Isekai genre was already ruined at the start. I can stress this enough. What did you expect when it had trash figureheads like Sword Art Online and Highschool DxD? ” Timothy emptied the Red Cow can then immediately opened another one and chugged down. This went on for about 20 minutes.

”Arghh!!! ” Timothy felt a pang in his chest. He reflexively gripped his chest. It seemed as though his heart was strangling itself. It paralyzed him on the spot. He was afraid to move a muscle for fear that his heart will actually burst out through his chest. He was having a heart attack. With the only source of light being the monitor, he painfully moved his hand to the light switch beside him so he could find his phone to call 911. He was feeling immense pain, causing him to groan in agony.

Before his hand could reach the switch, Timothy slumped on the desk. His vision slowly darkened. A pained expression was etched on his face as he uttered his last words, ”I only… have… 4-in… ches. ”

Argh… Im dead, aren I? A heart attack, huh? Sigh, at least I died an honest man through and through. Wait, am I thinking? So I can still think after I die? That means Im alive in some way right? Oh sh*t! Science was wroooong!

But wait! Am I on my way to the afterlife? If that is so then damn. What a crappy life I lived. Everything that made it great slowly disappeared one after the other. Ranting online about something that will remain the same way regardless. A wasted life. Sigh. I really wish I got to hear her voice one more time at least. It wouldve made the years I spent searching for her worthwhile.

Timothy was in a dark void. He couldn see, he couldn hear, he couldn feel his body. Only his mind seemed to exist in this void.

I wonder how long Ive been here… There was no concept of time in this void. Being entertained by the mind only for what felt like an eternity.

Suddenly, Timothy heard a muffled sound. Ha, Ive been here so long I can now hallucinate sounds…

”Timothy! ”

Someone called his name! There was no denying it this time. That voice. It was a very familiar voice. He could recognize that particular voice anywhere in the world.

Am…Am I dreaming? That voice– no. It can be…

”Timothy! Im going to tell you something very important! ”


”Theres no time to waste! I don have time to explain the details! ”

Allison?! Is that really you?! Oh my God, you don know how long Ive searched for you! Where did you go?! Where have you been?!

”Timothy! You must have a few things to say to me. Im very sorry. You must hate me for disappearing like that, but there were things that I couldn afford to let you get roped into. I know it was selfish of me to make such a decision for you without consulting you. Im so… so sorry. ”

What- What are you talking about?! Allison?! Damnit, why can I only hear her voice? Can you hear me?! Allison!

”I came from a different hought to your world. It has allowed me to bring you to this hought. Im so sorry that you died because of me. ”

Thought? What do you mean? Allison! Allison! Talk to me!

”Timothy, you
e the only one I can trust with my life. We
e at war with a very evil person. He wants to make heaven bow at his knees and conquer Earth. ”

Who is this person?! Allison!

”And I have something he needs. Something necessary for his goals. Im using the last of my power to send you to the Earth of my universe and Im handing over to you the thing he needs. He won be able to follow after you and hell torture me until I give him what hes looking for or tell him where I hid it. Please come and save me, Timothy… ”

Allison! Allison!

”Goodbye… ”



[A/N: Timothys father is also a legendary warrior on his journey to find Milk. This chapter title was almost going to be Loser to Simp to Reddit Admin. And let me mention that the views portrayed by the characters aren meant to offend any group. I personally think the Isekai and System fanbase is a bit retarded but still. (PS: This is a joke. I love Rimuru Tempest) !READ THE PROLOGUE!]

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