(The opening shows Clay dancing at a party with lights flashing)

(A goth club is shown)

(The library is shown)

(Utsumi is painting on a canvas)

(The words Clays tale floating above a school)

(El is kicking a soccer)

(Clay is looking out the school window)

(Clays mother takes out a cake out of the kitchen)

(Matthew walking with Clay, while talking)

(Clays father is reading newspapers)

(Clays father and Clay are arguing)

(Clay dressed like 18th century woman with a bunch of people surrounding him)

(Clay is drinking punch at the prom)

(The opening ends with Clay is reading manga)

(The episode opens with Utsumi walks back into the living room, but doesn see anybody, so he heads to the kitchen, nothing there either)

(Utsumi heads to Clays room and knocks)

Clay: Come in.

(Utsumi opens the door)

Erica (looks at Clay): Truth or dare, would you ever gamble?

Clay: As long as I get a good prize.

Clays friends: Ooooh! (laughed)

Clay: What? Its not like I will actually be a gambler.

Matthew (as he entered the room): You never know that.

Melvin (teases Clay): Besides that would be cool, you could be the king of cards.

Clay (throws a pillow at Melvin): Yeah, right.

Melvin: I guess that is pretty far-fetched (looks at Clay) so do you like or have any card games?

Clay: Yeah, I have Uno and Go fish.

Everybody: Uno!

Clay: Great, lets play.

(The screen switches to everybody centered around the floor)

Melvin (with cards on the floor): I won!

Matthew: Why did I keep getting last place?

Erica (looks at Clay): Clay, are you sure you aren a master of Uno because you keep getting second place?

Clay (kinda shy): I was okay.

Utsumi (looking at his phone): Oh, I have to go.

Melvin: Why?

Utsumi: I promised my old friends that I would go over to their house.

Clay: Did you tell your parents?

Utsumi: I did.

(A car honk is heard)

Utsumi: And thats my mother.

Clay (looks at Utsumi): Can I meet her?

Utsumi: Of course ”, said Utsumi.

(Utsumi heads downstairs with Clay, Erica, Matthew, and Melvin following them)

(Utsumis mother has long red hair, white skin, wearing lipstick, a pink dress, and heels. She is by the door. Her name is Kawakami Asako)

Kawakami: You must be Utsumis friends, Im Kawakami Asako, as you can guess, Utsumis mother.

Clay: Its nice to meet you, Im Clay

Melvin: Im Melvin.

Matthew: Im Matthew.

Erica: Im Erica.

Kawakami (looks at Utsumi): Oh, well, did you have fun?

Utsumi: I have, (holds out his arms) alright group hug

(Matthew, Melvin, Clay, and Erica hug Utsumi)

(Utsumi smiles and enters his mothers car)

Utsumi: Bye, see you at school. (looks at Clay) Oh, wait Clay, let me see your phone.

(Clay runs up to Utsumi whos in the car)

(Utsumi types on Clays phone and gives him back)

Clay (smiles): Your number.

Kawakami (smiles): Awww!

(Matthew, Melvin, and Erica gives Clay their phone number and giggles)

(Kawakami goes in the car and closes the door)

Clay: See you tomorrow, Utsumi, call me when you get home.

Utsumi: I will, next time lets meet at my house.

Erica: Alright.

Melvin: Can wait.

(Matthew smiles)

Kawakami (waves goodbye): Can wait to see you all again.

(Kawakami drives off)

(Kawakami heads to a house that looks similar to a castle)

(Utsumi exits out of the car with a new bookbag that is full of clothes)

Kawakami: Have fun and call me when you wake up.

Utsumi: I will (gives Kawakami a kiss on the cheek)

(Utsumi waves goodbye as Kawakami drives away)

(A door opens)

(Lucy comes out of the castle)

Lucy: Welcome, my dear friend.

Utsumi: Thank you (follows Lucy into the castle)

(Nissho out of the living room with a big smile and hugs Utsumi)

Nissho: Its nice to see you too.

Lucy (looks at Utsumi): So, what was it like over Clays house?

Utsumi: Its okay, and Clay seems like a nice person. Also, he reintroduced me to a cartoon named Gambles and Shares ”.

Nissho: You mean that cartoon with the gay character which was cancelled because it influenced gambling for teens?

Utsumi: Yup, and he explained Tadaos development.

Nissho (looking interested): Oh, did he see the commercial on season 2 of the show coming out?

Utsumi: Yeah, he was freaking out. Also, he made comics about Gambles and Shares.

Nissho (smiles): Really, can I see your phone, so I can ask him if I can borrow those comics?

Utsumi: I should probably tell him who he will be talking about.

Utsumi (speed dials Clays phone number, then puts his phone to his ear): Hello.

(Clay is shown on the other side of the screen with the others on the next screen)

Clay: Hello.

Nissho: Put it on speaker.

Utsumi (puts his phone on speaker): Hey, Clay, how are you doing?

Clay: Im good, rereading my comics. Are you back from your friends house?

Utsumi: Actually I had to stay at my friends house, since its kinda far away.

Nissho: Hi, Clay, my name is Nissho, Utsumis best friend. I was wondering if I could borrow your comics. Im a huge fan of Gambles and Shares.

Clay: Sure, but only if we get to meet face to face because I love meeting fans of Gambles and Shares.

Nissho (looking excited): NoI agree, where do you want to meet? I live above a convenience, I can send you the address and we could meet.

Clay: Sure, I can meet there, just send the address.

Nissho (smiles widely): Great, Ill send it right now, and Ill also send my phone number as well.

(Utsumi gives the phone to Nissho)

(Nissho texts)

Nissho: No There, can wait to meet, how about we do it immediately after school?

Clay: Sure, lets meet then.

Nissho: Oh, and also I hope we can become great friends.

Clay: Yeah, me too.

Lucy: Well, Clay, do you have to go to bed?

Clay: Whos that? Another friend of yours, Utsumi?

Lucy: My name is Lucy, and yeah, Im Utsumis friend.

Clay: Oh, so you
e not his girlfriend or anything? (looks nervous) Wait, that was a rude thing to ask.

(Utsumi blushed)

Lucy (looking calm): It doesn affect me much, people would always ask if we would go out. Have you ever had moments like that?

Utsumi: Lucy, you shouldn ask that.

Clay: Its okay, Lucy, you see I haven been that close to somebody to even develop a crush, let alone be paired with.

(Lucy and Nissho blushes)

Lucy: Im sorry about that, that was rude of me to ask, I won ask anymore questions (backs away)

Clay: Its okay, after all your friend Utsumi is helping with that, oh its getting past my bedtime.

Utsumi: Well, talk to you tomorrow.

Lucy: I truly am sorry.

Clay: Im serious, its okay, after all Im not hurt. Its a normal question (smiles) Bye Utsumi! Lucy! And Nissho.

Nissho: Have a good sleep, bye Clay.

Lucy: Bye

Utsumi: Good night.

(Clay hangs up)

(The episode ends in the castle)

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