going to get lashed at. So I just kept quiet and bit my inner cheeks impatiently.

They stared down at each other for a while before Keith literally stomped his way to the kitchen to start making his batch of brownies.

Heath grabbed Diannes hand and also disappeared into the kitchen to start their work.

Kim heaved out a sigh as she cursed under her breath. She pushed back her blunt bob haircut and held it in a small ponytail before walking over to me.

”You didn have to do that, ” I said. ”You guys are friends. ”

”I don befriend pigs, Abigail, at least not the ones that don know where to get dirty. ”

She said pinching my cheeks lightly.

”Forget whatever he said. Keiths words are not worth contemplating, you should do you and don let anyone tell you what to do. You
e older than him, if he can respect you for your age at least he should respect you for your position. Be the boss, okay? ” She said patting my shoulder firmly.

”Okay, sure. ”

I responded with a smile.

”Okay, do what you do and well be in the kitchen making the pastries. Call for help when you need one. ” She told me before retreating to the kitchen.

”I will. ” I mumbled under my breath as moved back to the position I was in before.

I patted my hands on my jeans one last time before putting on my gloves. Before I could find anything to keep me busy our first customer comes in and right on cue my anxiety starts eating me up.

Its a teenager, probably 15 or 16, and her hair was dyed in scattered rainbow patterns. I visibly winced when I saw the piercing inside her nose and thought it mustve hurt so bad.

She wore skinny jeans with a large hoodie that made her look small. She had her hands stuck in her pocket as she looked around the shop subtly.

With a lollipop, stuck to her mouth, she approaches me, her eyes looking sharp into mine. I hesitated for a moment since I was not good with first impressions.

”Hello, welcome to Sugar and Spice what can I get you? ” I said using the most confident tone I could muster.

” Hm. ” She simply grunted with a small nod as she looked far above my head for the menu.

I also nodded, feeling my smile dropping. I let her examine the menu since it looks like she was immersed. I took a good look at her hair pattern, it looked cool and pretty.

”It looks so pretty, your hair. ” I blurted out making her look at me, a bit surprised. ”I like it. ” I finished, an honest smile settling on my face.

She gaped at me for a minute, obviously not expecting my outburst, she looked like someone who wasn used to receiving compliments often.

”Thank you. ” She mumbled, her cheeks flushing red.

My smile grew wider as I nodded.

She goes ahead and orders an oreo milkshake.

I finished her order and added some whipped cream, and told her it was on the house, even though I would have to pay for that.

She gave me a small smile before she left which made my heart burst with triumph. I made a customer smile.

The morning started getting hectic and because we were understaffed, we had to keep switching positions every few minutes to get things done.

A random customer said that he smelt cigarette in his brownie which was addressed but also made Kim slap Kieths nape, again.

Mid-afternoon our very exhausted Manager, Gabrielle, burst into the shop while lazily dragging her feet. I giggled, helping her with the hefty loads of stuff she bought.

”I feel like sleeping for a gazillion years. ” She groans when she sits on a chair in the kitchen, her legs spread in different directions.

”Thats a lot of years Gabi. ” I chuckle sectioning out some stuff. ”But guess what? ” I asked slyly, wanting her to guess but also excited to just tell her.

”What Abby? ” She asked making me pout involuntarily.

”I said guess Gabi, not ask. ” I grumbled placing my chin on her shoulder from behind the chair.

”Okay, uhm – youve finally gotten over your fear of using tampons? ” The thirty-three-year-old lady said making my eyes widen and my cheeks flame up.

”Gabi, ” I whine covering my face with my palms while she chuckles.

Honestly though how does it even go up and snuggle inside your princess part? How – how do you take it out?

I am never trying those things ever.

”I baked the cake. ” I mumbled, slightly embarrassed by her earlier words.

”You always bake the cakes silly. ” She laughs patting my hair.

”No not that, I baked the red velvet for Derricks birthday party tomorrow, you don have to worry about doing it. ” I grinned.

”Really? Oh my goodness you
e such an angel Abigail, I mean it. ” She gushes hugging me from behind.

”I also have the icing ready and I have this perfect design in my head! Derrick will love it! ” I smiled, the image of the little boy popping into my head.

”He won stop talking about his birthday and I know hell be even more excited when I tell him you baked it for him. ” She smiled too.

This boy we
e talking about, hes Gabrielles eight-year-old second son. Hes turning nine tomorrow. So I baked him a four-layered red velvet cake – since thats his favourite – and prepared the perfect extra fluffy cheese frosting with extra sugar and even more extra cheese cream.

Too much exaggeration? Okay.

He has chocolate brown hair and blue eyes. Hes just a cute little guy.

Before Gabrielle, could say anything the door creaked open and Kim pops her head in.

e running out of milkshakes, I need to go make some, can you handle the front? ” She said jerking her thumb behind her.

I give her a weak yet appreciative smile.

”Its okay, thank you, Kim. ” I said showing her my two thumbs up.

She winked at me before closing the door.

”I can handle the front if you want, you can bake more cakes here with Dianne or even do the icing? ” Gabi offers, taking an extra apron off the hook.

”No, honestly Gabi, Im fine. ” I say with a small laugh. ”Ill decorate Derricks cake later when we close. We
e almost closing anyway. ” I assured her.

”God bless you. ” She whispered and kissed my forehead.

”Amen. ” I whispered back.

Gabi always says God listens to us and answers most of our prayers. But maybe, just maybe he doesn listen to mine, he probably thinks Im a freak too.

But I still say amen anyway.

I walk out of the kitchen and take my place behind the counter once again. I smile to myself when I see a family arguing over the last piece of a chocolate cake. I take out the two pairs of my noise-canceling earplugs and plug them into my ears, they always help tune out the loud chatter.

For ten minutes straight no new customer comes in so I brace the moment and take my time in emptying gummy bears and Twizzlers in their respective jars.

Feeling idle, I place the jars on the marble and a pack of the goodies on each side. After pulling my hair up in a messy bun I start arranging the gummy bears in a jar, starting with the red colors first. I always arrange them in rainbow layers but its never the same the next day.

The thought made me pout. Whoever finds pleasure in destroying other peoples work? I guess it makes them happy.

But maybe many do not like eating just one flavor.

I frown at that.

I love every single flavor, well except the green ones, please don hate me green gummies!

I was done with the red and was working on the orange layer when one got stuck in the center. I tried getting it out, giving it a fair chance but it remained stuck. I grew frustrated and took the challenge.

Here comes the gummy buster!!

Haha, pun!

Carefully, with every fibre invested in my concentration, I pinched it and pulled it. The hair I kept away kept falling and framing my face but I reached my goal already.

I almost got it out, I almost had my victory.

But then I was interrupted when something, someone suddenly tucked the lock of hair framing my face behind my ear making me halt.

I froze.

It lingered there for a moment before it gently took off the earbud from my right ear.

”Hey, ” A deep masculine voice said. ”You have a customer here. ”

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