Cursed: Incubus Swordsman

Hunting Wolves! / Curse of Desire!

A shirtless male with explosive abdominal muscles and pectorals covered in sweat and mud was currently swinging a great sword, over 200cm long and 7cm wide. Each of his swings caused a gust of wind to follow, blowing the surrounding fallen leaves into an ethereal dance around the alluring Elven male.


”Hah… hah… hah.. ”

The young adult started gasping for air. The practise manual given to him five years ago insisted on him holding his breath and channeling his mana whilst performing 500 swings twice a day, numbering a thousand.

”Sieg! Breakfast is ready. Come eat, ” His father Alan said, with a booming voice.

”Coming dad, let me just clean myself off. ”

Sieg quickly jogged towards the well behind his log house, spreading his arms in a hug.

”Spirits, I beseech thee, lend thy mana to manipulate water! [Cleanse Body] ”

A jet of water sprang up, swirling around his body. Several sprites made of water hugged his body as the dirt, sweat and mud completely disappeared into the magical water as it faded into the atmosphere.

”The knowledge said incubi could only use magic with beasts or spirits as a medium, as its own mana is completely needed for body strengthening and sex. I hope Astella teaches me how to summon my spirit beast today. ”

It took Sieg around 30 minutes to arrive at the dining room. There was Alan Stella, his fathers second wife and her son, Vergil. They were annoyed that he wasn wearing a shirt to dinner and waiting for him to clean up.

”Sieg! you should wear a shirt at the dining table! ”

”Don make us wait so long next time! ”

”Mmmm Okay Mother! ”

Although she complained, her eyes were glued to his dynamite body, bulging package and their every move as he pulled a chair and sat beside Vergil. Before tucking into the bacon and eggs. Sieg wasn really a fan of Stella, as Vergil shared nothing in common with his father and there were many rumours about her sleeping around in the village, but Sieg was just like Vergil in this sense, his mothers high elf genes being far more dominant than his lion beast genes.

”How was your training today, Sieg? ” Alan asked as egg yolk dribbled down his stubble.

His father was a kind man, but he lacked a handsome face. But to Sieg, who idolised him, that didn matter, after chewing gracefully as his mother taught him to always value manners even if eating a snack. Sieg swallowed the bacon before turning to his father with a cheeky grin, his small beast like fangs peeking from his parted lips.

”It went well. Today I could complete double the usual. Now Im able to swing 2,000 times before I get exhausted! ”

Alan would spar with Sieg twice a week to test his progress. In five years, from unable to last a moment now able to fight his fathers 50% effort for more than an hour.

”Hmmm, remember to keep training. Our weekly spar is tomorrow. Ill be testing your progress before you leave tomorrow. ” Alan said, although he was being serious, his fathers eyes were filled with pride.

That was how their system had worked. If he could last an hour, his father would boost his power by another 10%, but when his father started using his skills, Sieg was knocked down within moments, allowing him to realise his flaws.

”Alright, I will! ” Sieg finished his meal, taking the plate to the sink and washing it before leaving the room to visit Astella as promised.

Stella continued to watch his charming body leave, taking one last fleeting glance at his densely stuffed dragon, biting her lower lips as she remembered something important turning to Alan.

”Alan, today we have to visit Johns house again to help with Virgils studies. Is that alright with you? ”

Alans fork stopped moving, only his eyes moved towards Stella.

”You mean that wimpy scholar who never helps in beast waves? ”

Alan wasn stupid. Hed heard the rumours about his wife banging the scholar from outside. What could he do without evidence? Plus, it was a fact Vergils grades were the highest in the village for the knights exam. There was also truth to her words.

”Well, Vergil needs to ace the exam. So do your best, son. ”

Stella got the confirmation. Stella leaving the table for her bedchamber to get ready for the night. Now showing a blissful smile, although he couldn compare to the son shed seen bathing neither his size nor length coming close to even half of Sieg, it was still better than an impotent old mad.

Vergil had already learned his real father was a traveling knight, who stayed in the village for a few nights. One day he got extremely drunk and forced himself upon Stella, which led to a prolonged stay in Gora which ended up in her pregnancy with Vergil.

But he was still thankful to the man who brought him up, despite probably knowing the truth, treating Vergil like his son. He didn want to become a knight so his mother could ** the scholar. The night he leaves, hell kill that snake. What he wanted was to make Alan proud and repay the love and kindness he gave him.


Sieg was retracing his steps of five years ago, this time not nearly dying. His link with the sword in his chest and her domain attracted each other almost automatically. Sieg walked along the pathway surrounded with torches. This time Atella was sitting with her legs spread, leaning her chin upon her palms. Two dark blonde twin tails swaying, clipping the floor several times.

Upon seeing his face, her entire body seemed to become illuminated with joy and expectation. The same thing happened five years ago. This time he was taller than her standing at 195cm, looking down towards her pristine face, her twinkling eyes inquisitively studying his developed body.

”Its been a long time, my beautiful demon goddess Astella, ” Sieg said

His hand subconsciously stroking her cheek affectionately. Astellas eyes narrowed. Today she was going to start the process of her future life. But the warming feel of his palms made her feel jolts of pleasure shooting through every part of her body.

”Ahn! Your hands feel so nice, Siegfried! ”

Astella grabbed his and placing it onto her horn, forcing him to increase the strength of his rubbing, causing her body to shudder. She felt this was the best moment to complete their contract and give upon him the last information he needed to advance in this world.

Just like the past, her hands grabbing his face and pulling him down into a deep kiss, her tongue exploring all his growth of the past five years, enjoying his still inexperienced tongue meeting hers halfway through.

”Mmmmn! ”

Sieg felt a mass of information flood into his mind. The way for him to get his first spirit beast was distorted and seemed to complete automatically. As an incubus mark carved itself into Astellas abdomen, the pair could not feel or see the changes because of the passionate embrace they shared.


Their kiss once again separated, leaving a bridge of saliva. This time Astella sucked it back into her mouth, savouring his now sweetened taste, leaving her desiring more. Sieg felt the same. Her taste hasn changed in the five years apart. This time, she was more active.

Astella felt a burning pain in her womb, at first she thought it was just the usual sexual excitement but then it gradually escalated until she couldn even breath, a pale silver light encompassed her body completely as the bond between them now surpassed just the sword in his chest, it split into two connections, the second connected them via their minds.

Sieg felt that through this connection, he could control Astella almost completely. However, his mind was more concerned about her current state.

The silver cocoon of light spun wildly, creating a vortex of intense wind blowing against Seig with extreme pressure. His bobble flew off his head into the distance, lowering his long silvery blonde hair that shimmered in the dark.


The gales of wind burst, flinging Sieg to the ground, his eyes forced to close because of the intense gust pinning him down like a beast in a net. But the wind calmed down after several moments. The sounds within the cave halted. All. Only angry cries from a small horned tiger cub sat atop Astellas throne. Its small roars causing a reverberation of wind blades to fire into nothingness.

This cannot be happening! I am the goddess of lust and depravity, becoming my own apostles spirit beast!?

Astella had transformed from her alluring, graceful form into a cute cat type demon beast with a moon shaped insignia on her forehead. She jumped from the throne in anger, her little padded feet popping against the stone floor as she started swatting at Siegs head, unable to deal damage because of their contract.

Oi! Seig, reply, follow my orders! Astella couldn accept that she would be the submissive link, desperately hoping hed obey her commands.

Seig felt a strange soothing impact on his head, like a gentle massage. Since the wind had gone, his head felt rattled by the impact as he struggled to control his thoughts. Sieg turned, only to see a cute tiger cub swatting and meowing at him desperately. He felt he had complete control over its every action.

”Hey little guy, where did Astella go? Can you give me your paw? ”

The moment after he spoke, the tigers body shuddered in shame, before its right paw extended amicably toward him. Seig, wanting to check if he was right, flicked his left wrist as the tattoo switched into the screen mode.

”Now flip! ”

The cat did a backflip, its eyes filled with rage and distress.

Although five years had passed, the knowledge he received last time it told him not to level up before he reached maturity as an adult. Otherwise, it would impose great limits on growth potential. This was a secret that nobles didn tell commoners who gained jobs, so they could keep power over them.


[Name: Sieg]

[Race: Incubus (High Elf)]

[Beast Master Lv0 / Swordsman Lv1]

[EXP 0/50] [EXP 99/100]

[HP 100/100]

[MP 0/0]




[Spirit Beast]

[Name: Astella]

[Demon Tiger]

[Rank 1 Beast]

[HP 50/50] [MP 40/40]





[Great sword Talent: Deal +2 Damage when wielding a Great sword and master all skills related to large swords 20% faster.]

[Supreme Charm: Your charm is equal to a goddess, 50% bonus chance when befriending/seducing the opposite sex.]

[Spirit Beast Master: Any beasts you tame using your Incubus abilities evolves into a spirit beast]

[Spirit Space: Area for beasts to rest. (1/3)]

[Wind Blades, 2 Mana: Fires two wind blades up to 40ft from the caster (Astella)]


”You really became my spirit beast! Astella, you
e so cute! Haha, ”

Sieg, in happiness, grabbed the tiger, throwing her into the air and spinning in a circle, ignoring her constant cries for help and distress. He was happy that she would join him on his journey and not sitting here along for years.

”Meow!! ”

After his moment of jubilation, Sieg sat on the throne now, petting the displeased tigers body with his hands. She seemed to enjoy it when he scratched behind her ears very much. The 50cm long tiger was powerful. Becoming an adventurer, Astella was the greatest companion he could ask for.

Mmmm, I suppose being pampered like this isn so bad after all. Astella enjoyed his skilled hands purring while kneading his pants.

With the snap of his right wrist, her figure turned into mist, being sucked into his body somewhere. His connection to her was still present, seeing her currently curled up in an identical throne to the one he sat on within his spirit space.

Sieg was glad he could hide her, not wanting to explain everything to the villagers and his father yet, looking up at the darkening sky. It was time to leave the mountain.

”Its time to get back home. I still have to complete the extra training. ”

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