Accept 2nd worship as his teacher

After 4 years…

In the Spirit City in spirit hall, all the 6 year old or older children are standing with there parents in line for awakening there martial soul. So that they can also becom soul master become strong and cultivate and change there future .

Among them only one in ten thoushand can only become soul master,but it was the holy place for soul master that they dream for ,so that why there was exception which was mostly a person can be a soul master .

In the line on the back there was aperson jumping like clown near the old man with beautiful eye and plain cloths with looks extremely beautiful its all apperance, It was our Chen Yang and the old man was his Grandfather,Today Chen Yang birthday and he was exact touch the age of six this year, not only that today he excited that he awaken his Wuhan and can help his grapa in work, But for some reason the happiness and excitement on his grandfather was not even was naked because he was sure that the Wuhan he awaken must not be the chicken but the hammer ,of that person and if it was seen by spirit hall he didn know what will happen,and on this point he also didn know why clear sky school suddly disapppear from the mainland and closed its doors,which was actually good or bad for its grandson he didnot know,but he was sure that from today the smile on his grandson was going to disappear,not because of disappointment but because of responsibility.

In the Wuhan hall some smile some are sad some smile because they have soul power,some are sad because they didn have soul power. Some smile because they have higher soul power,but some didn .

Similar some has animal soul with that they change there physical attribute ,some has plant and some has some waste martial soullike Blue silver grass,broom ,cloth and etc.

the person which minimum soul power 1can cultivate and become soul master,the person which has soul rank 0.5 – 3 have very low ability for cultivation and have choice to go to primary school of Wuhan temple after which in future then can become some low level person that work for Wuhan hall become there cultivation never cross the limit of soul Vernerable without the chance,the person which has 4 – 6 soul rank has choice to attend Spirit hall school in intermediate school,and the person whose soul power was rank 7 – 10 are selected as Elite of Wuhan hall and have choice to study in advance Wuhan school after which they can have higher probability to obtaining higher position in Wuhan hall.The person with soul rank9 have chance to become Title Douluo in future with his on hard work and can also attempt for supreme Douluo,the person with Soul rank 10 have highest ability for cultivation,that a person can awaken during awakening.After this he have to go get soul ring for advancing to soul master rank and promote to rank 11.

After Wating for serval hours finally it was Chen Yang turn for awakening ceremony,he come to the front after calling his name,the person incharge ask his name and where he lived after registration.

He started his ceremony in hexagonal formation by telling him to stand inside in it ,after that he possesses his Wuhan that was ”Axe ” after that his soul ring are released which was 2 yellow 2 purple 4 black total 8 soul ring with perfect configuration of soul ring ,he was soul Douluo with smile on his face he says close your eyes and feel the change in your body, Yang was doing same by feeling the gentle halo of while light Soul power that was going in his meridian and continuously pour in his body aftersome minutes the soul duoluo was excited because the more the soul power need for awakening the powerful Wuhan was possible of awaking not only that but also he must have higher the soul power may be 9 or 10 full soul power which was seen in century may be he was going to witness it.

After some more minutes later Soul duoluo speak to Chen Yang to open your right hand and try the Wuhan that you feel on there by giving him order just after saying that a golden colour pawerful aura of fire that can melt every thing was surrounded him ,at the same time a power ful icy and dominance voice was sound and a golden colour with a crown on the head was come out of the body of him with golden colour in his eyes but nobody notice it, because everybody noticing the phonix that come out from him at some time his grandfather was stop and tears are rolling down from it because he never in his dreams except was that his grandson may be able to awaken the phonix Wuhan that they wish of every generation of there family and village, at this same time in Worship hall a old man open his eyes and fly toward awakening hall of spirit hall by sensing the golden power of Wuhan with happy smile on his face and come to the hall .

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