Accept 2nd worship as his teacher

ightly after that it stop,both have happy smile on his face.After sometime great worship stop his smile and sayed with some expression cultivate him well not only that make its secret provide him all the resources,I will help you with that women. After saying that he left that room.

In that room only he and his teacher was left after thinking of something his teacher speak to him you have to practice here from now on and we will tell you how to train first I give you a cultivation techniques in that way you will able to cultivate faster it only applicable for golden martial soul it has 15 layer if you cultivate upto 10 layer you may able to attend unimaginable power but first lets start with 1layer how to cultivate and this two are the gift that I prepaid for you as first meeting first this was a soul ring that can store living things in it with space inside was 100*100m^2 in it. now second thing when you cultivate the first level to its peak I will always come to you every week you can telle if you have any need your food and cloth are always delivered to you not only that you use all the medicine and plant that I put in the ring and read this books about soul master and soul beast from the book that are there I will test them and how to use them they are written in the slip that was also on the ring in details so, from now on focus on training ok .do you have any doubt? No ,ok so now I am leaving by….After he was the only one in the room he first come to the window and open his left hand where a hammer with electricity was moving up and down in air that was is second Wuhan he was curious about it, so after clearing his thought he started his life with cultivation and after he bore with it he read the books, after every week end his teacher come and he ask the question and his teacher answered his every question with passion and smile and similarly 1 months come to the end from his awaking ceremony and today it was fifth time when his teacher come to him for solving his problem and checking his knowledge and check his physical strength.

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