527 days.

A bit shitty day.

Most of all, I don know why am I even writing this but I guess I had taken this as a sort of hobby. It is a good time for me to relieve the stress surrounding me, I guess?

Im glad that my siblings are safe in their school. Ive already convinced my mother to go back to her hometown for her safety and I wanted it to be in secret.

Whats shitty about it?

Its not really about my familys safety but some other issues.

Tsk, forces from other kingdoms started to become more apparent. Im thinking of joining some unions but it seems a bad idea, knowing the things they will have to put once we are on a contract.


I don know anymore.

One wrong move, everything might collapse right away. Even though the kingdom is holding into the edge of the cliff, I must do everything to not fall.

Im tired.

/But I just hope… nothing happens to my family./

”… ”

Family huh.

Thats right. Looks like this person has still a family.

A mother, brother, and sister.

I wonder how was it like to have a family?

”I guess I have enough for today. ”

Standing up from my place, I readied myself on getting out of the room when all of a sudden, a sound of knocking was heard from the door.


”… ”

I waited, thinking that it might be Taurel but it seems I was wrong.

”its your mother, Zarus. ”

Oh, the mother?

It sure sounds like a female so theres no reason to doubt that she was fake. And knowing she had come to a place where it is only allowed for certain people, I guess she was what she was saying.

”Come in, please. ”

After replying back to the woman outside, the door creaks, revealing the mother of this child and what seems to be my mother from now on.

Ive seen her name on some notes from the prince and a very vague description of herself.

Flora Yerpoz

She had brown hair but her eyes is the same as mine. Her build was a woman-like and her face which is gorgeous seems somewhat sad.

”… ”

Looking at her, I can help but be shaken.

”Are you busy son? ”

Why am I nervous?

”Im okay. I was done… in the meeting. Why are you here? I thought I told you to go to your hometown. ”

”Is that so? ” Flora paused, ”I knew that is the reason for you sending me there and not some mission that only your mother could do. ”

She walked through my side and caress my hair, ”You can fool me, son. If you
e worried, I told you that I wanted to be a knight when I was still a kid, right? I know how to fight. ”

”… ”

”Its been two months since then. How I missed you. ”

What… is this feeling?

I should be on guard and been on a lookout to see if this mother was just an imposter of the real one but her calming and soothing voice let the doubts out.

It made me calm for some reason.

And these calming feeling was the same when I died.

”I… ”

I think this is a better response for now.

”I missed you too. ”

Flora smiled before she moved forward and give a warm hug.


I was left unguarded.

”What. Are you old now to not hug your mother? ” Flora whispered as she remained in her position, ”Come on, now. Hug back. I order the King of Lofreo to hug his mother back. ”

Weirdly enough, my hands move on their own and hug the woman on my front.

Without a doubt, without any sort of scheme and without thinking about what should I do next.

I just surrendered to this calm feeling called a warm hug.

”Kuhum, this hug is taking too long. ”

”Come on. We are the only ones here. Don need to be embarrassed. ”

”Yes, I know but— ”

Flora stopped her hug and began to straighten her body as she looked in my direction, interrupting the words I was supposed to tell.

”Thats weird. I think youve changed. ”

”Im… getting it a lot today. Just what kind of person am I when I still not change? ”

”Hmm… ” Flora hummed, ”Are you really asking this question or it is just words that you let out from your mouth. ”

”Its a question. ”

Flora tilt her head to the side as she began to think about certain things before she replied, ”You are still my smart little boy but you are always afraid. You tried to hide it but you can hide anything from your mother. ”

”… ”

”But now, to simplify things, I could feel confidence inside you. How do I know it? ”

”Because you are my mother? ”

”No. I can just answer everything like that right? If I do, it would look like Im just lying, ” Flora answered with a chuckle before she looked into my eyes and moved them to my hands.

She continued, ”Your hands are not shaking anymore. When we hugged right after I leave to go to my hometown, it is shaking violently. You tried to hide it and keep it away from me but… I guess its too big for a burden, right? ”

”… ”

I was left for words, not knowing what I would say next.

The prince mustve really got pretty tired of his ruling, even before that.

His notes are the evidence of it but he endured, knowing he has a family waiting for him and he had to do everything to make them safe like his mother which I was talking to right now.

”I guess you are right. ”

”Of course Im damn right. ” Flora answered before continuing, ”Looks like today is a tiring day for you. Ill just go to your siblings at the Central Kingdom. I will have to leave you again. ”

”Oh, you don need to worry me about everything. Its fine if you leave and if you wanted to go at the siblings then theres no need to make me know. ”

”Your siblings, Zarus. ” Flora clarified, ”Anyway, Ive just come here to just greet you. And it seems you have a long way to go son. ”

”Yeah… ”


It was at that moment that the conversation was interrupted by the sound of a door moving, revealing a person getting inside.

”Oh, welcome back from your trip, my lady. How was it? ” Taurel asked as she holds a bowl of food with its aroma going inside the room.

”Oh… has your cooking improved? What you had cooked seems so good. ”

”its bought from the outside. Kings orders. ”

”I see… ” Flora hushedly replied before leaning closer to me, continued with a whisper, ”You should be honest with her. Are you going to tell her about her cooking? ”

”I… I will. But not now. ”

Flora nodded before she began to walk towards the door, giving Taurel a warm smile before leaving some words from her mouth, ”Ill leave you guys. See you on The Holidays. ”

”Be safe on your journey, my lady, ” Taurel replied with a respectful bow.


”Heres your food, your Majesty. ”

”I said call me Zarus. ”

”Yes, absolutely. ”

After that short conversation, I began to eat the food that Taurel had served me which took only a few minutes till I was done.

Shortly afterward, I ordered Taurel to rest for the day, knowing she was beside me for the whole day.

At first, she was reluctant but she soon gave up the moment I don want anything repeated.

And I was alone again.

”Sigh… ”

Letting out a tired sigh from my mouth, I began to arrange the things I needed only inside my head.

The action would start tomorrow and everything arranged would be good for me as it would reduce many unnecessary things which would give me a lot of free time in the future.

It took a few more hours since everything was arranged.

Its not like it would be a solution to all of my problems.

But its a start.

”Now then… ”

I have to also rest. Ive grown fond of this new habit of mine called sleeping.

Of course, I slept in my past life but I had to worry about everything and that wouldn be called sleeping anymore since it is said to be resting your mind and body.

”I wish this peace continues. ”

From the bottom of my heart, I wished it to happen so bad.

But no… theres no way it would happen.

Whether it is that place or this place, chaos would be always coming. Its a shitty thing to imagine even though they
e staying to stay positive.

Its just naivety not staying positive.

Hence, preparing is a must.

”Well, the word boring didn really suit me. ”

If I had to do everything the hard way, really in a hard way.

”So be it. ”

With everything being done, I returned to my room and prepared my bed which I had folded properly after waking up.

I guess this is the easiest thing I had done all day as after arranging the blankets and pillows, I lay down and sleep peacefully.

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