Don't let them know you can see them!

Don't let them know!!!

Fang Xiu blinked, rubbing away the sleepiness from his eyes.
It was the bright red words splashed across the stark white ceiling that jolted him awake.

His eyes, dull and hazy, stared up at the words.
But in an instant, his eyes narrowed, and he sat up in his bed, as if he was a bird ready to take his flight.

“What the…!”

Fang Xiu's head shot up, his face was full of shock as he gazed at the ceiling covered with messy red writing.
The red letters on his ceiling were packed tightly, twisted and distorted like a pile of wriggling worms.
Everything about it seemed eerie.

His mind completely blank.
He wondered how he could suddenly wake up in his cosy bed to a ceiling scribbled with red words.
Each letter looked as if someone had written it down using a bloody finger.

“What on earth is happening? Who wrote on my ceiling?”

” ‘Don't let them know you can see them’?”

The words tumbled out of Fang Xiu's mouth, echoing the deep red message covering the ceiling.

But then, in a blink, the red letters vanished, leaving behind only the familiar plain white ceiling.
It was as if that creepy writing had never been there.

Fang Xiu rubbed his eyes hard, squinted, and looked again.
However, there were no red letters, just a clean, white ceiling.

‘What's going on?! Is it because I'm still too sleepy? Or is it because too much of jerking off has seriously ruined my brain? Had I imagined it? Or was it all just a dream?’ Fang Xiu couldn't help but hopelessly question himself.

‘But those words…
they were so clear….almost as if they were real….’

The strange incident made Fang Xiu feel agitated.
His heart pounded hard in his chest.

It was unknown whether he was imagining things or not; but all Fang Xiu wanted was to get out of his room and breathe some fresh air.

But as he moved to get up, he glanced around the room and froze, almost as if he'd been struck by lightning.

“This isn't my room!”

“What in the world? Am I still dreaming?”

Fang Xiu looked around, baffled.
The desk, computer, closet, bed—everything was strange.
Just by a glance, Fang Xiu was sure that the room was definitely not his bedroom.

‘Where am I?’ He questioned himself.

Fang Xiu hadn't gone out for drinks yesterday, and he was sure he didn't walk into the wrong house.
After a long day of work, he remembered coming home, eating some ramen, watching TV, and then falling asleep.

But now, his half-eaten ramen was gone, and the crumpled tissues he'd left on the floor were nowhere to be seen.

Everything was too neat, too foreign.

“What is happening?” Fang Xiu mumbled, absolutely stunned by the situation.
Suddenly, a wave of unfamiliar memories hit him, causing his head to spin.

After a brief moment, Fang Xiu snapped back to reality, looking blankly at his own hand.

‘Did I…

‘Did I land in a different world that looks just like my old one?’

Fang Xiu's mind was racing.
The unfamiliar memories were from the person who originally had his current body.
They were overwhelming and jumbled; he couldn't process them all at once.
After all, they spanned over twenty years.
So he started by focusing on the important ones.

The original owner of this body was also named Fang Xiu.
Just like the transmigrated Fang Xiu, he was an orphan too.
They were the same age and looked almost exactly alike— plain and unassuming.

The only difference was their lives and the worlds they lived in.

The transmigrated Fang Xiu had been helped by kind people.
With hard work and their support, he got into a top-notch university where he was still studying.

But this world's Fang Xiu wasn't as lucky.
He had to quit high school because he didn't have enough money, and was working as a real estate salesman.

The background of this world was like his old one, but a lot of historical events and people were different.

“But even if I did transmigrate, what was that scary red writing about? There's nothing like that in the memories of this body.”

The strange red writing gave Fang Xiu a bad feeling.
He searched through the new memories again, but couldn't find any useful information.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a soft woman's voice came from outside his bedroom.

“Honey, breakfast is ready.”

Fang Xiu was startled by the unexpected voice, followed by a rush of surprise.
‘Honey?! Did my alternate self get married so early? Or…was it just a girlfriend? Well… That makes a lot more sense.’

He quickly tried to remember any memories of a 'wife', but his train of thought was instantly disrupted.
All because a woman wearing a silky white nightgown had entered his line of sight.

The first time he saw her, Fang Xiu's eyes widened, momentarily at a loss for words.

He thought he had become immune to beauty after seeing uncountable pretty girls in short online videos.
But when he saw this woman, his first reaction was awe, and then more awe.

The woman in front of him was too pretty.

Her white silk nightgown, soft to touch, clung perfectly to her body, highlighting a perfect and captivating figure.

The nightgown was short, barely covering her round bottom, exposing a pair of fair long legs to the air, shining slightly.
The woman seemed just as precious as the finest piece of white jade in the world.

Her skin wasn't the typical fair complexion, but a cool pale, so pale it appeared bluish, with a faint rosy undertone visible to the naked eye.

Her delicate white shoulders were bare, with only two slender white straps hanging down.

Her neck was as elegant as a swan's, and her beautiful collarbones were fully exposed.

With such a perfect figure, even with an average face, she would still be considered a beauty.

But her face was far from average.
If Fang Xiu were to rate it, he would give her a 9, deducting one point just to keep her from getting arrogant.

Her face was the perfect interpretation of femininity, softness, and grace.
Her eyes were like clear autumn water, full of affection as they gazed at Fang Xiu, and a gentle smile was on her face, a healing smile that seemed to smooth away all inner wounds.

Fang Xiu suddenly felt that teleporting to another world wasn't so bad.
At least, in his old world, he would never have been able to find such a beautiful and gentle 'wife'.

“Honey, you're awake.
It's time for breakfast,” she said again, her face showing a gentle smile.

Fang Xiu quickly wanted to reply.
After all, when talking to someone, not reacting within two seconds might make him look stupid.

But he didn't know how to address the woman in front of him.

‘Should I call her by her name, or honey? Darling? Babe? Sweetie? Or even 'good girl'?’

In the end, he started to frantically search his newly acquired memories for information about his 'wife'.

There were too many memories of the original owner for Fang Xiu to digest all at once.
Those memories were stored in the database of his brain, and Fang Xiu needed to input commands to retrieve those recollections.

He was currently searching for memories about his 'wife', when a shocking thing happened.

The name of his 'wife'—none!

Dating experience—none!



There was nothing at all!

In fact, there was no trace of this person in his memories.

_‘How's this possible?! The original owner of the body was a lifelong bachelor, so where did this 'wife' come from?’ _

Fang Xiu suddenly felt his blood freeze, his heart skipping a beat.
As he looked at his gentle, smiling 'wife', his throat felt dry, as though something was stuck there, rendering him speechless.

Two seconds had passed.

His 'wife' was patient, her face still adorned with a gentle smile.
The odd thing was, her smile remained constant from beginning to end, precise like a robot, maintaining the exact curve and angle.
Even the bend in her eyes remained unchanged.

Accompanied by her pale skin, it gave the illusion of lifelessness.

It was as though a beautiful face had been carved on a piece of an exquisite white porcelain.

This was absolutely unbelievable because humans are living beings.
They have heartbeats, they breathe.
Just as it was hard for someone to not blink for a long time, it was equally difficult to maintain an unchanging smile, without even the eyelashes trembling.

Somehow, being stared at by such a person, Fang Xiu no longer felt the previous gentleness.
Instead, he had a spine-chilling feeling.

The once comforting presence had started to become depressing.

“Who…who are you?” Fang Xiu asked, struggling to get the words out.

As the words left his mouth, the wife's smile changed.

Her eyes burst with immense surprise, the previously gentle smile suddenly expanded dramatically, stretching the corners of her mouth into an astonishing curve.

“You can see me!” A voice filled with repressed joy erupted from the 'wife'.

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