Discriminated Son-in-Law

Chapter 6- Sweety got pregnant

Sweety astonished looking at the white man, who had sat beside her bed when the lightning emerged to the entire room. Her heart eyes were further getting furious when Hanna slowly approached her bed. Her mad face displayed together with the stern movement.

A slow voice came out from her, ” Sweety, hows your night with the medical doctor? ” Meanwhile, her whispered hands had clutched to Sweetys shoulder, ” don need that mommy, you have broken my love to the low educated man. ” Her tears fell down to the bed which was attached to the doctors t-shirt, ” sorry for making your night worse, my daughter, ” her mother had knelt on her feet. But Sweetys hand sharply pulled Hanna to Hennys breast. Then, she quickly ran away from the room with trembling feet to the floor.

That time, Henny silently cried to think how worse he did. Indeed, his face was physically heavy like the rough place which sharply absorbed the womans heart, ” don put it to your heart and mind, doctor. ” Her face felt shy when the doctor breathed out triple times. Then, his feet moved backward to the bed.

A slow voice, ”so, what is your final plan? ”

Directly moved backward her eyebrow, ” what do you think, my son-in-law? ” Her voice proudly said, ” my pure son-in-law, ” which made the doctors happy as a sign of respect to her. In fact, he had also thought about the sweet woman who had already taken his heart. Unfortunately, his mind is still guilty of the action that he had done to Sweety.

Hanna allowed Henny to visit his father in the hospital. But she had informed him to visit the mansion tonight. Then, she came back to her car going back to the mansion which was filled with an annoying and chaotic mind.

Anne awkwardly noticed Sweety who had loudly cried in the bathroom. Her eyes got curious about the cause of, with a small dot she judged that her master got problematic, ” did not she meet Ryan? Might I tell her the right room for Ryan? ”

Her hands awkwardly knocked the door, especially when the floor and wall had made her mind. So, she went to the black room; to tell Ryan about Sweetys situation, ” ring, ring, ring, ” she had quickly gone to the gate full of doubts about the visitor. As the gate had opened, ” hey Anne, did Sweety arrive in the mansion? ” Her voice gave her additional nervousness.

Quickly trembling to her breast, ” yes, she did Hanna, ” then, Hanna had silently left her, ” whats wrong in the family? ” Her loneliness could connect to the bed where Ryan had taken his sleep.

Ryan fully whiffed Sweety who had walked beside the room. His hands knocked the door, a slow voice, ” Ryan, where are you now? ” Her voice obviously wet by the tears, a nearby voice slipped to her ears, ” just knock the door, Sweety. ”

Sweety pulled out the door, but mad footsteps came to her cells, ” my daughter, don open that room. ” Her eyebrow moved backward to the white mommy, ” why? ” Her mommy did not answer that question, changing the topic about the medical doctor.

Aloud voice, ” please be ready for the engagement later, ” that would ran at Sweetys heart hearing the information,

Directly answered, ” what engagement? ” her lips widened to react, ” don let me remember my worst night. ”

Her hubby harkened, ” wait for the engagement, ” Ryan deeply cried out his expensive tears, ” how worse my life is? Why do I destined her if I would quickly shut my heart to the glass. ” His heart filled with too much pain thinking about his wife, ” Sweety, please explain to me. ” Meanwhile, he hauled his feet to the door many times.

Sweety always insulted her mother, every time she lent, ” Hennys love for, ” she used her talent as a lawyer. That could irritate Hannas heart; so, she expressed her madness to the helper.

As of now, Henny safely arrived in the hospital full of loneliness, his father asked, ” why do you think, my son? ” Instead of showing his happiness to the great life of his father, his explanation would not be suited to the question.

Tonight, Anne called everybody to take their dinner in the kitchen. Hanna, Henry, and Sweety were definitely eating the food, ” what about Ryan? ” Which led to Sweetys cry in front of the food that Hanna got furious at Anne, ” stop asking for that name, he had already gone. ”

”What Hanna? Is he gone? ” Henry asked. He ceased eating the food beside his daughter, ” Anne, stop asking, just join with us eating these delicious foods, ” But Anne went back to the black room; to open the door. Unfortunately, it has been locked by the giant master key. She knocked on the metal door, but nobody opened it.

Sweety did not respect her mother through some food that she gave to her, ” don show your care to me, you are a plastic mother? ” Harshly pulled the chair to the table, then she ran quickly to her room.

That night, Ryan learned how worse Sweetys night was. He dropped the master key to the door, but its still in decline. He craved to break the glasses tonight, if Sweety wouldn give him freedom.

Henry professionally talked to his wife regarding the problem that he perceived. However, his wife would always say, ” wait for the next episode, ” he sometimes contradicted her aspiration for their daughter.

Sweety, below her eyes were filled with many acne, aloud from her family, ” don interfere with our daughter, ” she craved to support her father. However, her ears heard the footstep on the floor which was similar to Henneys feet, declining such a plan. On the other hand, Anne quickly came back to the black room, to use her own master key. Fortunately, it went through the door which made her nervous, ” who are you? ”

Whispered voice, ” this is Anne, ” she silently approached him, ” heres your food, Ryan. ” That would be sweetly reached to Ryans nose how delicious it was, ” wow, I like your art in cooking, Anne.

Instead of hating the guy, Anne compassionated to hark his situation where Ryan did not take his breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

He asked the helper why Sweety cried, ” don know their reason, but maybe Sweety has another man. ” Indeed, a flawless guy said loudly, ” where is your daughter now? ” To that, Ryan madly displayed his madness to Anne, ” don know about them, Ryan. ” He longed to get out the room, but Anne discouraged him if ever Hanna might see her presence in the room.

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