How will I survive without being decapitated? I had to find a way.


Louismond stayed in his room all day long after wrestling with the Count and his wife, his uncles, and the employees over the incident.
He was thinking very seriously.


He would fail even if he ran away before his coming-of-age ceremony, but he would also fail even if he ran away immediately after his coming-of-age ceremony.
He was caught and killed even when he ran away after the rebellion, and he was also caught and killed even when he hid himself in time for the chaotic situation where the rebellion broke out and failed without any reason. 


He first wanted to contact Count Luxen and beg for his life, but that would be impossible.
Because there were layers of eyes watching over him from the Queen, First Prince, and Count Graham. 


“Count Graham, Queen, First Prince – if only I could cut them all off!” 


Louismond ripped off his fine silver hair, hoping for something near impossible. 


“It would be perfect if I suddenly became a monk but I can’t even enter the chapel.”


It was impossible for an illegitimate child to become a priest even after he died. 


Ahhh, Louismond slammed his desk in agony.
As the desk rattled, the bookshelves swayed and spilled the books it was holding. 




Louismond crossed his hands and wrapped his arms around his head.
A book with a particularly sharp edge struck Louismond on the top of his head.




In an instant, a shooting star flew in front of my eyes.


Louismond raised his tearful eyes to see what had hit his head.
It was a liberal arts book that didn’t help with his escape plan at all – the changes in dimensions and the cause for those changes found in previous records regarding the nation’s flood-control business, blah, blah, blah.
Even if I didn’t help him escape, it will burn with fire if you throw it on the fireplace. 


Louismond grabbed the book, burning with resentment.
The author’s name engraved at the bottom of the book was not even in gold, but it shimmered clearly. 


Written by a Scholar 




Louismond lifted the enemy-like book – no, the gracious one, high with his both hands. 


“This is it!”


They say there is a way in a book, and there is a way to live with the book’s cover.
Louismond realized it after living eight times and immediately ran out of the mansion. 


Without notifying Count Graham, the Queen’s and the First Prince’s guards chasing after him, he ran straight to the Scholar’s House.
Breathing heavily, he cried as he hung on the door of the Scholar’s House, which was tightly bound with chains.  


“I-I want to s-study.
I want to just study and live for the rest of my life.
Studying was the easiest thing in the world! P-please, let me s-study!”


His beautiful silver hair flew in the air.
His dark eyes were wet with tears, and the heart of the beholder resonated within him. 


The scholars who looked out the door with their telescopes wept at the pathetic sight.


“How come that there are still young people with such deep interest in studying in this world today!”


“Besides, he’s pretty!”


“Look at him crying, I’m sure he wants to study mathematics.”


“You’re funny, you have to study literature to get that kind of emotion!”


“Come on, come on, let’s get him!”


The scholars rushed out and opened the door.


“Welcome to the Scholar’s ​House, young man who said studying was the easiest.
We are scholars who delve deeply into the truth of the world.
We will gladly accept you as an alumni.” 


In his second life, he ran away even before he properly learned the letters and was only over his shoulder… no, Louismond entered the Scholars House who had only read romance novels for information on how to escape. 


It was also the day when the bodies of Count Luxen and his wife returned to their young daughters.  




“How did we raise you!”


Arriving late, Count Graham clamored outside for Louismond to be released.
When the doors of the Scholar’s House still didn’t open, he piled firewood along its wall saying that he would set it on fire. 


“Come out if you don’t want to be burned to death.”


That moment when Count Graham had a smile like a scumbag villain and tried to throw the torch, 


“Stop! Won’t you stop right now!”


The First Prince appeared on his white horse.
He stopped Count Graham, citing the King’s order.
The First Prince looked back at Count Graham, who was running away in fright, and then murmured as he looked around the Scholar’s House. 


“You made a good choice, Louismond.
I will not try to kill you, as long as you are there, but will highly value your courage to walk there.
So, until you and I die, don’t even think about coming out of there again.”

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