Louismond had no idea what happened outside nor what the First Prince’s words for him. 


[“Studying was the easiest.”]


He was in an overwhelming state just to deal with the consequences of the words he had uttered without much thought, just so he could enter the House of the Scholars. 


First of all, he had to take a light test to see which subject was the easiest – a very light test that will test his knowledge of 72 subjects for a week.  Of course, he got a failing score on all 72 subjects.
He scored zero on seven subjects although it is a multiple choice. 


(T/N: I can totally understand you Louismond [hands Louismond a handkerchief to wipe non-existent tears])


“Was studying… really easy?”


The pupils of the eyes of the scholars looking at Louismond shook wildly. 


“Isn’t it true that we have a natural talent in our field? How else can you get a zero on multiple choice?”


Scholars of those seven subjects he got zero claimed this, but they were also buried in the opposition of the other professors of the remaining 65 subjects. 


From fear of being kicked out, Louismond did what he was told to do.
He would wake up before sunrise and study in the morning; after eating breakfast and taking a short walk, he would study; he would eat lunch, meditate for a while and then study after; and then he would take a short walk again after dinner, study and go to bed.
It was just study, study, and study. 


Studying wasn’t a schedule Louismond could tolerate when all he had to do was read a shelf of fictions.
But Louismond persevered and persevered, and the senior scholars were moved by his perseverance. 


“Yes, he likes to study even though he can’t study.”


“It doesn’t matter if he wants to study.
The pace of development inevitably varies from person to person.” 


Scholars were very moved and joined forces to create a 73rd subject only for Louismond, called ‘Liberal Arts’.
Of the 72 subjects, it was the easiest and where the most interesting contents were compiled.
And then, Louismond became the youngest in the Family of the Scholars. 


‘I am happy – is this some kind of ordinary happiness?’


For the first time in his life, Louismond experienced a life in which he wasn’t afraid of waking up in the morning.
This was a place where only the people who were crazy about studying were gathered.
They don’t even have the slightest interest in Louismond’s pretty appearance or his secret birth as the King’s illegitimate son. 


Half of the scholars were women, and they were even reluctant to have Louismond sit next to them while studying during the day, let alone jumping on their beds at night. 


“I’m sorry, but can you stay a little farther away? It’s not that I hate you, but you were so dazzling that my eyes will get tired quickly if you are next to me.
I have to read at least a hundred pages of this book, and I might not be able to do that if my eyes get tired quickly.”


“Can I sit next to you then like this?”


When Louismond pressed his robe down to hide his hair and face, she looked at him up and down and nodded. 


“Fine, that doesn’t completely cover your appearance, but you looked like a candle so I don’t think it’s enough to make my eyes more tired.”


It was only then that Louismond was entitled to sit next to her and read a book.
He also found out that her name was Peony and became close friends with her.
Studying was still hard and difficult for him, but Louismond wanted to live here until he died. 


“If you study for 10 more years like this, you can become a representative scholar of the Liberal Arts Department.”


He was even waiting for that ten years to come hearing the words of the top scholar. Wouldn’t it be great if ten years passed without any incident? 


But this time too, a rebellion broke out by none other than Callena, Count Luxen.
Even the House of the Scholars, who doesn’t care about the outside world, was noisy.
The old scholars chimed in that this time around, the dynasty might change. 


Louismond was swept away by the atmosphere around him and became anxious at the same time. 


‘Please – please make this place safe, I beg of you.’


He even prayed like never before. 


Was it because he prayed so earnestly? The House of the Scholars survived the Battle at Dawn; the new King, Count Callena, respected the House of Scholars.
She also promised them that she will provide them enough support, just as the previous Imperial Family had done.
Louismond was relieved. 


‘Maybe I can live like this and die comfortably in old age.’


Hot tears were dripping down straight to his jawline that his old hood couldn’t cover.
But even before those tears faded away, the new King, no – the new Emperor shattered that belief in one blow. 




Thud, thud. There was an earthquake early in the morning.
The scholars and Louismond forced their eyes open and came out. 


“What’s going on?”


“What is happening?”


The scholars groaned. Thump, thump. The ground kept ringing.


“It’s strange, there’s no way there will be an earthquake today.”


The geologist grabbed his head and was in agony.
The architect standing next to him wondered how long the scholar’s house and wall could withstand this earthquake. 


“O-oh! Oh? Wait a minute, this isn’t an earthquake.
This is not an earthquake! Look at that!”


The oceanographer pointed towards the door, letting all the other scholars look in that direction. 


Bang! As if waiting, the ground shook – a vibration so great that they couldn’t take control of their own bodies. 


Aaack! Scholars who only knew about studying collapsed and rolled on the ground.
As they rolled on the floor, they saw that the front door of the House of Scholars was shattered in pieces. 

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