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Nice To What Exactly?

When James looked at his phone, it felt like another smack over his head when the memories came flooding back. A total of fifteen missed text messages glared back at him. All from people he only started to remember. Most were from friends, one though he recognized as from family. A mother or aunt, he couldn remember which.

None of them seemed to hold anything important though. Check up messages or requests to do something. Others just wanted to know if he fell off the face of the other. Did this guy suck at being a friend along with seemingly being a failure at work? Damn… he mustve really sunken into the lowest pit possible…

James sighed before going to work scrolling through the messages quickly as possible. The system kept the rolling text in front of his face but he could hardly pay attention to it now. Something more important had caught his attention so hed just have to get back to it later.

”All these new people I am going to have to keep in mind though Ive never known them before my life. Exactly what I don need to be dealing with right now. ” Unless one of them held the magic secret to success in this life, he couldn really care less about them. Did he hold some kind of obligation though to make sure this guy didn lose his friends? Seemed like he could barely hold on to them himself. Maybe it wouldn matter too much what he did in the body until the real James came back or not.

Just in case though, he would read up on everyone should he bump into them. The only one who caught Jamess interest was a girl. Someone the guy seemed to be rather close with though only as a best friend. Scrolling through the text, he could see though where the guy mightve had a crush on her. His manner of addressing it though was absolutely atrocious. The punk lacked decorum and manners when it came to women. No wonder the system even declared him a failure.

The idea of meeting up with the girl later didn sound too bad though. He decided to accept it despite not knowing when hed have to get ready for work. He would manage to make it work somehow. Perhaps the girl was a cute one. Enough so that she could help get accustomed to this new life and be something to look forward to.

One small positive of being in a younger body- the age gap wasn such a thing anymore! He would have to remind himself of that anyone time he started to feel down. He was once again younger. Younger meant that he could go after all the cute, younger girls he wanted despite being mentally older. One score for him even if it was small.

Back on focus though… He needed to remember exactly who the relative was. His family would likely be the first to pick up on any differences. Would it be such a big deal if they did notice? That was something he couldn determine. The system thing seemed to think it would be bad to tell anyone about it. So did the same rule apply to him taking over a body that wasn his? A reasonable question without anyone around to answer it for him.

Oh well, he would just have to do the best he could with limited information. James decided to answer in a more neutral manner and wait to see what the reply would be. In his previous life, if he were to respond too coldly, his mother would immediately know something was up. He would have to wait though to see if this woman happened to be the same way.

Once done, he put his phone away again after making sure to turn off don disturb. He needed to figure out what to do next. Thinking about his plans reminded him to pull out his phone again. Hed forgotten to check to see where exactly he was! Not only that but… he supposed he needed to find out if his old body really had died or not. Something about searching up his own name felt weird though. Maybe better to put it off later depending on where he ended up.

He silently hoped it wasn anywhere crazy as he turned on the phones location and brought up the map to check his location. His heart felt as though it wanted to stop due to how quickly it was beating. He couldn remember the last time he felt so much anxiety over something so small. The thudding rung dully in his ears as he waited for the map to load up. It couldn have been anywhere too far out, right? At least, he had been assuming everyone around him spoke English. He mightve been a man of many things in his previous life. Languages didn happen to be one of them.

James quickly felt stupid however when the map finally loaded up to show off the fact that he was in California of all places. The exact opposite side of the States from his other body but not someplace so farfetched and out of the way. How did that happen though? Did reincarnation work in a way that allowed one to be dropped in a different location? Not that there was anything to complain about, James could work with California. It just didn give him any answers on to how what he was dealing with worked.

One less thing to worry about but still back at square one. Being in California meant that there was no one around he could reach out to. He always stayed on the East Coast thinking that the West Coast would be boring in comparison. If he had the foresight to know this would have happened, hed have done things differently. No time for that now though.

He really was just going to have to work his way up the ladder once again using his own means. Perhaps with the help of the seemingly useless system if it decided to change tunes once he got to work. Plus, who knew, maybe someone useful would pop out among his friends. Or, if he managed to get a good enough reputation, he could get back in touch with past friends.

It didn matter that they would have no idea who he was. James would remember enough for both of them. He just needed to get to a high enough place they would care to notice him. Then, he could put better plans into motion. All that would have to be for the future though. Right now, he just needed food and to survive meeting the mystery woman and getting to work on time. That would be enough for one day.

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