It was finally my turn. Noticing everyone with good results left me a little jealous. However, I knew my results would be horrible, and if there were one thing that calls make the difference, it would be my magic.

For some reason, this body was weaker than anyone else that I had ever seen. As a result, my strength, agility, and endurance would be low.

Heading toward the ritual, I stood there a little depressed about how my results were going to be. I kept telling myself that I didn really care, but deep down inside, I really did care.

The lights began to shun around me. I felt a bit stronger as time passed, and the results were shown once I had finished the ritual.

Class: ???


: Medium Blessing Of The Goddess of Death (Increase effectiveness on death elemental-based moves by 100%

: Greater Blessing Of The God of Souls (Increase effectiveness on soul-based moves by 200%)

: Medium Blessing Of The Goddess of Love (Charm greatly increased)

: Greater Curse Of The God of Ambition (Reduce stats by 80%, Class and Skill Locked)

Level: 1

Strength: (2.5)0.5/(2.5)0.5 Per Level

Endurance: (2.5)0.5/(2.5)0.5 Per Level

Agility: (2.5)0.5/(2.5)0.5 Per Level

Magic: (5)1.0/(5)1.0 Per Level

Skill: ???

… I finally knew why my stats were low, to think that I was cursed by a god. Not only that, the skill that I had weren shown, but my class was also unknown. If I wanted to go to a dungeon, I wouldn know where to start my training with. It wasn looking good for me. If there was a way to remove my curse, I would wonder what will it take to do it.

Mixed reactions were seen in the crowd, and my status was probably unusual for everyone. While one could say that my stats had the highest potential, because of a curse, I wouldn be able to use them.

”Its a shame that you earned a wraith of a god. I didn know what you did in your past life, but if you want to break your curse, head to the trial. The chances of amending with the gods will increase if one goes there. ” The priest gave me his opinion on my situation.

Like a dungeon, you could enter a trial willingly, but no one with a sane mind would do something like that. When you enter a trial willing and clear it, your next time limit would still be within fifteen years. An example would be if you cleared your trial at the age of fourteen, you would attend your next trial at the age of twenty-nine.

”Thank you, ” I said. I was grateful for the priests tip. I knew my situation wasn that helpless, but it came with a price of the chance of getting myself killed.

Amanda didn know what to say. All she did was look at me with pity. She patted my shoulder, making me comfortable, I wasn all that sad, and while I wasn someone who wanted to become famous, I still wanted to try to fight monsters as an experience.

”Don worry, Rain. When we get back, I will do my best and cook for you when I learn. ” Alice attempted to cheer me up, I appreciate it, but Im not sad.

”Rain, lets train! We will show that stupid god who not to curse! ” Claire, please don say that I don want something bad to happen to you because of that.

Iris, on the other hand, stared at me. I patted her head and told her not to worry. She seemed to enjoy it a lot.

With everyone finishing our awakening, we head home. It wasn time for dinner, so I headed toward my room.

I wanted to see if there was some other instance where people had been cursed by the gods. Going on my computer, I went to a web browser and typed in about the curses of god.

Searching for some results, there weren many sources that had helped. Most of them were unreliable, and the others said that going to do a trial would help. Seeing that nothing helpful would appear, I closed my computer.

Dinner was going to be soon, and I didn want to be yelled at by Amanda just because I had to do something on the computer and wouldn leave.

”Rain, dinners ready! ” I could hear someones voice calling out to me.

Opening the door, I went down the stairs and headed to the dining room. Iris and Claire were already in the room, sitting down and waiting for our food. Alice and Amanda were together. It looked like Amanda was teaching Alice how to cook.

Today we had pasta or ravioli. There were slight differences from the one that Amanda had made. The shape was a bit uneven. I felt a few things were missing while eating a bite of it, but I can say it was terrible.

Since it was Alices first time learning how to cook, I could say that she did reasonably well. Even if her ability did make the food taste better, if she continues to learn, without a doubt, she would be a top cook.

”Thank you for the food Alice, ” I wanted to encourage Alice since it was her first time making something with Amanda as her instructor.

Alice, who heard me compliment her, smiled wholeheartedly. If my encouragement could give her a drive, then that would be all good.

”For your first time, it was good. I think you should keep doing it. ”

”Then I will make food for everyone here every day! ” I saw a fire in her lit.

Since there was still time before bed, I went to take a bad. Standing outside for a few hours surrounded by many people would make me dirty. I don want to get an illness because of it.

Having to finish my bath, I felt refreshed. I dried my hair and went to my room. I stared at the window. Taking my feelings off my mind, I went to bed.

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