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This world and Lin Wanrong’s world were very different.
In Lin Wanrong’s world, men with earrings or nose ring can be found everywhere.

But here, the popular customs were pure and simple, that kind of person (men with earrings or nose ring) would shock everybody.
He can only be regarded as a demon and be punishable by everyone.

Therefore, in this place, there was absolutely no man who dared to wear earrings, even a tranny here would not have the guts.

This little girl named Xiao Qingxuan, just now was anxious until her ears were red.
Lin Wanrong then noted the two fine dotes on her ear holes, No wonder she is so good-looking, she is actually an outstandingly beautiful girl.

Lin Wanrong secretly rejoiced, It seems like this talented person’s sexual orientation is normal.
But this little girl does not fear for my shabby wardrobe and even tries to make friends, she indeed has some insight.

This expensive good, Xiao Gongzi’s identity has been exposed by Lin Wanrong.
By fearlessly calling her with the word ‘girl,’ he absolutely invited her wrath, and the previous favorable impression toward Lin Wanrong suddenly disappeared.

Her face was red as she looked at Lin Wanrong and her eyes emitted a flash of anger: “You, this shameless lecher—”

Previously, Lin Wanrong did not quite like seeing this Xiao Gongzi, because he suspected that she was a Thai good; but this time, she was completely exposed.

Now he looked at her again, this girl was tall and slim, with tight jade legs; Which he did not need to touch to feel that hot springs.
Her willowy eyebrows and phoenix eyes, red lips and white teeth, and her smooth as jade skin; Under the rage, her jade plated small face floated out two wisps of red halo, which increased her feminine charm by several points.

On the appearance and figure, this girl was among the most beautiful women Lin Wanrong has ever seen.
Unfortunately, from her flat-as-airport chest, he can infer that she must have bound her breast.
By covering up part of her ‘curve,’ he could not see her true appearance, which made him somewhat regret.

Lin Wanrong glued his vision on her chest, constantly nodding and shaking his head while sighing with emotion.
From the outsider’s point of view, such expressions were, of course, a standard pervert’s expressions.

Xiao Qingxuan’s face was pale and suddenly screamed out: “I am going to kill you, this lecher.”

She put aside the small fan in her hand, and then a blue fluorescent light flashed out from her petite hand.
With a strong wind, her palm moved as fast as lightning toward Lin Wanrong’s chest.

Lin Wanrong was caught by surprise, What is this messy stuff? Martial Art? Magic?

It was too late to think because this girl’s hand movement was very fast.
Although in University, Lin Wanrong can boast of fighting opponents once or twice with superb responses, under this girl’s attack, it turned out that he was entirely too late to dodge.

Watching her palm, in the blink of an eye, was about to hit his chest, Lin Wanrong had a thought. I am going to die, moreover, I am going to die by this beautiful girl’s little hand.

Lin Wanrong’s mind suddenly remembered his parents far away at home, if one month ago he did not participate in his department’s tour of Mount Tai, he will not come here.
If it were not for that nasty girl forcing him to carry almost all of the luggage, he will not stumble and fell off the valley, not inexplicably Spatio-temporal warped into this damned place, and will not somehow be killed by this girl’s hand.

The feeling of resentment suddenly rose up in Lin Wanrong’s heart, Since I am here already, why would I have to die so soon? God is clearly playing with me, I am unwilling.

Lin Wanrong’s heart struggled with the dilemma, fiercely looking at the girl with the gaze that showed his determination to control his own destiny.
Without knowing where his strength came from, he suddenly stretched out his arms and put his arms around her waist.
At the same time, her palm also touched Lin Wanrong’s chest.

He did not know if it was just an illusion, but the moment he touched her waist, her eyes seemed to exude a trace of ‘cannot bear,’ and the strength of her palm correspondingly reduced by several points.

Even so, Lin Wanrong still felt a severe pain on his chest; His whole body seemed to break apart, and a stream of blood sprayed out from his mouth.

Lin Wanrong could not afford to care for that blood, with bloodshot eyes, his hands were like pincers, tightly hugging her waist.
Feeling her delicate and smooth feminine figure, Lin Wanrong’s mind shook, but his poor life was in someone else’s hands, so this charming and gentle feeling only fluttered his mind for a split second.
Lin Wanrong severely jammed her, making her stalled her second palm attack, simultaneously, he jerked his feet backward.

The two people were near the lake, and Xiao Qingxuan, feeling no harm, basically did not expect that Lin Wanrong would suddenly break out, and inadvertently let Lin Wanrong put his arms around her waist.
Her face flushed as she angrily rebuked: “You—shameless, I will kill you.”

This was the second time she called Lin Wanrong shameless, and this time, she really has the intention to kill.
Compared to her previous palm attack, this second palm attack simply has no room for mercy.

Lin Wanrong felt severe pain all over his body, but his mind still has some clarity.
He knew that this girl would not let him go, therefore, he tightened his hold on her waist so that she could not focus.

Their two bodies were very close.
Lin Wanrong raised his right hand toward her armpit and gently prodded there.
In his experience since childhood, this tickle method never failed him.
No matter who, whether it was an expert swordsman or Emperor, when they came across this skill of him, they all must give in.

Sure enough, this fierce girl’s body trembled.
She tightly pressed his arms and hurriedly suppressed her smile.
The strength that she gathered on her palm thus completely dispersed.

If he cannot catch this once in a lifetime opportunity, his name Lin Wanrong would be written backward.

Lin Wanrong desperately clung to her body, not letting her have the chance to struggle.
His foot fiercely kicked, letting the two people fell down from the shore together.

When the water splashed, Xiao Qingxuan cried out in fear.

The handsome young male servant on the shore did not think that his miss, in the blink of an eye, would be hijacked, and was late to react.
Seeing Xiao Qingxuan fell into the water, the little servant hastily shouted out “Miss.” His mournful appearance was indescribably tragic (Orig: Heaven and Earth weep for the spirits).

Unfortunately, Lin Wanrong was already aware of how powerful this girl was, and would never let her go.
Instead, he tightened his arms around her slender waist, making every effort to hug her; More and more tightly held her.

At this point, he has no thought of taking the opportunity to take liberties with her, This girl is one hot good, I was almost died in her hand.
Damn it, under the water, I will torment you, this little girl to death.

Lin Wanrong’s expression became somewhat ferocious as he desperately hugged the girl.
The two people slowly sank to the bottom.
No matter how hard she struggled, Lin Wanrong did not let her go.

He did not know where this woman belongs to, but her power was incomparably big.
Even though she was being held by Lin Wanrong, she still made him black and blue, and Lin Wanrong can only endure the severe pain in silent.

In Lin Wanrong’s era, women who were able to swim are few, let alone in this era of ‘protecting the Confucian code of ethics above all.’ In this world, the women who can swim can definitely be counted.

Not surprisingly, this pampered (Orig: To live like a prince) Xiao Qingxuan knew nothing about swimming.
But Lin Wanrong grew up in a village near the Han river and can swim inside the water like a mudfish.
Therefore, how could this girl be a match to this underwater dragon?

Lin Wanrong tightly hugged her, never letting her move even a tiny bit, their two bodies solidly affixed together.

Xiao Qingxuan desperately struggled.
In the beginning, her strength was still large, but after awhile, her struggle slowly weakened.
Meanwhile, she also drank a lot of water.

Lin Wanrong’s heart was overjoyed, his swimming skill was high.
Opening his eyes, he saw Xiao Qingxuan’s black silk hat gently fell off her head, and her long luxurious hair gently floated in the water.
Without knowing when, her step boots and white-as-snow socks were also gone.
Her pair of naturally beautiful small feet constantly pedalled in the water.
Her long unlined close-fitting gown was, because of the struggle, opened, revealing a gray-white chest belt that plastered her chest.

Lin Wanrong’s whole body was still in pain.
He suffered a big loss from this girl, and it almost took away his life.
His heart was really annoyed, might as well go all the way, and he fiercely pulled her chest belt.

Xiao Qingxuan was obviously aware of his action.
She opened her mouth to shout in panic but swallowed a few mouthful of water instead.

The lake water was crystal clear.
Upon a closer look, Lin Wanrong saw her chest was less tied, and two huge new heads swarmed out; The two incomparably dainty purple grape beads slightly trembled.
In Lin Wanrong’s eyes, this was definitely no less than D-cup, making her full figure comparable to the level of Miss Universe.

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