Deep in her memory is a vast ocean, and the familiar feeling is the giant beast hidden under the sea, vague but real.


Cheng Suran looked at Jiang Yu and fell into a trance, her eyes were suddenly clear and sometimes blurred.




Jiang Yu looked at her, with a careless smile on her lips, circling the girl's palm with her slender fingers, “Where did you see me?”


“I don't remember.” Cheng Suran lowered her head in frustration.


A dense itching came, and her breath was stagnant, only to realize that she had been captured by a wolf, she hurriedly grabbed the woman's wrist, raised her head, and looked at Jiang Yu as if begging for mercy.


Jiang Yu stopped, but didn't pull her hand away.


They stared at each other quietly.


When there is no expression, this face looks cold and distanced, especially the skinny face, which is full of sharpness, the long and charming eyes like willow leaves, and the eyebrows are full of power.
The two blended into one, dangerous and charming.


It's scary, but she can't help but get close.


Cheng Suran couldn't hold on for more than ten seconds, and when she was defeated, her throat moved unconsciously, and she let go of her hand silently.


She had no reason to refuse any more.


She has to admit that the benefactor has been very tolerant and patient with her.
Maybe the sudden disappearance these days is to give her a buffer time, but she didn't say it clearly.
She watched so many short videos and learned so many things she didn't know before, only to realize that it was not as difficult to accept as she imagined.


She took the initiative to come forward and kissed the corner of Jiang Yu's mouth.


Jiang Yu narrowed her eyes slightly, and there was a smile on the place where he was kissed, “Maybe it was on TV, or on the Internet.”




“Where you saw me.”


Cheng Suran was taken aback, “Are you…a celebrity?”


“Guess.” Jiang Yu raised her eyebrows and chuckled, inadvertently revealing all sorts of amorous feelings, but her eyes were cold.


The girl opened her lips slightly, half of her two small front teeth were exposed, and her puzzled look rested on her brows and eyes, and then a little wrinkled.
She frowned, as if she was trying to remember.


It doesn't look like it's fake.


The kids really don't know her.


Case solved.


Jiang Yu lowered her eyes, and the ice melted in her pupils, revealing a rare tenderness.


In the early years, she struggled in the modeling circle, and followed the High Fashion route, only conscientiously catwalking and shooting.
Later, the commercial enthusiasm gradually increased, and she was surrounded by endorsements and advertisements.  She is not a household name in China, but when it comes to supermodels, many people first think of her name.


The former little lovers all knew her.
In many cases, enthusiasm and sweetness are just good acting skills.


Take what you need, it doesn't matter.


“I don't pay much attention to the entertainment industry, so I can't guess it.” Cheng Suran puffed her face in frustration.


“Sister, tell me.”


Jiang Yu lazily raised her eyelids, pressed her index finger on her lips, and shook her head with a smile: “I'm not a star.”




That made her guess for a long time.


Cheng Suran pursed her lips unconsciously, complaining coquettishly in her heart, then startled herself, and hurriedly stopped her expression.


“When does school start?” Jiang Yu asked casually.


Cheng Suran was stunned for a moment, she didn't expect her to care about this, and said truthfully: “The day after tomorrow.”


Jiang Yu picked up the phone and opened WeChat, and sent her a series of numbers, “This is the phone number of the driver Xiaowen.
She will be responsible for taking you anywhere in the future.
You can contact her directly.”


“Driver?” Cheng Suran's eyes widened in shock, “No need, sister, it's very convenient for me to take the subway by myself.”


Jiang Yu slightly raised her eyes in surprise, looked her up and down, and smiled again, “Little friend—” while calling out affectionately, she reached out and tapped her nose, “Are you helping sister save money?”


Cheng Suran said in a low voice, “If it's me, save as much as you can.”


“But sister likes to spend money for you.” Jiang Yu pecked her lips.




Cheng Suranrealized later.


It was because she is a canary.


The girl lowered her face, half was covered by her drooping hair, and the light slid down like flowing water, passing through those deer eyes full of water, and her sharp chin, there was a sense of agility and purity.


Like a piece of pure white paper, it makes people want to paint.


Jiang Yu's heart was hot, and her eyes gradually became a little drunk.
She hugged the girl tightly, lowered her head slightly, and bit her lips forcefully.




Cheng Suran snuggled up beside Jiang Yu with her eyes closed, shaking violently, with an uncontrollable sob in her throat.
She has no experience and doesn't know how to respond at all, she only knows how to cooperate obediently


Not long after, Jiang Yu let her go.


“Sister?” She opened her eyes, looking a little confused.


Jiang Yu lowered her head, stretched out her hand to tie back the loosened strap for her, tied it into a nice knot, and straightened her messy hair.
She stroked the side of her face with her palm, “Hey, go to sleep.”


After speaking, she get up and leave.


“Elder sister–“




Cheng Suran grabbed her hand, blushed and whispered, “You…don't want to?”


“I don't have the hobby of bullying the sick and wounded.” Jiang Yu pointed to her forehead, pulled her hand away, got up and went back to the room.




Jiang Yu stayed at the hotel that night, and then disappeared for a day and a night.
Cheng Suran did not send her frequent messages, but quietly waited for her to call at any time, without thinking about it.


School is about to start, and there are many things to be busy with.


She went to “NOTTE” to notify Manager Yang she's resigning.
Although the manager regretted it, he did not force her to stay, and told her that she could go back whenever she wanted.
Things went well, she went back to the dormitory, took off the sheets and quilt covers, washed and dried them, cleaned up, and deposited 6,000 yuan in the tuition card.


The balance is more than 90,000, just looking at it makes her feel at ease.


On the first day of school, Cheng Suran got up early, cleaned up and washed, stood in front of the mirror and applied medicine to herself.


The ointment works really well.  According to the method mentioned by the benefactor, apply it every six hours and massage for a few minutes.
After two days, the swelling on the forehead has subsided, and it has deflated a lot.
There are still a few bruises, but they don't hurt to touch.


She doesn't know if it's a psychological effect, but she always feels that rubbing it herself is not as comfortable as her sister rubbing for her.


About nine o'clock, she went downstairs.


A brand-new white car was parked at the side entrance of the hotel, with a shiny body.
The driver was an older sister who was in her early thirties and greeted her warmly.


“Miss Cheng, do you have any hobbies? For example, put some decorations in the car?” She opened the rear door for Cheng Suran.


Cheng Suran had never enjoyed this kind of treatment before, so she felt uncomfortable for a while, and said with a polite smile: “No, thank you.”


After she finished speaking, she got into the car.


Today is Friday, the road is still a bit congested at this moment.  There are many high-rise buildings in the urban area, there is a long line of cars waiting for the red light at the intersection, and pedestrians are hurrying along the street.
Everyone looks very busy and their expressions are numb.


Half an hour later, she arrived at Jiangcheng University of Foreign Studies, and the car stopped at the intersection more than ten meters away from the school gate.


Cheng Suran showed a look of surprise.


Was this a tacit understanding?


“Assistant Tian ordered it.
She said that it would be too eye-catching, with the crowd at the gate.” The driver explained with a smile, but she didn't understand why it would be eye-catching.


Cheng Suran's expression froze, but soon returned to normal.
She thanked her and got out of the car to go to school.


The school gate was bathed in the morning light, and the seven gold-plated regular script characters shone brightly.
Students in twos and threes walked in with their suitcases, some with their families behind them, and some alone.
Today is the day for old students to register, but there are long welcome banners everywhere on the campus.


The campus that had been quiet for the whole summer vacation is lively again.


Although it was early autumn, the sun was still shining high.
After paying the tuition, Cheng Suran absently walked towards the dormitory with a parasol, while the driver's words kept echoing in her ears.


Assistant Tian ordered…


Too eye-catching?


She thought so too.


Assistant Tian represented Jiang Yu.
It means that her sister has thought of this and is well aware of her psychology.
She is taking care of her and protecting her.


A warm current flowed silently through the bottom of her heart.


Cheng Suran's tightly pursed lips curved.


She knew that the elder sister didn't want to cause more trouble for herself.
The agreement stated that it was forbidden to be too ostentatious, but now it was only implemented in place, not just for her alone.
But in these days of loneliness and wandering, having someone who shares her thoughts and takes care of her trivial emotions is already an extremely luxurious comfort for her who has seen people's expressions since she was a child.


A little warmth is enough for her.


Walking downstairs in the girls' dormitory, Cheng Suran she felt that she forgot to do something, and suddenly heard the girl next to her discussing Weibo trending searches, and she suddenly remembered that a certain star had cheated.


She forgot to search for the information of the benefactor sister!


She  remembered this the day before yesterday, and she forgot about it in her busy schedule.


She took out her mobile phone while walking, opened a certain site, and entered the word “Jiang Yu ''.  The light above her head dimmed, and she entered the building door.
She put the folded umbrella under her arm, swiped her campus card with one hand, and searched with the other.


She held her breath.


The loading bar is stuck and the page is still blank.




Every time she enters the dormitory hall, the network signal will fluctuate


After waiting for a while, Cheng Suran couldn't get it out, sighed, put the phone back in her bag, and went to press the elevator to go up to the seventh floor.


The door of dormitory 732 was open, and her roommate Li Meiling had already arrived and was sorting things out.
The ground by the door was full of messy things.
Seeing Cheng Suran coming in, she glanced at her, didn't speak, and continued to tidy up.


Cheng Suran took it for granted, walked around the things on the ground and walked to her desk, ready to pack up and go to the library.


“Did you see the facial cleanser on my table?” Li Meiling raised her head suddenly.


Cheng Suran was startled, and said coldly: “No.”


There was an eerie silence.


She turned her gaze back, took two books from the bookshelf and put them into a canvas bag.
At this moment, the sound of the suitcase rolling was heard from far away in the corridor, and it stopped at the door of the dormitory, and a brisk female voice rang in her ears:




“You're all so early.”


It's another roommate, Ding Yuan.


She was wearing a camisole, denim shorts, a peaked cap, and sunglasses covering most of her face.
Her caramel-colored long hair was braided into two braids, which was playful and cute.


“Yuanyuan, you are here.” Li Meiling stood up quickly, raised her smiling face, and looked at her warmly.
“Why do I feel that you have turned white again?”


“Did I? I still hate that I got tanned by the sea.” Ding Yuan stuck out her tongue and took off her sunglasses.


The two chatted for a while.
Li Meiling praised Ding Yuan's beautiful clothes for a while, and her beautifully dyed hair for a while.
Ding Yuan just smiled, and took out two large bags from the suitcase while responding amiably.


“Snacks? I brought them specially for you.”


She handed one of the bags to Li Meiling, and walked to Cheng Suran with the other bag, “Of course, here, don't be shy, the chocolate inside is very delicious, you must try it.”


“Okay, thank you.
I'll eat in the afternoon.” Cheng Suran smiled, took the bag and put it on the table.


Then she carried the canvas bag and left the dormitory.




It was sweltering outside, and there was a hint of dryness in the air.
Cheng Suran walked through the long tree-lined path to the library, and swiped his campus card to enter.


A cool, shady air-conditioning rushed to the face.


The library is empty at the moment, and most of the seats are empty.  She found a seat by the window and sat down, rested for a while in silence, took out the book, and pressed the phone to check the time.


Unlocking her phone, she was about to set the alarm clock, but the online encyclopedia was displayed on the screen.


Jiang Yu…


The page loaded


Cheng Suran was stunned.

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