GDXS: Origins

Day 0: In a new world

It began at the center of the universe. God was growing fond of all of his creations with their purpose and mistakes.

One day he realized he made a grave mistake creating one being in an unlucky world…

On Earth, there was one kid that didn know what he was always doing with his life, always playing, hearing music, slacking off every time but keeps doing his schoolwork. But with his active imagination and creativity. He kept going on his path until one night he ended in another world.

The world was bright while the wind was flowing, and the flowers were blooming. The boy that was having a normal life was gone from his home. He woke up and stood up from the ground to look at his surroundings and realized that he was in the woods. Then he looked at himself and noticed that he was wearing a white shirt with multiple red, black and grey diamonds on it. He also realized that he was wearing blue short jeans.

”Where am I? How did I get here? ”

The boy asked himself. He then walked for a bit to find a way out of the woods. As he was walking, he heard the sounds of the birds sing in the distance. It was calling out to him. Trees were blocking the way, making it hard to follow a straight path towards the sound.

”A dead end? There should be a small opening around here… ” He said to himself.

The boy looked around. He slightly turned to his left and saw a small opening that led to an open area. He had no other option except to go through it, but on the other side, there was a crystal clear lake that reflected the bright blue sky. The boy walked towards the lake and crouched to see his reflection.

”Well, at least my body is still intact… ”

The boy said. He saw that his skin was color brown, black-colored hair while wearing light brown glasses, but his eyes iris was black. Suddenly, he hears a faint whistle coming from behind.

”Hello?!? ” the boy said.

No one responded after he turned around. He hopes that someone was there, but no one responds to him. He became sad and walked with his head down towards the sound.

As he walked along on an open path. He was hearing footsteps up ahead. He approached carefully to not scare whoever it was. When he approached, he saw a girl wearing a white dress with light pink hair.

”Um… Excuse me, miss… Do you know a way out of these woods? ”

As the boy asked. The girl turned around in shock and accidentally throw a stone at the boy. He quickly ducked and ran away.

”Wait! Please come back! I didn mean to scare you… ”

The girl said in a gentle voice. Afterwards, the boy kept running thill he reached a way out and saw a town in the distance. This civilisation made their buildings out of wood and stone.

”Did I go back to the past or something…? ”

The boy asked himself. He then felt something heading towards him and panicked straight into town. Soon he accidentally crashed, bumping in to someone.

”Sorry about that, Im in a… ”

He stopped talking and was in shock, whiteout even letting the conversation start, the person was getting mad angrily for him been on top of her.

”Why you little…! ”

He got off quick and ran away. The other girl from the woods cached up to the girl on the floor. He stopped running and sat down on a bench in a nearby park. He was already out of energy since he hadn eaten nothing yet.

”I need to rest… ” the boy said to himself. For no reason, he already gave up on everything and closed his eyes until he heard a voice at his side.

”Hello! ”

”AAAH ” He screamed in fear and attempted to run away, but he was already weak. The good side to it, the encounter was friendly.

”Hi, my name is P. ”

”Um… my name is Dennis, Im kind of lost at this moment… ”

Denniss stomach was grumbling loud. He got embarrassed quick and wasn able to speak nor think.

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