GDXS: Origins

Day 1: Errands

help u. It ain far from here, and they are the best dealing with clothes. ”

She then takes Dennis over to the place that can help him with his clothing. When they arrived, they saw statues of men wearing tuxedos.

The house seemed to have four floors and almost shaped as hair salon. Dennis was confused at a start since the buildings around the area didn go according to its atmosphere. From houses that seem somewhat modern, with at least a second floor with different colors and decorated outside with the nearby fauna.

”Sylvia!! Open up, I need your help with something!! ”

P screamed as she knocked on the door. After a bit, they heard the door was being opened from the other side.

”About time! ”

P says. When the door finally opens. P and Dennis saw a white-skinned girl with deep dark blue hair and light purple eyes wearing business clothes.

”Listen here!! Its the middle of the morning and I need my peace and… Who is this kid? ” Sylvia asked.

”This is my friend Dennis. His new around here and I was wondering if you can help us out with some clothing. ”

Sylvia then gave it thought and allowed them to come in. When they entered, they saw that the inside of the house had clothing stations, dressers and that they could see their own reflection on the floors.

”Well then, Ill leave u bee for bit. I need to take care of a quick errand. ” P said. She then left Dennis alone with Sylvia. Letting her take care of the rest while she goes off to do her thing.

”Alright… Do you want something with style, classy, or more of a protective side? ” Sylvia asked, but it only made Dennis more confused.

”I don know what you really mean by that… ” Dennis said. Sylvia then sighed and handed over a magazine full of clothing styles.

”Im guessing that you
e not from around here… We have people that are talented fighters or either gifted with magic or abilities. Meanwhile, Im talented enough to make clothing prepared for any situation. ” Sylvia says as she strikes a pose, admiring herself while Dennis could understand by what she means. Dennis then wondered and asked if they had something for adventuring.

”Well… there is this one set that I have, but its more like a prototype… ”

Sylvia then goes get the model of a male mannequin. It was wearing a protective shoulder pad on the left shoulder while having a light grey shirt. For the bottom, it had a pair of light dark pants with a leather utility belt to store medicine, stones, or any kind of stuff.

”As you can see, it is not done. The only thing missing is the shoes and a winter coat… ”

Dennis then said that he will take it. He didn hesitate at first glance.

”Well, then. That will be 40 gold coins. Think of it as a discount as a friend. ”

After Sylvia said the price. Dennis then dropped to his knees after hearing such an outrageous amount. P hasn returned yet.

”How Im going to get that amount if I don even have a job… ” Dennis then panicked. Trying to think of a way to pay her until Sylvia approached him and handed over a note.

”I know you
e new here, but get up. There are other ways u can pay me. ”

Dennis then got up and looked at the note. It had a drawing of yellowish white flower that looked like a bell, yet it had the odd shape of a star.

”What is this? ”

As soon as Dennis asked. Sylvias eyes widened in surprise. She grabbed him by the shoulders and got up close.

”Your telling me you don know what a star-bell is!?! Oh forget it… Just get me a dozen of them. They are right by the dark woods! ”

Sylvia then pushed Dennis out of her house in mid conversation and locked the door behind him. It confused him at the start of what the flower was, but with a clear name and image, he went off to the dark woods to look for the flowers. Dennis went over to the park and soon realized that he was standing in the entrance to the dark woods.

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