GDXS: Origins

Day 2.5: Visiting the capital

It was early in the morning. Sara was the first to wake up and saw Dennis curled like a cat on the other side of her bed. It was amusing for her, but she had things to do.

She went out to her personal garden behind her house. When she arrived, she saw a bunch of vegetables and fruits alike while on the very edges; it had flowers of different colors.

”Today is going to be a great day! ”

Sara said with excitement until it rained. Her mood totally changed from happy to sadness. She quickly went back inside to wait the rain out.

”Thats odd, it shouldn be raining today… ”

Sara then was making breakfast and got startled when Dennis walked down the stairs. She didn expect him to wake up early alongside her.

”Good morning Sara… ”

Dennis said with a tired expression.

”Your up early… ”

”Got to visit Sylvia soon. She had something for me that Ill pick up later. ”

Dennis then waited for Sara to finish making breakfast. When she was done. She made two cheese sandwiches with a half-baked potato and eggs. They both dined and talked over the happening of the previous day.

”You did what!?!?! ”

Sara then panicked when Dennis explained when he got chased down by a wolf in the dark woods. Afterwards, Dennis explained about the guy that saved him from the wild beast.

”The guy stopped the wolf when I got near the exit. He then handed me a bag of golden coins… ”

Dennis then places the bag on the table and shows Sara the amount of coins it had.

”Im surprised, but Im glad that you
e safe and sound. Please don do nothing dangerous like that again… ”

”Yeah, but Im worried about the what could happen next… I shouldn bring this up, but… I think Im being watched by something… ”

As Dennis said. He recalls what happened yesterday when he felt something in the bedroom window.

”I think whatever brought me here is trying to keep tabs on me and I believe Im not the only one… ”

Dennis then heads upstairs to get changed. Sara had doubts of the happenings that Dennis told her. Suddenly, someone was knocking on the door, and Sara responded.

”Come in! ”

When the door opened. She saw her friend P with Sylvia soaked by the rain. When they entered, Sara handed over some towels for them to dry themselves off.

”What are you two doing here this early? ”

”Well, we think someone has caught interest in Dennis… ”

P says.

”The news spread fast, u know. My neighbors told me that a knight talked to him before returned to my house. They were actually surprised, and it caught her attention… ”

Sylvia said. She then puts the towel down and realized that her hair was now a mess. She excuses herself and head to the bathroom to fix it.

”Sara, dear, Im using your hair product! ”

Sylvia shouted and by that moment. Sara was about to panic and went to help Sylvia, but by the time they were gone. Dennis was walking down the stairs and saw P sitting in the living room on the couch to his left.

”Looking good, kid. ”

P said. She saw Dennis wearing the protective shoulder pad on the left shoulder with a light grey shirt and a pair of light dark pants with a leather utility belt.

”Oh, good morning. Didn expect our hangout to be this early. ”

When Dennis greeted his friend. Sara and Sylvia stormed past him. Making him trip over and fall down on his back. Sara looked back and went to help him up.

”Im so sorry Dennis! Are you hurt!? ”

”No… Im fine. ”

Sara helped Dennis stand up and Sylvia walked over with a box in her hands. She was handing the box over to Dennis.

”What is this? ”

Dennis asks. When he had the box in his hands. It felt light weighted.

”Open it. You will love it. ”

Sylvia said. Dennis then opened the box. What was inside the box surprised him. It was a red scarf, made with the flowers that he picked yesterday.

”I can believe it… It even has the flower marks… ”

”You know? The star-bell symbolizes reunion. I hope that one day u can go back home. ”

Sylvia said. She then helped Dennis putting on the scarf. She tied the scarf around his neck and the end was to his back. Sara then got curious about what Sylvia said and inspected the scarf. The scarf had a sweet scent that helped her remember about the flower.

”Star-bells? U used a medicinal herb that helps with memory loss and confusion and turned that into clothing? ”

”Well yes. I thought I could make a profit out of it in the market soon for the upcoming flower festival. ”

As Sylvia mentioned about the flower festival. They all heard someone knocking at the door.

”Ill get it! ”

Dennis shouted. He hurried over to the door and opened it. When he did, it wasn raining anymore. He saw a guy that was almost his height as a kid. He had dark green hair, a bright purple shirt, light blue jeans and emerald colored eyes while his skin color was cream.

”Oh hey, u from around this place? ”

The guy asked Dennis.

”No, Im not from around here… ”

Dennis said. The guy then entered Saras house and greeted all of them with a hug.

”Oh, by the way. The name Spike. We should hang around sometime. ”

”The names Dennis. Im glad that we can be of acquaintance with one another. ”

As Dennis and Spike introduced to one another. An alarm was coming from Sylvias pocket. By the time it rang, P was already heading out and was waiting outside. Spike was waiting by the door while Sara went to do the dishes.

”Oh, well… I need to get going. I have to visit Nix quickly. Dennis, u should come with us. She has a few questions for you. ”

Sylvia said. Dennis agreed to come along with them. As they headed out. They walked by the park and noticed a group of knights in the distance heading to the dark forest.

Dennis felt he was the reason the knights were checking the dark forest.

”I have a question… Why does this place feel like in the past, yet why is it half modern? ”

As Dennis asked. They didn know how to answer his question. It even reached the point that they don even know themselves.

”I guess the only one that can answer your question is our friend, Nix. ”

P said. She ended up pointing at her house on the far side. It was a house that had two floors that oddly seems like a library. They headed over there and once they arrived. P left to do her stuff, and she took Spike with her.

”Nix! I came here for that visit and I brought a guest! ”

Sylvia then knocked on the door until it opened. When the door opened. Dennis and Sylvia saw a girl with long, dark purple hair wearing a lab coat with purple eyes.

”Morning Sylvia… You shouldn be this loud early in the morning and it seems u brought… Its you!! ”

Nix said. She grabbed Dennis by his arms and pulled him right in. Sylvia then entered the house and saw shelves full of books. Book piles formed all around the main entrance and stairway leading to the second floor.

”I have so many questions for you. When did u got here? What books do u like? Whats your favorite hobby? What magic do u use? ”

Nix asked these questions while having a notebook and pen in hand while having Dennis sitting in orange couch.

”A few days ago… I guess mystery books… Playing games… And I use- wait, did u say magic? ”

Dennis asked as he realised the last question that Nix made.

”Yes, magic. It is one of the very fundamentals for every living creature in this world. ”

Nix then did a demonstration by using levitation magic to bring a book to her hand.

”I thought magic is a myth… ”

Dennis said. Nix then laughed at what Dennis said, but when she looked at his face. He was being serious.

”You not kidding, right? ”

Dennis nods. NIx goes completely in shock. She then grabs Dennis hands and joins them together.

”This… is… great!! I can help u understand each fundamental of magic!! U should spend the night to learn more! ”

Nix said.

”Im cool with that, but Im already staying at Saras place. I need to be back by sundown later. ”

”Oh… Then you should take this book with u. Just so you can study tonight. ”

Nix hands over a book of the fundamentals of magic. Dennis was about to leave, but Nix forgot to ask him something. She stood right in front of him. Stopping him from leaving.

”Wait, I forgot to ask your name… ”

”Oh… My name is Dennis. It was nice meeting you, Nix. ”

When Dennis said his name to her. She let him go. Dennis went out for a walk for the rest of the morning.

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