On the next. Dennis headed out early over to Nix house to learn. As all kids, they have the potential to learn if they put their minds to it.

Over at Nixs house. Dennis was reading the book he received, but he reached the part in the ways to cast magic. He was sitting on a reading desk while Nix was stacking books next to him.

Eventually, Spike came downstairs and saw Dennis reading while being overwhelmed by the books.

”Im heading out, you two, and please don make a mess. It is hard for me to keep the place nice and clean for a week. ”

Spike then headed out to do his stuff. Leaving Nix and Dennis with the books. After a while, Dennis finds a page with a pose of someone casting magic.

”Hey Nix. Do I have to make this pose to cast magic? ”

”Not really, once u get a hang of it, you only need is concentration. The poses are for demonstration and practice for beginner magic user… ”

When Nix explained about the poses. Dennis stood up from the desk and got himself in position. He placed his left foot in front, his right foot back. He then extended his left arm, pointing it out at the entrance of the house.

”Okay then… this pose says about fire magic… Yet the concentration needed to cast this requires a high use of mana? ”

Dennis asked himself then concentrated, but nothing happened.

”You got to call out its name. For people that start using magic, you must call out its name ”

Nix said.

”Wait, you mean ignis? ”

As Dennis said the name. A small spark of fire appeared out of his hand, then it vanished. He got excited just for a moment and cast it again.

It surprised Nix at the start, but she soon noticed that the fatigue was getting to him too fast.

”Ignis!! ”

Another spark of fire came out of Denniss left hand. It tried to become stable for a slight moment, but it vanished. Making Dennis to be exhausted after that attempt. He was about to collapse, falling on to his back, but Nix got to him in time and caught him.

”You need to tone it down, Dennis, and u should practice somewhere safe. I have a combat training area in my lab. ”

Nix said to Dennis. She then helped him sit down on the nearest couch for Dennis to rest.

”You have a lab? ”

”Yes, I use it sometimes for a few tests… experiments… or training when I don want to destroy my home… ”

Nix then walked to a bookshelf behind the couch and pulled one book. When she pulled the book. The bookshelf to the left moved back, then to the side. Revealing a secret entrance.

”Come, we got a lot to do. Im also curios about something since I don sense no element from u at all… ”

Once Nix went down to the lab. Dennis jumped out of the couch and followed her. He went down a set of stairs into a dark corridor, but when he arrived at the bottom, it was a massive laboratory that was still being complete.

”Wow… This place is enormous… ”

Dennis said being amazed at the lab.

”It took me quite a while to get this set up. When I was younger, studying in the capital. I always wanted to do my very own research, but never got to be part of the royal head of the research team. ”

Nix said. She then recalled that when she was younger, she was submitting a report about the reactions of magic on how it can be used for other things in life, and they all laughed at her.

Afterwards, when she stopped seeing her own flashback. Nix then grabbed a picture showing some older, but it seemed to be royalty. Dennis then got closer to have a better look and saw that the lady had a similar hair color to Dahlias, but it was more of the light side to it.

”Whos that? ”

”Oh, thats the queen. Queen Celeste, but I call her Sol from time to time. ”

She then puts away the picture and focuses on more pressing matters.

”Back at the task at hand… U don have an element that is odd… Yet your mana flow is strange and hard to notice unless is by a direct contact… ”

”Could it be because Im not from around here? ”

When Dennis asked. He opened the book again and saw the next magic spell with a lightning symbol on it.

”It could be, but everyone has an element since by birth. For example, I have the star element. Giving me access to various forms of magic and allowing me to tap into other elements. ”

As Nix explained, Dennis was getting ready to cast the spell. He aimed at a machine that was not powered.

”Bolt!! ”

As Dennis cast the spell, a lightning bolt came out of his right hand and went directly into the machine. Powering it up to its maximum output. He became tired and exhausted from using the spell.

”So aside from fire, you
e able to use lightning. Not bad, but it seems you can do more. ”

”I guess, but I think Im done for now… ”

”Then… Same time tomorrow? ”

Dennis then agreed to come back tomorrow to continue learning magic, but he collapsed to the ground. Nix got worried and took him upstairs and put him on her bed.

A few hours later. Dennis wakes up and sees a window to his right. It was still daytime, but his body felt sluggish.

”Ow… what happened to me? ”

He was about to get up from the bed, but as soon as tried to. His vision got blurry. Nix then walks in to her open bedroom. Bringing Dennis a glass of water and a strange blue glowing pill. She force opens Denniss mouth and makes him take the pill. Moments later, he coughs.

”What did you give me?! ”

”A mana stabilizer pill. This will help you regain control of your mana flow until u get a hang of using magic with more efficiency. ”

She then hands over a plastic bag with over 30 pills to Dennis. Around that time, Spike returned from doing his stuff and didn see no one on the main floor. He then noticed Nixs hairline on the next floor and went over there.

”Hey, is everything okay? ”

Spike asks.

”It is alright. Dennis just passed out after using magic. His mana flow is low, and I just gave him a pill that stabilizes it. ”

”That means he can leave… or be unattended… We should take him back to Saras house, at the very least. ”

Spike said. Nix agreed and took Dennis to her house. Hours later, they arrived at Saras house with Dennis. Nix explained everything about Dennis using magic and that he had a low mana flow to her and that he needed rest.

”Thank you for bringing him. Ill make sure he gets enough rest. ”

Sara said to Nix. After that, Nix and Spike left to end with their day.

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