e tea and places it on a wooden table.

”Its a long story… ”

Sara then explained the reason P was out cold in her house. The order that she made arrived yesterday, and she overate. Alongside with Dennis, but he reached his limit on the amount of sweets that he can consume. They both had a high overdose of sugar that went on for hours.

”Dennis woke up very energetic and helped me out with gardening and, as you can see, we kind of went overboard and made a huge harvest… ”

Sara then pointed out at the kitchen. Showing a bunch of fruits and vegetables on the counter.

”Upon all of my life I have been here… This takes at least three days for a full harvest. ”

Dahlia said. Moments later, they noticed their friend waking up from all the noise. P was confused about how she ended up in her friends house and when she looked over. She remembers what she did last night.

”Oh, wow… That was a lot of sweets for one night… ”

P said to herself. Sara then grabbed the tea and handed it to her. She thanked her and continued to drink the tea.

”So, what brings you two today? ”

”Oh, we came to see Dennis. ”

Dahlia said.

”I came to check on his condition. ”

Nix said. She then went over to Dennis, that was sitting down on the couch. With one touch of her hand. She could tell that his mana flow was regulated, but he was low on mana.

”Your flow mana flow is fine for now, but we should work on it tomorrow. ”

”Then Ill go visit tomorrow. I want to try using a new spell that I was reading. ”

Dennis then showed the book to Nix and showed an ice symbol. When she saw it. She then got a sudden chill and backed away from him.

”Its everything okay? ”

Dennis asked. He was concerned for his friend.

”Its fine… I thought I felt something strange, but I guess its just my imagination… ”

Nix then laughed and then left. The rest stayed at Saras, catching up. Dennis explained to Dahlia everything that he did so far till the moment he collapsed. P then explained a competition that she had with Dennis but she still won.

Later on in the day. Nix was worried about what she felt and hurried back to her house. When she arrived, she saw Spike organizing a few books.

”Welcome back. Hows Dennis doing? ”

Spike asked. He saw her expression of something went wrong.

”Is everything alright? ”

”Yeah… No… I don know at this point… ”

Nix then sits down to let her mind calm down for just a moment.

”His mana flow is stable now… But his mana is low and what scarred me was that he is about to use ice magic tomorrow. ”

”Come now, u must be seeing things… ”

”I guess you
e right… ”

Nix then went off to sleep, but then sensed something was watching her in the far distance. It then vanished after being spotted.

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