GDXS: Origins

Day 5.5: Trapped indoors

Today was a relaxing day. It was the middle of the morning and the sun was about to rise. Dennis and Sara went as usual with their morning, but aside from that. She prepared something for him since she knows Dennis won be back till the afternoon.

”Please take a few fruits with u, also be sure to be at your best behavior today. ”

Sara said to Dennis. Taking already custom as a mother.

”I-i… Ill make sure to be at my best behavior while Im gone… ”

”And no going near the dark forest. I don the get a heart attack if something happens… ”

Sara then escorts Dennis out of the house. They both waved at each other from a distance. But Dennis went first on a walk to the park. When Dennis arrived at the park. He saw Dahlia running a few laps around the park.

”Morning Dahlia!! ”

Dahlia then turns around. Stopping her self from continuing her run. She whipped off her sweat with her left hand and tossed it to the ground.

”Morning kid. What brings u out here this early? ”

Dahlia asked.

”Was on my way to Nixs house to continue with the magic studies. ”

Dennis then joined Dahlia on a walk around the park.

”So, did you figure out what to do with that guy? ”

Dahlias question made Dennis remember of what she meant. About the knight that they saw the other day.

”Not really, but if I have to make a guess. He will look for me soon. ”

As they continued walking. They got out of the park and went their way over to Nixs house.

”Do you know how to fight at least? ”

Dahlia asks. She then forms a fist with her right hand as a demonstration of how strong she is while passing by a plaza.

”Not really… Im just a thirteen-year-old. I haven gotten into a single fight in my life. ”

Dennis said. He couldn possibly bring himself to harm someone, but time was running short. As time passed, Dennis paid for two apples along the way.

”Then why don you challenge Nix in a magic duel? It maybe crazy, but its worth it. ”

”Oh, yeah… Now that I think of it… Whats kind of magic do you use? ”

Dennis asked Dahlia right at the entrance of Nixs house. She blushed for a moment and looked away.

”I use flight magic and have a rare power that few folks don know about… ”

Before Dahlia could even continue. Someone open the door and to their surprise it was Spike. He was expecting them since he woke up and let them in. When they entered, they saw the house was completely upside down.

”Pardon for the mess. Nix has been rambling over night and found something that you should see. ”

Spike then escorted Dennis and Dahlia over to the lab downstairs. When they reached the lab, Nix was nowhere to be seen. As a bright purple light shined from a window to their left, they could tell that something was going on.

”What she doing in there…? ”

Dahlia asked herself. When they saw through the window. They saw Nix wearing a dark purple sports bra and shorts while having her hair tied behind her. It was a tire field enough for a concert.

”Im going in. ”

Dennis said. He then opened a door nearby and went into the field.

”Morning Nix. Im ready to continue my lessons. ”

”Finally, you
e here. I was waiting for you to show up. Lets get started with your ice training… ”

Nix then walked to the other side of the field. While she was at it. She cast a magic barrier between herself and got into the position, waiting for Dennis to make a move. Dennis, however, got nervous, but he smacked his face with both hands and got himself ready.

”Wait, are they really going to fight!?! ”

Spike asked. He was worried that someone will be badly hurt in the end.

”Relax, we expected this to be honest ever since he was around… ”

Dahlia then crossed her hands and was looking at the fight through the window. She saw Dennis getting ready to cast a spell and when he did. He called out by its name.

”Frost!! ”

Dennis swung his left arm as he felt a sudden chilling sensation in his body. An ice shard came out of it and was going towards Nix, but she countered with fire.

”Again!! ”

Nix shouted. Dennis cast frost again and the ice shard got even bigger, but she ended up countering it with another fire spell.

”One more time!! ”

This time, Nix took the initiative and sent a fire spell. It was a massive fireball that could destroy any living thing in its path. Dennis then panicked. Knowing that he won be able to stop until he felt that his body was getting cold.

”Frost… ”

He said in a low-toned voice. An ice barrier shaped like a crystal ball covered Dennis. Protecting him from the fireball. When the fireball made contact, it made a fiery explosion all around. Indulging Denniss barrier.

”Alright, I guess thats enough. Dennis, call off the barrier!! ”

Nix shouted and was walking towards Dennis. But he wasn able to hear her. He then sat down and was waiting inside his barrier, thinking about how long it will stay up.

”I don think he can hear her… ”

Dahlia said. She then went into the field and went over to Dennis. She tapped the barrier, and it made a reaction. The barrier then changed into a giant bird, and it took Dennis hostage. Dahlia and Nix got surprised and stepped back. Gaining distance from any potential attacks.

”Whats going on?! Someone let me out!! ”

The ice bird then took flight, but it couldn get out. Dennis hits the inside of the barrier with his hands, but it doesn do much.

”Hey! You got a plan? ”

Dahlia asked.

”I can restrain it for a quick second. You can deal a devastating blow. ”

”That works for me… ”

Dahlia agreed to Nixs plan and was getting ready. She went into a running start position, waiting for an opening. Dennis was seeing them about to do something and thats when the ice bird reacted. It went flying down towards them, prepared to grab one of them with his feet.

”Now!! ”

Nix shouted. She used her magic to bind it. As a bright purple light surrounded the legs and the neck of the bird, making it become heavy and fall to the ground.

Dahlia saw this as the opportunity she needed. She sprinted over to it and soon took flight. When she had enough distance in the air, she went dropping with a hard right stomp on its head. Her hit connected, and it made a loud sound as if a boulder dropped from ten feet in the air.

The ice bird then cracked, releasing Dennis from its captivity.

”What was that? ”

He asked. Wondering why his barrier transformed.

”There are two possibilities… U either used the wrong spell or someone is tempering with your magic. ”

Nix said. Dennis thought it could have been whoever brought him here.

”Wait a minute… I used tree magic spells about now… I should have felt a strain or collapsed right about now. ”

When Dennis realised what he meant. He tried to cast another spell with full concentration. He aimed his left hand at the ground and felt something was wrong. Dennis called out its name, but nothing happen.

”I can use ice magic anymore… ”

”How can that be? Thats impossible for someone to not use a spell. You
e not silenced unless… ”

As Nix was about to figure out the reason, Dennis can use ice magic. A storm was brewing outside. They all heard from down below and went to the main floor to see whats going on.

”A magic storm… This either nullifies magic or enhances it, explaining the reason for your ice magic. ”

”Then what now? ”

Dennis asked as he was about to find something to do around the place.

”I guess we staying for the night. ”

Dahlia said to Nix. With that, they attempted to wait out the storm until it was a new day.

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