Moments after the opening of the Beginning City Dungeons entrance, there was the sound of footsteps, more than one voice, whether it was a creature with two legs or more. The form that appeared was certainly not a human, but similar to that. There appeared several creatures that this world called monsters.

A green pygmy monster appeared, its ears were long, and its teeth and nails were irregular. They were called goblins, three in number, and unarmed.

”Just back off Rena, let me take care of it quickly. ”

I immediately took out the dagger that became the capital of a Novice, all players got it. Although not a strong weapon, but enough to explore a narrow Dungeon because it is easy to move with a short weapon.

The three goblins sprang into action and rushed forward, their reddened eyes fixed on me. Immediately I ran towards them, swung my dagger with a sharp horizontal slash to cut off the head of the first goblin, then hit the uppercut of the second goblins chin, slashed vertically up to the head of the third goblin, and ended up stabbing it through the head of the second goblin which had been blown away by the blow. my.

[Level Up]

[Level Up]

”Whoa, I leveled up. ”

Rena looked surprised, even though she was silent, when players made a party with their condition in one area, they would get the same EXP as the one that killed the monsters. By killing three goblins, Rena and I leveled up to level 1.

”Next time you will attack too, so increase your stats according to your way of playing. ”

Leon character, when the player first creates a character, they will be given 5 types of status such as Strange (STR), Intelligent (INT), Vitality (VIT), Dexterity (DEX), and Agility (AGI).

At the beginning of the game all players get each status with 10 points, and 10 free points which can be upgraded to any status according to the players wishes, usually according to their job or gameplay. And for each level increase will get an additional 5 points.

”Status! ”

[Character Status: Leon]

Level: 1

STR: 15 points

INT: 10 points

VIT: 10 points

DEX: 10 points

AGI: 15 points

[Remaining status points: 5 points]

I chose to focus on two stats that had a huge impact on gameplay or fighting style. Increasing STR and AGI, makes me react faster and deal fairly strong damage. Then easily kill the three goblins.

”Leon, is that monster so easy? ”

I frowned, of course even though they were only level 1 monsters in this game, it wasn easy to defeat monsters with one hit. Attacking them directly on the vitals, and with the right technique, is the key to getting critical or fatal damage.

”Im just used to playing games like this, surely the monsters here are quite strong. Try adjusting your moves. ”

Just like in the Final Saga game, I discovered that moves that were impossible even for humans in the real world could be performed by players in the game world. Of course, all that I can do is because I master the movements and martial arts techniques in the real world.

”Lets finish this Dungeon immediately. ”

We immediately explored the contents of the Dungeon, not only goblins, but there were also several wild animals such as horned rats, wild rabbits, and some Orge

[Level up! ]

[Level up! ]

[Level up! ]

[Level up! ]

One of the advantages of buying a monthly VIP package is that you get potions, food, and bag space that are directly connected to the market. So there is no need to worry about running out of Heal Points (HP), when resting we can replenish HP and if necessary fill hunger and fatigue by eating food or drinking potions that provide various effects or buffs in some time.

The deeper you explore the Dungeon, the more and more powerful the monsters will appear. Its been almost an hour, but its not even halfway. Conquest of Dungeon takes a lot of time, moreover moving with a small group can be dispersed because its dangerous if there is an ambush of monsters.

[Level up! ]

[Level up! ]

”Status! ”

[Character Status: Rena]

Level: 5

STR: 20 points

INT: 10 points

VIT: 20 points

DEX: 10 points

AGI: 20 points

[Remaining status points: 5 points]

”Ano… Im at a loss as to what status points should I raise? ”

”Because they don have a job yet, a novice doesn have any skills yet, so its better to increase those that make it easier for you to play, and increase STR so that your damage increases. ”

”Oh okay. ”

Player status can be reset when getting a new job and will be given 48 hours to reset the status when getting a new job. Besides that there is no other way to reset the status, so choosing the right status is very important to be the foundation of building a character.

”Rena, back off! ”

Immediately I lunged in front of Rena, parrying an Orge wooden club attack by slashing the opposite direction the club was swung, this resulted in a counter, and Orge and I both bounced back.

”Orge is not your opponent! ”

”Sorry, ”

Rena immediately retreated and now it was my turn to be the opponent of the orge. We exchanged attacks and gave each other counters, it didn take much time when I got a gap I immediately finished by decapitating the ogres head with a horizontal slash.

My inherently agile self plus the speed at AGI status makes a difference to the low-level monsters, as long as I can deal critical or fatal damage, the monster will die.

”Even though orge is level 4, they are different from goblins. They have a stronger fighting style and attack. ”

Orge is a type of giant that is twice the size of a human or even more depending on its level, at first glance it looks like a goblin but its body is more like a human. An orge tends to have a blunt weapon that he swings frequently. His strength is no joke, so its dangerous to even be at the same level.

”Ano… But Leon beats monsters so easily even though we
e both at the same level, ”

”It can be said that I have basic martial arts, lets hurry up! ”

Of course, this live stream has appeared in the real world, and will probably cause players who watch it to do the same, namely conquering Dungeons. So before that happens, we must immediately defeat this Dungeon boss.

[Level up! ]

[Level up! ]

[Level up! ]

[Level up! ]

Almost 2 hours passed, finally arrived at the door, the boss monster of this Dungeon. Before entering it we had to make sure our HP was fully charged, and relieve fatigue and hunger status. And consuming sufficient buffs, because blaming boss monsters is very different from normal monsters.

”When you enter later, youll just be hiding, Rena. Let me deal with it one on one. ”

”Be careful, ”

This might sound impossible, a Novice fighting a level 10 Monster Dungeon Boss alone. But I will do everything in my power to beat him, so Renas stream will become a trending and shocking world of the Lonsdaleite Online game.

[Character Status: Leon]

Level: 9

STR: 45 points (+5 points buff 5 minutes)

INT: 10 points (+5 points buff 5 minutes)

VIT: 10 points (+5 points buff 5 minutes)

DEX: 10 points (+5 points buff 5 minutes)

AGI: 30 points (+5 points buff 5 minutes)

[ Remaining status points : 0 points ]

Then I opened the Dungeon boss door, I both saw monsters that had never appeared in this Dungeon, but were familiar to Final Saga game players.

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