GOSSA : The Advanture Girl

Chaos Of Para Pura - History

Knock.. Knock.. Knock…

” Hallo. Is there someone here? Can i ask for a little food? I am very hungry because I haven eaten ”

Then suddenly the door began to open itself and …. Bhuackk

The little Farhan Fall out cause hes shocked . Then, There are beautiful women out of the door.

” Hallo Child, What are you doing here? Who you are and where are you from? ” the beautiful girl ask

” H-hallo. Iim Farhan. Im from Malakapura and i lost and little bit hungry. Is there a little food that you has? ” his answer While holding the stomach that sounds keroncongan

” Geez, sorry for you. Here in come on, Sis has a lot of food for you so you don feel uncomfortable oke ”

” t-Thanks Sis ” with his wide smile

Finally, Salma and Farhan in to Salmas Hut. She gave a lot food for Farhan, then Farhan Ask to Salma.

” Who you are? How come a lot of food thats Sis has? Isn that expensive? What else lives in this hut and can I be a worker here? Its okay whatever i doing anything, but whats important I can stay here, please? ”

” uhmm, okey my name is Salma Malaficent. Not expensive yet. Sis has a job out there but Sis is not too interested in the property so yeah its so. Usually Sis distributes the results of hard work to people who need it. Sis only has this hut for ownership . Uhmm probably , but you are still small. I mean like you under age. So you just accompany Sister, Okey ? Sis promises will take care of Farhan like Sis have little brother. Yahh you know, i don have any person and Im so lonely . You can do it, right? ”

” yes of course, Sister. Thank you for accept me and being good ”

Farhan and Salma then hugged very tightly. Salma at that time 20 years old and Farhan was still a child.

Farhan is always next to Salma because they protect each other from going to the mainland of Hoania to trade, then to the Para Pura (Namlea Pura, Indo Pura, Sungai Pura, Malaka Pura) to help the people who overwrite the war and to Oostrali visit her mother and diplomacy.

At the time of Farhan, 12 years old( After 5 Years ), Para Pura Country is hit by a civil war, Salma dalling for peace sake of being arrested for misunderstanding of the ruler( Government ) , then …

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