GOSSA : The Advanture Girl

Characters Of The Story

e, Jickle, Jecce : They were triplets who had met Gossa before. They also had time to ask for Gossas phone number as well. However, will they be reunited with Gossa in the next chapter? Stay tuned

5. Salma Malaficent : She is a strong and straightforward woman. Even so, she is the savior of others because she helps many people who are in disaster, including farhan. She is nicknamed Malaficent because of his influence on society

6. Farhan : He is a brave man. He has experienced a lot of suffering since childhood, whether its losing his family or friends. But things changed when Farhan met Salma. He is loved like her own sister and lives a happier and healthier life. He also always gives to people in need

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