Chapter 11: New Followers


Near midnight, the Garlic Tribe found themselves besieged once again by the barbarian tribe.
This time, a contingent of twenty-five warriors, donned in rugged animal skins and brandishing stone axes, emerged menacingly from the depths of the western forest.


Anticipating the imminent assault, the hunters of the Garlic Tribe swiftly reorganized their ranks, forming tighter battle formations armed with precision bows and lethal arrows.
Led by the valiant Pigfish Brothers, they held their ground with unwavering determination, unleashing a devastating volley of arrows upon the charging barbarians.


Unaccustomed to the tactics of ranged warfare, the barbarian warriors found themselves ill-prepared to evade the relentless storm of arrows.
Succumbing to the piercing projectiles, the majority of them fell in battle, while only a paltry few managed to breach the hunters' defenses.
Victory belonged to the Garlic Tribe, with only a handful of surviving barbarians taken captive and presented before the Prophet for intensive interrogation.


Despite the Prophet's relentless and unyielding questioning, the captured barbarians remained resolute, refusing to divulge any critical information that could compromise their tribe's security.


Unfazed by the captives' steadfast loyalty, the seasoned shamans of the Garlic Tribe devised a novel approach to sway their allegiance.
Acknowledging the captives' valor and dedication, the shamans extended an honorable invitation for them to join the ranks of the Garlic Tribe, emphasizing the advantageous rewards that awaited them within their newfound community.
The shamans expounded upon the bountiful provisions of sustenance, formidable weaponry, and divine protection offered by their tribe.


The proposition struck a resonant chord within the hearts of the barbarians, prompting a brief but profound moment of contemplation.
With unanimous accord, they vocalized their fervent desire to forge a bond with the Garlic Tribe.
Overwhelmed by this newfound loyalty, Lu Yao marveled at the sagacity of the shamans' discernment.


Having pledged their unwavering loyalty to the Garlic Tribe, the former barbarians zealously chanted the familiar slogans, vehemently denouncing their former barbarian brethren and vehemently abjuring the influence of demons.
Wholeheartedly embracing their freshly established identities as integral members of the Garlic Tribe, they discarded their crude animal skins, donning tribal uniforms befitting their new alliance.
Equipped with bows and arrows, their newfound weapons of choice, they swiftly assimilated into the Garlic Tribe's ranks.


To Lu Yao's astonishment, it became increasingly apparent that the barbarian tribe, ensnared by the machinations of Jack, had sorely lacked a coherent strategy for growth and development.
Their ceaseless forays into hunting and pillaging served merely as a conduit to garner fleeting faith, devoid of any sustainable, long-term objectives.


Armed now with the formidable advantage of bows and arrows, the Garlic Tribe wielded a significant edge over their barbarian adversaries.
Recognizing the pressing need to bolster the tribe's reservoir of faith and strategic resources, Lu Yao resolved to fortify their position and further cement their belief in him.
The triumph over the barbarian onslaught ushered in a renewed era of stability for the Garlic Tribe.


Moreover, they found themselves engaged in thriving trade relations with the neighboring Yanchi tribe.
Pixel villains hailing from the Yanchi tribe frequently traversed the realms to partake in commerce with the Garlic Tribe, procuring essential supplies of garlic, bows, and arrows while offering invaluable commodities such as salt, medicinal materials, and agricultural tools in exchange.
Solidifying the bonds of their trade alliance, the Yanchi tribe even established a permanent wooden emporium within the territorial confines of the Garlic Tribe.


As they flourished amidst this newfound stability, Lu Yao meticulously deliberated on their forthcoming endeavors, avidly seeking opportunities to consolidate their position, amplify their influence, and heighten their devotion to the gods.


As the exchanges and transactions among the tribes increased, archer units with advanced recurve bows expanded their operational range, attracting a growing number of inhabitants to there tribe.


The population in the upper right corner surged to 247 personnel, while the faith value soared to an impressive 448 points.


Within a single day, the faith value continued to experience a rapid ascent, stirring up Lu Yao's repressed thoughts and aspirations.


The conversion of an apostle in the temple required 500 faith points, leaving Lu Yao only 52 points away from achieving this significant milestone.


After a while, relying on the two items, the [Sylvan Staff of Rejuvenation] and [Prickly Cactus Follower], which provided a combined faith boost of 2 points per hour, coupled with a slight influx of recruits, there was hope for a breakthrough.


That being said, as Lu Yao left for duty at 08:30 hours in the morning, his faith value remained stubbornly fixed at 459 points.



Lu Yao found himself rather preoccupied throughout the day.


With the weekend just around the corner, his mind yearned to return home and immerse himself in the simulator.


Although the [Sylvan Staff of Rejuvenation] could replenish energy during the night, allowing him to stay alert without fatigue, once he set the staff aside, his body would still be plagued by muscle soreness and exhaustion, reminding him of the physical exertion he endured.


The staff felt more like a potent stimulant, capable of sustaining personal energy for a brief period, but it couldn't surpass the limits of the human body.
Sleep remained an essential necessity.


In addition to deciphering the staff mechanism, Lu Yao pondered the significance of having apostles of the ancient gods in the temple.


Was the investment worth it for a single apostle?


After all, he was a subordinate of the forest god himself.
Xiaohuo, the diligent caretaker of the temple, proved to be highly valuable, and the addition of an apostle wouldn't diminish his worth.


Most importantly, Lu Yao hadn't discovered any other means of creating an apostle.
At present, it seemed that assimilating the apostles of the ancient gods was the only viable path.


After all, apostles ranked higher than heroes and prophets, right?


Filled with anticipation and apprehension, he fidgeted in his chair, eagerly contemplating the possibilities.


Finally, when the duty day came to an end, his superior unexpectedly assigned him a temporary mission — delivering concert tickets to a renowned singer at the residence of a prominent individual located a long drive away from the company.


By the time Lu Yao returned home after the assignment, it was already 8pm.


Discarding his backpack, he hurried to the computer, paying no heed to the perspiration glistening on his forehead.


The faith displayed in the upper right corner of the screen had changed to 489 points, heavily reliant on magical artifacts to bolster belief, while population growth had significantly decelerated.


Prioritizing personal hygiene, Lu Yao decided to take a shower to wash away the sweat clinging to his body.


Approaching the window, he relished the cool night breeze, observing the flickering streetlights lining the alley.


No one was loitering there today.


It was to be expected.
Any intermittent occurrence of such an act would incite the wrath of the entire law enforcement apparatus against that demonic player.


Returning to the computer, Lu Yao's gaze fell upon the faith value, which now read 501.


He opened the temple interface and clicked on the sarcophagus icon representing the [Apostle].


——Reviving and converting this apostle of the Forest God within the sarcophagus requires a substantial expenditure of


 faith power.
Would you like to consume 500 faith points to convert an apostle?


【Yes or No】


Lu Yao placed the mouse cursor on “Yes” but refrained from clicking it in haste.


He turned to the prickly cactus follower beside him and inquired, “Xiaohuo, does reviving an apostle truly require such a significant amount of faith?”


“The apostle is the most vital asset for every deity.
It is an investment worth making, but…”


“But what?”


“I must admit, my lord, I am not familiar with this particular apostle resting in the sarcophagus.
I don't know her abilities or strengths.”


“Do you know all the apostles of the Forest God?”


I recall Mr.
Forrester, the chief apostle.
He possesses formidable power and can summon the spirits of the forest.
As for the others, they are traversing the world in service of the forest god.”


Lu Yao regarded the prickly cactus follower with a somewhat displeased expression.


Curiosity is a powerful motivator.


Xiao Huo seemed to sense the pressure and nervously continued, “My lord, I…
I truly don't have any information on this apostle.
Each apostle possesses unique abilities; some excel in combat, while others specialize in reconnaissance…”


“But regardless, an apostle is undoubtedly invaluable, and you certainly need a capable apostle by your side.”


Lu Yao redirected his gaze to the computer screen.




He clicked “Yes.”


The faith value instantly depleted, leaving him with only 1 point.


A notification appeared in the pixel world.


——The dormant apostle has heard your call.
Your faith power has mended her broken body and rejuvenated her parched soul, causing her to rapidly recover from the abyss of oblivion.


——[Apostle] Yinsabel, the Sword of the Forest, shall abide by your will, execute your divine commandments, and fight relentlessly for the fiery flames of your faith.

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